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How To Make $100 Fast: Rapid Income Ideas That Brings In Dollars!

“Time is money,” and that’s never been truer than it is today!

Just think about it: if you were to spend a few hours binge-watching your favorite show, those hours would vanish in the blink of an eye. But what if you invested that same time into making some extra cash? You could be $100 richer right now!

But are wondering how to make $100 fast? Well. In today’s hyper-connected world, the internet offers many opportunities to turn your time into money without even stepping out of your home.

If you really want, you can even make that amount just by using your smartphone. That’s how accessible money is in the current landscape.

Maybe you’re struggling with a growing pile of bills, working on paying off debt, or saving for that well-deserved vacation.

No worries, these engaging and fun activities will help you make that $100 in a day or a week, no problem! Heck, some of these methods could even earn you $500 in just one day!

While $100 per day may not sound life-changing, the consistent effort of doing so can lead to stashing away over $2,000 every month! For many people, that’s a fantastic financial boost, especially since it’s extra income on top of their regular job.

So, are you excited to transform your precious time into a nifty $100 by day’s end? Let’s make it happen!

1. Freelance Writing

Writing online is one of my most recommended activities for people looking to make money online quickly. The opportunities here are endless because compelling written content is needed more than ever. 

The attention span of people has significantly gone down throughout the years, and it’s evident in how social media platforms started short-form content features.

This is why businesses and brands today need wordsmiths that capture the attention of their market – this need is where you can offer your services to them. 

There are several popular writing roles, including blog writer, ghostwriter, and book writer.

2. Make Money Using Pinterest

You might have thought that Pinterest was just a platform to see some aesthetically pleasing pictures but it can actually make you money. 

Personally, I leverage Pinterest for my blog, and it has dramatically helped me earn more than six figures per year on my website!

If you’re interested in doing the same, you can check out my guide on how to make money on Pinterest for beginners. It’s an in-depth article that guides you step by step on how I started my blog and used Pinterest to drive the vast majority of my traffic. This is the actual strategy I used from earning my first dollar online to over $10,000 per month.

The best thing about this is you can achieve the same things as well.

It doesn’t require years of knowledge or other technical expertise. You don’t even have to invest a lot of money, especially a the beginning, to get started. Yet it could help you make thousands when you actually put in the hard work and do it the right way.

3. Delivery On Uber Eats

One of the easiest ways to make $100 or more in a day would be being an Uber Eats driver. 

On average, delivery drivers for Uber make $15.84 per hour. So in an 8-hour shift, you can earn around $126 per day! I’m sure this rate goes higher when you live in a busier city.

You can use your car, scooter, or bicycle as an Uber Eats driver. For many, the ideal choice is to be on a bicycle because you can easily move around town. You don’t have to worry about rush hour traffic or gas.

Remember that if you choose to ride a bike, make sure you have the legs for it.

Obviously, you’ll get to rest as you wait for the orders, but most of your shift will be pedaling to your customer’s destination.

4. Do Odd Jobs

Lots of folks cherish chore-free weekends, hoping to kick back, spend time with their family, or pursue their hobbies. Yet, some tasks just can’t wait – cleaning, shopping, and home repairs can eat into precious downtime.

That’s where platforms like TaskRabbit come to the rescue. Users can hire local help for various odd jobs and chores, from cleaning to moving and furniture assembly.

Take IKEA furniture, for example; people love buying it, but assembling it? Not so much. Offering your services to put together their new furniture for $100 is a win-win situation for everyone. Shoppers get their furniture assembled, and you get paid for your time.

But TaskRabbit has more to offer than just furniture assembly. If you’re handy with tools, you could assist new homeowners with tasks like installing light fixtures, mounting TVs, or repainting rooms.

5. Work As A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs have surged in popularity as businesses move online. Entrepreneurs now outsource many processes to virtual assistants and freelancers for cost efficiency.

If you’re unfamiliar with a virtual assistant’s tasks, they include:

  • General admin work – Managing calendars, setting appointments, sorting emails, and handling queries.
  • Project management Overseeing client projects, requesting updates, and addressing challenges.
  • Data entry – Inputting information, organizing files, and managing documents.

With an average hourly rate of $23-25, an 8-hour shift can easily earn you over $100 a day!

6. Renting Out Your Belongings

Want to make extra cash or supplement your income?

Rent is the most common form of passive income; it has been around for several years and has been taken advantage of by people seeking to make money on the side. This is also one of the fastest ways to make $100 in a day, especially if you have an item that is in demand.

To help you get started, here are some items you can rent out:

  • Cars – If you have a car that you barely use, you can rent it out to people. It’s fairly easy to list it since there are now apps like Turo and HyreCar that help you find people looking for cars to rent.
  • Bedroom – That extra space can be put to good use. List your unused bedroom to Airbnb and tourists will come flocking when you live near the city or the downtown area of your place.
  • Storage space – You’d be surprised how many of your neighbors are willing to rent out your storage space. Some of them need this to create space in their homes.

