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20 People Reveal Their Epic Frugal Triumphs (Steal Their Tips NOW)

Frugal tips are everywhere, but there are only a few that work and help people save money. A user asked, What was your biggest frugal win this year? And here are the best ones


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“Mine was simple, but I’m shocked at how much I save. I switched from the upscale grocery store in town to the cheapest one, saving over $100 weekly on basic groceries. I would have switched earlier if I had compared my receipts sooner.”



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“Changing my old furnace to a newer model. The upfront cost was very high, but I saved around 1200$ per winter in the energy bill and a few dollars on my insurance bill, giving a better re-sell value to my home.”



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“Quitting drinking a year ago and line drying nearly everything instead of using the clothes dryer.”

“Yes!!!! I’ve saved THOUSANDS literally since I stopped drinking alcohol.”



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“I went through ALL my recurring bills to determine who offered a student discount and signed up for that (I’m taking classes part-time). It saved me an easy $100/month.

Amazon Prime, Comcast, YouTube, Verizon. I used a website called “Student Beans” that aggregates a lot of discounts on surprising things, too, like Domino’s Pizza.”



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“Got two cell phone bills lowered from 60 to 30 each, Internet from 110 to 55. All it took was a few phone calls.”

‘Traded out a $90/mo PLUS TAXES of about $10/mo cellphone plan for a $25 (all-in) unlimited everything. $75×12=$900 savings, EVERY YEAR!”




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“I quit smoking. My cigarettes were stupidly expensive, over $10 per pack. Considering I smoked 5-6 packs per week, that was savings of $60+ a week, $240 per month, and per year that’s almost $3,000 savings.”



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“Getting a new job to reduce my commute time from 1 hour to just 15 minutes.”



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“Making more meals ahead of time to freeze and eat when I don’t want to cook or don’t have groceries! I used to spend so much on pre-made frozen meals like what Amy’s or Lean Cuisine sell, but here in SoCal they’re like $6-7 per meal and often pretty small portions.

I’ve started making soup in advance and freezing it, and this has been such a game-changer. I don’t know how much I’ve saved, but I know I’m saving money and eating healthier.”



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“We put a reverse osmosis system (with a PFAS filter) under our kitchen sink in February. It cost $250. Partner is a facilities manager and had plenty of chops to install it. We now get fresh, clean, safe drinking water, cooking, and CPAP. We spent $20-30 a month on bottled and distilled water. The system will have paid for itself by August.”



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“We stopped buying only organic, bio, clean food. I guess it had become a mental problem at some point because now I eat any eggs and meat, and I am still alive, lol. It saved us more.”



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“Buying second-hand clothes – as a woman, I love to shop for clothes, and it was one of my main expenses. Therefore I switched to second-hand stores only. Surprise, surprise – I know that only high-quality silk, wool, and linen pieces were impossible. Even if made from cheap polyester fabrics, brand new clothes worth A LOT.”

“Buying most of my kid’s clothes secondhand or cheaply from Target/Old Navy. I used to love buying expensive baby clothes. Now I do, but secondhand.”



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“Uninstalled food delivery apps and stocked the freezer with some pre-made meals. I usually got delivery because I didn’t want to make anything or drive to pick up. Now I never feel like I want to order food. Plus, I go from $30 to $5 per meal. I used to order delivery 2-3x per week.”



cut your own hair

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“Learning to cut my hair. I estimated I saved at least 1000 bucks since I stopped going to a barber two years ago.”


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