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Are You Secretly Selfish? Here Are 11 Signs to Look Out For

Let’s be honest: we all have a selfish streak. We’re more attuned to our own pain and suffering, and we tend to put ourselves first. But, some people tend to go overboard and make the life of their friends and family members difficult.  Here are the top 11 traits that are a telltale sign you’re a selfish person who people secretly hate.

1. Comparing Someone’s Hurt or Pain

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If you minimize how someone feels or how they should stop it, you can be seen as a narcissistic person with selfish tendencies. 

A user says, “When anything that happens to them is the worst thing in the world and whatever happens to you is not that bad and a waste of time talking about or dealing with.

“I know your mom died a month ago, but my best friend of 3 years died too, so I don’t see why you are so sad all the time.” I think narcissism and selfishness go hand-in-hand, so there you go.”

2. They Show No Remorse

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If you don’t feel any remorse for how you behaved with others or said something, you are most likely a selfish person. 

3. They Make Others Apologize 

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A user says, “Let’s not forget how they make you apologize for how you made them feel – when you want to talk about things they did to you.”

4. They Cannot Accept Them Being Wrong

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Selfish and narcissistic people cannot accept when they are wrong even if everyone else is against them and you have evidence.

5. Remembers When They Helped Someone But Not the Other Way Round

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You’re selfish if you don’t remember when people helped you but remember clearly all the times you have helped others. 

6. Aggressive and Defensive

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A user says, “They gladly take any favors you do for them, but when asked if they could reciprocate once, they get defensive and or aggressive and act like you’re the selfish one for daring to expect something in return.”

7. Everything Is A Drama

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“Every bad thing you do to them is drama-worthy. Every bad thing they do to you is detail and should be moved on from, and why can’t you do that? You’re so dramatic!” said one. 

8. Bragging

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A user says, “If you are in a group and there is one person constantly interrupting the middle of what you or anyone else is generally saying to brag about themselves with a ‘one-upper’ story, is generally a precursor to stop associating with them. I’ve met too many of them in my days, and they are more often than not happy to throw you under the bus whenever the opportunity arises.”

9. Make It About Themselves

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“They have that superpower to lead everything back to themselves. Even when you’re talking about your own life or a specific problem, they somehow make it that you start talking about them instead without changing the topic.” said another. 

10. Never Apologise

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“Similarly, someone who never apologizes. It takes a little longer to figure this out, but if after a few dozen hours of interactions you’ve never heard “I’m sorry,” you probably never will. I waited 4 1/2 years once. Never again.” said a user. 

11. Rude

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“They’re rude to waitstaff or just staff and employees in general or if their situational awareness is severely lacking and they don’t seem to have a problem with it.” said another. 

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