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15 Overpriced Items at Costco To Skip Buying

Costco is immensely popular amongst shopping addicts due to the comprehensive nature of its products, which come in an affordable range. But did you know that quite a few Costco materials are overpriced? Here, we have a look at those that top the list.


Milk Dairy Grocery Shopping

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Costco offers milk at a rate of $7.92 for two gallons 2% milk. The same at Ralphs costs $6.98, which is approximately 11.8% cheaper. 

Another difficulty is that they sell per two gallons. People needing less will still have to purchase two gallons.


Salmon Cooking Fish

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If the milk prices are surprising, it is shocking for salmon. Costco charges $20 a pound of Fresh Atlantic salmon filets while Ralphs provides them at $11.99, a price difference of 40.05 percent! 

However, there is a catch. The quality at Costco is superior, and it is the USP for them. Is such a huge difference valid though?

Chicken Breasts

Chicken Breasts Cooking Food

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Chicken breasts, a staple requirement in most homes,  are stocked up frequently by households. The price ranges from $2.99 to $3.49 per pound, depending on specifications. Meanwhile, Kroger provides organic chicken breast at $2.79 per pound. 

Regarding boneless chicken breasts, Costco gives them out at $4.34 per pound while Ralphs offers them at $3.99 per pound. Once again, the price variance is significant.


Toothpaste Brush Dental

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Now, this isn’t a commodity that you’d have expected to be on this list, right? Unfortunately, it is true. 

Costco gives off four packs of Sensodyne advanced whitening toothpaste at $31.99, while Ralphs offers two packs at $13.99, which makes four packs at $27.98 – a variance of 12.53 percent. Now, this Ralphs price isn’t for the Sensodyne brand, but people aren’t fussy about toothpaste brands, are they?

Bagels and Muffins

Bagels Muffins Bakery Baking

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Muffins at Costco come at $7.99 for a pack of one dozen, while at Ralphs, it comes at $6.99, which is a variation of 12.5 percent. The case with bagels is similar. 


Coke Drink Cola Party

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Coca-cola products are incredibly overpriced at Costco in comparison to Ralphs. A pack of 30 cans of 7.5 fluid ounces each comes at $18.99. At Ralphs, a pack of 12 cans of 12 fluid ounces each comes at $8.99, making a significant difference even if we work out the math of volume.

Bare Chicken 

Bare Chicken Food Cooking Chef

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Meat has seen a price surge, and the percentage is astronomical in some cases. For example, four pounds of chicken nuggets that came at $13 earlier now have a price of $20, a more than 50 percent raise.

Seasonal Products 

Seasonal Products Shopping Grocery Vegetables

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Regarding festivals like Easter/Christmas, prices at Costco are said to go over the roof. So, if you’re having budget constraints, these aren’t the times to splurge at Costco. For example, a set of three decorative pumpkins has been priced at $70 at Costco.

Holiday Decor 

Christmas Decor

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The quality of holiday decor at Costco is a no-brainer, but the prices have crossed the limits of feasibility for the average customer. For example, Christmas-themed mats recently came at $27.99. Similar designs on Amazon came at nearly half the price, $14.99. 


Diaper Baby Infant Mother

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Parents love to stock up on things in bulk when shopping for their little ones. At Costco, a pack of 192 diapers belonging to the Kirkland brand comes at $40, while Target offers the same pack at just $27.

Dog Beds

Dog Beds Pets

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Pet lovers prefer to go the distance when shopping for their furry buddies. When it comes to dogs, a cozy dog bed is a must. 

At Costco, dog beds of medium and large sizes come at a price range from $50 to $100. Meanwhile, the popular pet brand Chewy offers the same range of products between $20 to $50.


Books Library Reading Bookstore

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Books will likely cost you more at Costco unless you prefer to buy in bulk. You could say the same about most products, given that bulk sales are what the firm thrives on. Looking through Amazon, Target or any bookstore near you would be a far better option.

Dog Training Pads

Dog Training Pets

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If you plan to potty train your dog, you’d need training pads in bulks as the little one learns to crack the code. Costco offers absorbent pads at $21.99 for a pack of 100. You can get the same package at Amazon for approximately $18.


Pasta Cooking Chef Italian Food

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It is good to buy in bulk at Costco, except for pasta. In most local supermarkets and margin-free shops, pasta costs around $0.89 for a one-pound box. At Costco, you’d have to pay $1 as a bare minimum, with the prices likely to be even higher in most cases.


Avocado Fruits Cooking Healthy Eating

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In any case, avocados are expensive to get hold of. So, you’d want to get them at a reasonably cheap price. At Costco, the prices have shot up over the last 12 months. For example, a pack of six comes at $10, whereas at a local supermarket, you could get them at around $7.5, so that’s a much better deal.

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