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18 Wallet-Friendly Fast Food Spot Not To Skip

Fast food is often associated with being unhealthy and expensive. However, many fast-food restaurants offer affordable meals without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Here are 18 of the cheapest fast-food joints to try when you’re looking to save money while munching something delicious.


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McDonald’s is one of the most budget-friendly fast-food chains around. They regularly offer deals like $1 any size soft drink and $1, $2, and $3 menu items. You can get an entire meal at McDonald’s for under $10. Look out for their mobile app deals and coupons to save more money. Their burgers, chicken sandwiches, and breakfast items are tasty favorites.

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell is celebrated for its inexpensive Mexican-inspired menu. You can get items for as little as $1, like a beefy Fritos burrito, cheesy bean, rice burrito, or cinnamon twists. The cravings value menu features favorites like a cheesy roll-up, spicy potato soft taco, or bean burrito for around $2 each. With so many items under $5, eating here on a budget is easy.


Close-up of french fries, drink and Burger on a tray at Wendys fast food restaurant: Batumi, Georgia, July 14, 2023.

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Wendy’s offers a solid value menu with sandwiches, chicken items, and sides ranging from $1 to $2 each. Check out their Jr. Cheeseburger, 4-piece chicken nuggets, or small chili. Their value meals with a sandwich, side, and drink are around $4 to $6. You can eat affordably and still enjoy their never-frozen beef patties.


Submarine sandwich with smoked ham, tomato and rocket salad

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Subway has long been famous for footlong subs customizable to your taste for under $10. They also have six-inch subs that start around $5. Pair it with a side and drink for just a couple extra dollars. Look for their six-inch Select subs and footlong Specialty subs to maximize savings.


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Arby’s is known for having some of the most affordable sandwiches in the fast-food industry. Many of their sandwiches are under $5. Daily deals like their Five for $5 offer five slider-style sandwiches for just $1 each. Keep an eye out for coupons on their app, too.

Burger King

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Burger King is tasty and accessible on a budget. They boast an array of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and sides for under $3 through their Value Menu. Value Meal combos cost you around $5 to $8 in total.

Jack in the Box

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Jack in the Box has a value-packed menu perfect for saving money. Grab two tacos for $1 each, Value Sodas or Shakes for around $4, Value Fries or Onion Rings under $ 5$, or a Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger starting at $3.74. You can order multiple menu items a la carte and keep your meal under $15.

Pizza Hut


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Pizza Hut is on this list, with pizzas starting around $5. You can also choose from their medium one-topping pizza, eight boneless wings or four breadsticks, or a pasta dish with breadsticks. Add a drink for just a dollar more. It’s an affordable way to enjoy pizza any day of the week.


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Popeyes offers an array of budget-friendly Southern comfort foods. Enjoy a 3-piece Bonafide chicken tender meal or a two-piece chicken meal with a side and biscuit starting at $9.They also offer buy-one-and-get-one deals frequently. Check for the offers before you place an order. 

Sonic Drive-In

COSTA MESA, CA/USA - OCTOBER 17, 2015: Sonic Drive-In Restaurant exterior. Sonic Corp. is an American drive-in fast-food restaurant chain.

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Sonic Drive-In has happy hour drink specials and value menu items, making eating here wallet-friendly. Score half-price drinks and slushes during happy hour. Grab a Jr. Cheeseburger, Chili Cheese Coney, or Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Their menu starts at $1.99, and you can get a Sonic combo starting around $5. 

Little Caesars

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Little Caesars is known for serving up low price pizzas. Their ExtraMostBestest pepperoni pizza starts under $10. Or try a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza for around $2. Their combo meals also start at just $9.99, offering significant savings on a fast snack or meal.

Dairy Queen

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Lastly, we must remember Dairy Queen and their budget-friendly deals. Enjoy one of their Cheeseburger meal or Chicken Strip meal with fries and a drink for just $7. You can also grab a Blizzard treat deal starting from $2.89. It’s a sweet way to save. 


Kiev, Ukraine – March 8, 2020: Food and drink in a popular fast food restaurant KFC. Is popular fast food chain known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Potato fries, Pepsi and burger with curry sauce.

KFC is a quick, tasty option when you’re short on cash but crave comfort food. Their $5 Fill Up meals include chicken tenders, pot pie, famous bowl, or other entrees with a side and biscuit. You can also grab chicken on the bone at around $2 per piece.


MIAMI, USA - AUGUST 22, 2018: Chipotle plate and receipt. Chipotle restaurant logo. Chipotle Mexican Grill is an American chain of fast casual restaurants

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Chipotle is an excellent pick for customizable Tex-Mex bowls, salads, tacos, and burritos under $10. Choose your ingredients wisely to maximize portions. Look for deals on their app and website, too. The large serving sizes make it easy to stretch your dollar.

Jimmy John’s

Submarine sandwich with smoked ham, tomato and rocket salad

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Jimmy John’s offers subs below $10, making it one of the more reasonable sandwich shops. Their 8-inch subs start at $5 and come loaded with ingredients. Add chips and a drink for just a couple of bucks more.

Del Taco

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Del Taco serves up filling Mexican fare for less. Their value menu has tacos, bean burritos, french fries, and drinks under $5. Combo meals with an entree, drink, and side start around $5. Portions are ample for the price.

Panera Bread

Woman Slicing A Loaf Of White Bread

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Panera Bread offers sandwich combos for around $10. Look for half sandwiches with a side starting at about $8. Their pastries and bagels offer an affordable breakfast, too. Sign up for their MyPanera rewards program for additional savings.


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While not the cheapest fast-casual option, you get quality ingredients and hearty portions within budget at this joint. Qdoba lets you build burritos, tacos, nachos, and bowls stuffed with flavors for under $10. 

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