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25 Oddball Laws in the USA That Still Exist

Laws and legislation are always a slippery slope. Some you agree with, some you don’t. However, what’s certain is that you have to abide by them or face penalties, which might even include jail time. 

Here are 25 strange laws that Americans must follow whether they like them or not. 

Don’t Dress as a Member of the Clergy

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Going by the law in Alabama, if you’re not a clergy member, you can’t dress like one. You cannot dress like nuns or priests as well. 

If found guilty, you’ll have to pay a penalty of up to $500 or spend a year in jail. Check out Section 13A-14-4 of the Alabama Code.

No Horn-beeping After 9 pm 

Driving Car Traffic

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In Little Rock, Arkansas, it’s a punishable offense to honk a vehicle after 9 pm at a place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served. 

Can’t Eat Every Frog

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Article 2 of California’s Fish and Game Code states that one can use any number of live frogs in frog-jumping competitions. Yet, the dead ones are strictly not for consumption or any use. 

Upholstery Crime 

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Keeping upholstered furniture outside in Colorado is illegal unless specifically made for outside use.

No Whispering in place of Worship 

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Even talking or whispering is a criminal offense at a place of worship in Delaware.   

Don’t Feed the Alligators

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Under the ‘Wildlife’ clause of a Florida code, nobody is legally allowed to intentionally feed a wild American alligator. Nor can they feed an American crocodile.  

No Zebra Crossing for Chickens

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However absurd it may sound, by Section 8-1 of Georgia law, chickens are legally barred from running at large on the streets. 

Say ‘No’ to Billboards 

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Under Hawaiian law, outdoor advertising, like billboards, is forbidden under special circumstances. Billboards are allowed on a property that’s selling the item. 

White or Red Cane

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In Idaho, if you’re partially or fully blind you can use a red or a white cane. If you have partially functioning eyesight, you can use a white cane tipped with red. No one else is allowed to use them.

Can’t Catch Fish with Bare Hands

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In the state of Indiana, using your bare hands or a net or an explosive to catch fish is unlawful. 

Don’t Use Fake Butter

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To curb the usage of imitation butter, Iowa law essentially prohibits the advertisement of imitation butter. One can’t use ‘butter,’ ‘dairy,’ and other terms to advertise the product. 

No Playgrounds Over 14

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Wichita, Kansas, protects its children’s rights to a playground in a peculiar way. Nobody over 14 can use a children’s playground in the city unless a parent or a guardian. 

Surprise Pizza in Louisiana

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Louisiana is home to one of the most surprising laws in the entire country. 

Sending someone an unprompted or a surprise pizza is considered harassment and unlawful. The ones breaking the law are charged a fine of $500.

Never Gamble at the Airport

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If you’re in Biddeford, Maine, remind yourself not to gamble at the airport. If you gamble, you risk getting jailed. 

Play the National Anthem in Full

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If you sing or play the American national anthem in Massachusetts, you must either play the whole composition or play the song as a separate number. If not, you’ll be fined up to $100

Drinking Laws in Michigan and Minnesota 

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Two surprisingly opposite laws are prevalent in Michigan and Minnesota. The former prohibits any person from riding a train inebriated. The latter state has passed a law where no person can be charged with drunkenness. 

No Profanity in Mississippi 

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That’s the law. If you’re in Mississippi, you can’t swear. If caught swearing, you’ll be fined up to $100 or ordered to spend up to 30 days in jail

People with an STD Can’t Marry 

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The state of Nebraska prohibits its residents carrying sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from marrying. There have been unsuccessful attempts at changing the law to prohibit residents with undisclosed STDs at the time of marriage. 

Can’t Sell A Car on Sundays 

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This one takes the cake out of the strangest laws in the USA. According to the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, you’ll be fined up to $750 or face up to 6 months of imprisonment if you sell a car on a Sunday. 

Dancing with a Sombrero Is Illegal 

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While wearing a sombrero in New Mexico is perfectly legal, things get complicated when you dance wearing one. You’ll be breaking the law immediately. 

Can’t Arrest on Sundays 

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Lucky for the criminals, the Ohio Revised Code ensures that no arrest can be made on a Sunday or on the 4th of July. 

Never Leave Your Car Door Open 

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In Oregon, if you ever leave your car door open, you’re breaking the law. You’ll be penalized by the court if you open a vehicle door incorrectly or leave it open for an extended period. 

Soliciting Professional Employment is Illegal 

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Texas calls it an unlawful offense if you request someone for professional employment. You’re a felon if you solicit employment intending to get a financial benefit. 

Beer Has a Limit in Utah 

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In Utah, the law has set a beer purchase limit. If you buy or sell beer in a container that exceeds 2 liters, you’re a criminal in the court of law. 

Works of Art in Wyoming 

Stockton, California

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Title 16 of Wyoming Statutes calls for any new public building built using state funds to feature works of art for public display. The law is only for buildings that cost $100,000 or more.