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OMG! 16 Degrees That Are More Likely to Lead to “Unemployment” Than “Employment”

Some college degrees may lead to lucrative careers, while others are often seen as less valuable. A user asked, what is the most useless degree, and what are you doing now. Here are the top picks



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“I met a depressed classmate that majored in Communications in a bar talking about how everyone was right when they made jokes about his major.”

“As a communications major, it was hard to find work that utilized my degree. I eventually got a job with a starting salary of $40,000, which isn’t a lot, but I’m happy. But that’s after six months of being unemployed.”


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“Most things in the entertainment industry. You don’t get a job in a movie with a degree; you get it with connections.”

“Are you specifically talking about performers/artists, or are you including electrical, lighting, sets, wardrobe, camera, etc.? Because once you get to a movie, even as an indie film, you’re talking about very few performers/artists and then a whole slew of technical staff. You need connections for the technical staff, but that’s all union stuff.

Acting is a lot like the corporate world. I think the income distribution is roughly the same shape. It’s just slightly shifted toward a poorer average.”


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“Gender studies degrees are useless and make you stupider.”



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“Psychology. I was about to major in it, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Left college for a few years and returned to be a CS major. Best decision of my life.”

“I don’t know how many years, but I know you need a Ph.D. to make good money when you only need a BS in CS to start getting 6 figs and up.”



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“I know someone that teaches this who is the most dysfunctional person ever.”



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“Philosophy degrees. Unless you want to teach Philosophy.”


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“Hotel & Restaurant Management”

“I told my younger brother that. Then he worked at a hotel desk for ten years.. you don’t need a degree for that. Now he does finance for them. Which is a glorified credit card processor. Again do you really need to go to college to do this? Nope”



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“General sports. You can get a job as a PE teacher with it. But unfortunately, it’s extremely popular and filled with people without a goal, and they need a study. Now the market is so over-saturated the degree almost states professionally unemployed. It has also ruined the market to the point where PE teachers get a very low wage.”


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“Criminal Justice is only a useful degree if you’re already a cop. Way too many colleges have large undergrad criminal justice programs. Police departments do not want kids with bachelor’s degrees and no job experience.”

“You’re better off with no degree and no student loan debt than having a criminal justice degree.”


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“My Phys/Math BSc (1999) has never been used directly, but I believe that it contributed “a valuable mindset” to where I ended up.”


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“I have to this day, never used my Bachelor of Arts for anything. It taught me to write an essay and critically analyze it at a tertiary level. But just about any tertiary qualification teaches you that. When I graduated, I competed with every single graduate ever. Anyone who graduated with any degree, people changing fields, people coming back from an OE, just about everyone was my competition.

My friends who did accounting or a specialized degree had comparatively less competition. The new grad struggle was real for them too, but I do think they got jobs faster in a relevant area.”


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“Got a degree in Japanese. Now I do web development and online marketing.”

“My daughter’s high school friend got a degree in Spanish and even spent a summer in Granada. She worked as a receptionist for several years and now works in event planning. It still isn’t enough money to do very well; she’s in her 30s and just getting by. She was an excellent student, a talented artist, and a nice person, and, sadly, she’s had such a tough time.”


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“Did a medical science degree almost ten years ago.”

“Never worked in the industry longer than 4-5 months. Set me back almost 40k, and I worked 7-8 years in logistics and retail as a worker and management. In hindsight, it was a useless degree, but I only did it because I was 18, and my parents told me going to university would solve all my problems. It didn’t.”



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“Classics (ancient Mediterranean history) – I’m a marketing manager for a tech company. Got lucky out of college and have continued getting lucky since.”

“Anyone who thinks they have a ‘useless’ degree gets into marketing. It’s where all the misfits go.”

“I have a history degree. I’m a management analyst in the federal government.”


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“I have a master’s degree in music, and I am currently a school administrator.”


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“I got a degree in ceramics. I’m now a bicycle mechanic. Plan to get into a ceramic studio soon. Some people think my degree is pointless, but it’s whatever.”

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