7. Sell digital products

When you have a following or have a personal brand in a niche, consider selling digital products. It’s a lucrative way to leverage your influence and monetize your audience. 

An advantage of most digital products is you only need to record or do them one time. After production, they can be forever on your website and just let your audience buy them off there. 

Here are some digital products you can offer:

  • Online Courses – You might be known for a certain skill in your industry, whether that’s coding, creating high-converting landing pages, or fitness – you can create a course on how your audience can mimic your style.
  • eBooks – You can put all your knowledge about your craft into one single eBook.
  • DIY manual – This one’s perfect if you’re good at making an item from scratch like woodworking.

8. Tutoring services

Tutoring is a profitable activity that most people overlook. It lets you tap into a high-demand market, all from the comfort of your home and on a flexible schedule – perfect for evenings or weekends.

Tutoring is timeless, as students will always need help with various subjects. If you’re skilled in areas like math, history, languages, science, or even music, you can share your knowledge online. So, the big question is: should you join a tutoring website or venture out solo? Let’s weigh the pros of each.

When you join a tutoring website, you won’t have to stress about promoting yourself. Just chill and let clients find you by selecting your profile. It’s a laid-back approach with everything in place for you.

On the other hand, if you decide to launch your own tutoring service, you’ll have to build a website and promote your brand. It’s more effort, but the upside is that you can set your own hourly rates, which could mean even bigger earnings.

9. Provide An In-Person Or Online Service-Based Business

Don’t take these types of businesses too lightly. You might see them often but people who are in this field are making lots of money. If you’re interested in these, check out a few here.

  • Pet services – The activities done here could be pet walking, pet grooming, daycare, and many more. The public thinks that it’s a low-paying job because of its simplicity but let me tell you that some dog walkers are earning $100,000 per year – yes, you read that right, these guys are earning six figures just by walking dogs!
  • Personal fitness trainer – Although all information on how to be fit is free online, people would still choose to hire a trainer for accountability purposes. They want someone to guide them through the exercises in the gym while also telling them what food to eat.
  • Photographer – There will always be corporate events, gatherings, and special occasions all year round, and some of these activities would need photographers to document the whole event. You can even sell pictures of feet and pictures of hand.

10. Video Editor

Video editing is hotter than ever these days, with businesses and brands battling to grab attention online through eye-catching video content. Everyone’s trying to figure out how to keep viewers hooked and turn casual browsers into devoted fans with just a 60-second snippet.

The best part? Learning video editing won’t cost you a dime! There’s a wealth of free resources out there that’ll teach you to master editing software and transform you from a newbie to a pro.

In our fast-paced online world, video editors are never short of work. They can:

  • Whip up snappy YouTube shorts for clients
  • Slice and dice podcast episodes into captivating clips
  • Craft short, attention-grabbing video graphics tailor-made for social media posts

I’m convinced that video content will reign supreme for the foreseeable future. Nothing else captures and holds attention quite like a well-crafted video.

There are some of the best ways to make money online.

FAQs about how to make $100 fast

Since many people are eager to earn $100 fast, I will also answer their most frequently asked questions about how to make money quickly.

How Can I Make $100 in One Day?

You can typically make $100 a day by doing any of the points above but if you want that amount by the end of your shift, do food delivery. 

Getting paid $16.00 per hour will make you earn $128 in an 8-hour shift and that’s not even accounting for tips yet. Tips are around 10%-20% of the food bill so you’re bound to make more than one hundred twenty dollars in a single day.

Uber Eats is perfect for anyone who has irregular time off in their schedule because they can work at any hours they like. Uber’s flexible hours let drivers choose their own shifts, so you’re in control of when you hit the road.

How Can I Make $100 An Hour?

When you’ve got items that solve problems for people, they’re often more than willing to pay top dollar. Take car rentals, for example. Visitors in your city might need wheels to get around, and you can charge anywhere from $75-$100 per day for a rental. The snazzier the ride, the steeper the price!

Seasonal factors can also boost your prices. Suppose it’s summer, with perfect sunny weather for camping. Your camping gear could bring in a substantial sum of cash – think $300 to $1,000 if you’re offering the whole package. So, keep an eye on those seasonal trends and take advantage of the demand!

Are all your questions answered on how to make $100 fast? Which side hustle are you picking up to make your first $100 a day?

Author Bio: Ling is the blogger behind Finsavvy Panda and Blog Savvy Panda. She also runs a lifestyle blog as a creative outlet. Ling enjoys teaching beginners how to budget, save, and earn extra money. In her free time, she likes to exercise, try different cuisines, spend time with her family, travel, and go on hikes.

The article originally appeared on Mrs Daaku Studio.