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10 “Professions” People Think Are Not Marriage Material

A potential partner’s job or profession can reveal a lot about their values, interests, and lifestyle. Some careers also signal ambition, financial stability, or creativity, which can be attractive to certain people.

A user asked, what job profession would you never date and why? And here is what people had to share:

1. Psychologists

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“Every disagreement or discussion will end in your partner psycho-analyzing you for the worst imaginable. Plus, many of them are messed up in their heads themselves.” said one.

2. Prison Guards

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“Dated one, he worked a lot of doubles, and we only saw each other when it was convenient for him, which got stale fast. He was also way too controlling, and I felt like an inmate with my whereabouts being clocked and questioned. Never again.” one shared.

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3. Social Media Influencer

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“I went on a couple of dates with a chick with about 100,000 followers. The next day she made a ticktock or Instagram video about how amazing the date was and how amazing I was. And then, after the last date, I told her I didn’t think it would work.

That night, she made another video and made up an entirely different reason why I was no longer interested. Both videos are funny, though, and I’ve shown them to a few people, including my new squeeze, who also shows them to others and thinks it’s hilarious and laugh every time.” a user shared.

4. Singer /Songwriters

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“You will be the subject of their music, which won’t be from your perspective. I’m specifically referring to those who sing about nothing but love and heartbreak. These people cannot be happy – heartbreak is their currency.

Did it once; now there is an entire album about me.” said one.

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5. Doctors

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“I dated a couple of them, and they tended to have a major superiority complex. Like there’s us doctors, and then there’s everyone else. I’m sure they’re not all like that, but I encountered it enough times to consider it a red flag.” a user said.

6. Actors

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“I dated a few women who were into acting/theatre club graduates.. they all were lowkey a mess. They just covered it up well.” said one.

“I can confirm; I dated an aspiring actress in college, interested mainly in plays for a few years. She is beautiful, funny, and sweet but chaotic and selfish. She only has a drive for her acting. She ended up cheating on me…dodged a bullet.” another said.

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7. Teachers

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“Teachers because they tend to be neurotic. I dated a few (all before the pandemic), and they were constantly stressed out and refused to focus on anything else.

One ex taught an elective, and you would’ve thought she had the most crucial class in her school with the stress she carried…and it was all her. Never again.” a user said.

8. Politicians

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“I dated a politician, and he had no time for me. He eventually made his job and upcoming elections his entire personality. It consumed him, and it ended up feeling like I was just his side piece to brag about and take to events.” said one.

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9. Human Resource

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“HR and similar administrative jobs tend to attract people who want a lot of authority with little accountability and without the expectation that they are talented or capable at anything.” a user said.

“Every HR person I’ve ever met has been insufferable. Sorry HR people.” another said.

10. Lawyer

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“I could never date a lawyer. My family’s lawyers are some of the most miserable human beings I’ve ever met. Not saying all of them, but a fair share is miserable.” said one.

“Occasionally, you’ll meet a lawyer that’s an awesome person, but most of them wildly overestimate their intelligence and importance. Most of the lawyers I’ve known have gotten divorced many times.” another said.

While some may have deal breakers regarding certain job professions, others may not. Do you have any job professions that you would never date? 

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