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10 High-Earning Jobs You Can Get With On-the-Job Training

Looking for a high-paying job without a college degree? A user asked, what are good jobs if you don’t have a college degree? And here are the top results:

1. Trade Jobs

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“There are many trades that require no college degree.

They can provide a good salary and comfortable life. Some are welding, plumber, electrician, automotive repair, construction, fisherman, and bus driver.”

2. Jobs With A Union

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“Any jobs that offer a union: carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, garbage, etc.”

3. Software Development

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“Software Development. I’m a high school dropout who did art in college (community college to yanks) but then made a career U-Turn into software. Best decision I’ve ever made.”

4. Electrician

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“Electrician. I strongly suggest you look into your local ibew and try to get in. Internet search your city and “ibew” apprenticeship and try to get in.”

5. Property Management

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“I don’t have a college degree. Got into property management as a leasing agent two years ago, and became a property manager in three months; I am now a community manager making 73k a year.”

6. Sales

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“Sales. If you’re charismatic and can build relationships with various people, you can make $100k – $300k in tech sales. This also goes for “headhunting” or technical recruiting, maybe for less money.”

7. IT Help Desk Jobs

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“You can get hired for IT help desk jobs without a college degree. You’ll start at $50k or $60k plus benefits and have a runway to grow into a $150k+ job if you develop the skills. Pay and working conditions better than trades”.

8. Voice-Over Jobs

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Voice-over jobs involve providing your voice for various media projects such as commercials, TV shows, movies, documentaries, audiobooks, video games, and more.

Voice-over artists use their voices to bring characters, concepts, and stories to life and can work from home or in professional recording studios.

9. Data Entry Jobs

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Data entry jobs involve inputting or updating data into computer systems or databases, typically using specialized software.

This can include tasks such as transcribing information from physical documents, verifying or editing existing data, and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information.

10. Proofreading Jobs

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Proofreading jobs involve reviewing and correcting written content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors. It may work in various fields such as publishing, journalism, marketing, and academia and typically need excellent attention to detail and language proficiency.

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