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Insider Advice: 10 Unexpected Travel No-Nos in Europe That You Should Know (Don’t Skip)

The idea of traveling to Europe must be exciting. You will be dreaming of exploring beautiful places and different cultures, but it is also essential to know what activities you must avoid to experience a safe and happy trip. 

A user asked the forum what people should avoid while traveling to Europe. Here are the top responses. 


Falling In Canals and Walking on a Bicycle Path

Huge bicycle parking in the center of Amsterdam

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It is dangerous to fall into canals. And also you must avoid walking on the bicycle paths to avoid any misfortunes. 

“Falling in canals and walking on bicycle paths if they come to the Netherlands.” 


Avoid Accepting Flowers

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Scammers will try to offer you flowers and ask for money in most European countries. So, it is better to avoid people who are trying to offer you free flowers. 

A girl in Athens handed me a flower. I told her right away I have no cash on me (I travel for work, I don’t carry any cash if I can’t pay contactless I go somewhere else). She stuck another one behind my ear and said it was a free gift because there is a festival today. Okay cool.

She then gestured to a pregnant belly and asked for a little something for her baby.

I told her again as much as I would love to help her, I don’t carry any cash. Her really sweet demeanor changed to a cold face; she took both flowers back and went away without another word. Pretty funny tbh.

“I once had an Irish garda hand me a rose as I was walking back from something; it was late evening and my first thought was oh no, where is this going? Turned out he had found a discarded bunch nearby and was giving the roses away instead of putting them in the bin.”


Do Not Stop When People Ask For Directions 

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Pickpockets will try to stop you in the name of asking for directions. So, it is essential to be cautious when someone asks for directions. 

“DO NOT STOP to “help” people asking for directions. You’re a tourist, you look like a tourist, and you’re the last person someone would legitimately ask for directions. They’re trying to get you to stop so they can pickpocket you. It’s usually a woman, too, looking “helpless.” Just keep moving.”  


Do Not Keep Your Bags Behind You


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It is important to keep your belongings safe while you are traveling because you can never guess what kind of people are surrounding you. 

“Do not put your bag/purse/backpack on the back of your chair when you sit down to eat, especially outside.

Thieves look for this in groups of three or four. One of them will come from one side of you as a snatcher, and the rest will stand in a group very close to you, talking or smoking, etc., pretending that they don’t know the snatcher.

Then the one guy will snatch your item and run right through the group, in case someone is quick enough to chase. They will “accidentally” be in your way. It happened in Rome, but locals recognized it and broke it up.”


Do Not Wear Stilettos in Germany

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While traveling, it is good to prefer comfort over anything. Wearing stilettos if traveling to Germany, especially in slippery places, is not a good idea. 

“Do not, for the love of god, wear stilettos in Germany. You will slip and fall down in front of 100 people, including children, who will point and laugh at you as you wobble away on the cobblestone with quivering ankles.” 


Don’t Rent a Car

3. smary car

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When we travel to other countries, we are tempted to rent a car immediately, but if you are staying in the major capital cities, you can use public transport as you get to experience and meet new people. 

“Don’t rent a car if you’re going to stay in a major capital, it’s not worth it, it’s much better to use public transport and get an occasional Uber.”  


Don’t Take Selfies At Memorials 

scared and dangerous

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If you are visiting any memorial, it is good to know the rules and regulations or traditions before you do anything so that you can avoid getting stuck in awkward situations. 

Be respectful to memorial places. Don’t come to the idea of taking selfies or similar. Inform yourself about the traditions of the country. In some countries, you can openly make small talk with strangers, while in another one, you do have to approach them like wild animals.” 


Don’t Carry A Bunch Of Cash

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Planning and managing money are essential while traveling overseas. It is suggested not to carry a lot of cash to avoid unnecessary currency exchange costs. 

“Coming over with a bunch of cash ($) and using an exchange service to buy €. Just use your debit or credit card everywhere. If you need some cash, take it out of the atm. Exchange rates will be much better, with no commission and a 3% fee from your bank, but that’s reasonable.” 


Don’t Speak Without Greeting 


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Different countries follow varied traditions. Likewise, in France, speaking without a greeting is considered rude. 

“Avoid speaking without exchanging greetings first (in France at least) and not responding in kind when someone greets you. In other words, exchange bon jours before you ask where the toilet is.”

Avoid letting your kids act like monsters in public–in restaurants, in particular. Avoid rushing through meals (unless your kids are acting like monsters).”


Don’t fall for Scams 

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Before visiting a country, you can talk to a traveler about scams in different countries to prevent yourself from losing money and peace. 

SCAMS. There are a lot of them. Beware the person that picks up a gold object (ring etc.) and tells you that you dropped it. It is NOT yours, and it is COSTUME (fake). They will then try to get money out of you.

There’s another one with a guy that will ask for directions or something like that and then GIVE you an article of clothing. The jacket or shirt will be garbage, and he’ll try to get money from you.”

“There are LOTS of other scams too. Oh yeah! Someone tried the gold ring scam on me in Paris. I was so confused why she’d give me a gold ring, so I handed it back and told her she should sell it. She looked so annoyed.” 

What are your thoughts about these things? Do you have a similar experience, then comment below! 


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