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San Franciso’s Policeman Earns $12 Million in 3 years with This Side Hustle. Quits His Job. 

There are many ways to make money, but this one is taking over the internet. 

Paul Alex

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Paul Alex is taking over the internet with what he has achieved, from working as a police offer in the Bay Area to owning a profitable side hustle that generated over $12 million in 3 years. 


He Was A Family Man

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Laila Maidan, of Business Insider, mentions that it all started because he is a big family man and couldn’t spend time with family. Thanks to the 80-100 hours a week that his job demanded. 

This is when things started to change, and he started to look into other ways to make cash. While many side hustles generate income, some take active involvement, and some take a long time before they make any cash. 

Some others are cash-intensive businesses like real estate. He wanted none. 


Stumbled On ATM Side Hustle

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Finally, he stumbled upon owning and running ATMs. It fits into his criterion perfectly. Not only was it not expensive, he could spend little time on it and still run it. It also had good profit prospects. 


Who Else Makes Money From This?

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This isn’t all. On further research, we found a Redditor who speaks about making $40,000-50,000 a year with 5 machines installed at busy areas (on average, with 5 transactions a day). The machines cost him between $1500-2000 and he charges 2.75-3.50 per transaction. 

Besides this, TikToker rinmatheboss, also known as Erinma, also makes $4000 a month in passive income with this side hustle.


Want To Know How To Start Off 

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If you want to start off, we have this blog post that details it entirely. Check it out. 


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