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Curious Cats Question: 10 Things Out Of 20000 That Men Asked About Women

Delving into the Minds of Women: Unraveling the Mysteries You’ve Always Pondered. A user asked on a popular forum, what is something about women you are curious about but too afraid to ask? And here are the top picks:

1. Do Women Wear Heels Just For The Sound? 

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While some women may wear heels for the sound, it’s not a common motivation. Most wear heels for height, aesthetic appeal, or to feel confident and sexy.

“Yup. but the feeling is stronger when walking in a fancy building.” said one. “I choose my heels by a) how they look and b) how they sound. If they are quiet, I don’t usually get them.” another added.

“Yes! Especially if you need to boost your confidence a bit and feel like a boss.” a Redditor added.

2. Do You Change Pads Often?

woman on period

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It’s recommended that women change their pads every three to four hours or when it becomes full to maintain good menstrual hygiene. Wearing a full pad can be uncomfortable and increase the risk of infections.

“I usually do when I pee because I’m a clean freak and have sensory issues. so usually every 2 hours longest being 4. even if I didn’t bleed, I change it due to sweat/body oils, anything. and baby wipes are a godsend for that time.” a user said.

“Depends but for me on heavy days I change it when it’s “full” and on light days I change it whenever I feel like it.” said another.

3. Women’s Opinion On Men Asking Them Out?

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While it varies from woman to woman, most appreciate a genuine and straightforward approach from a man asking them out. 

“yes but PLEASE be straightforward and say date. I had a man ask for coffee, and I thought it meant as friends since he was kind and polite. I’m also autistic, so I don’t see social cues.” said one.

“I love it! Even if I’m not interested, I still think it’s very sweet. As long as you’re respectful and not being creepy lol.” said another.

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4. What’s The Men’s Guide to Supporting Women during their Periods?

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Men can help by understanding, offering comfort, providing necessary items, and avoiding insensitive remarks. Educating oneself on period-related issues and advocating for women’s health rights is also important.

“Don’t treat it as something disgusting. Keep a trashcan in your bathroom. Keep pamprin or Midol on hand.” said one.

“Please be receptive. Listen. Don’t blame things on their periods, especially our mood or anger. Sometimes we want to have a lot of time together, talking, watching tv or whatever. Sometimes we want to be left alone. Ask, we will say. That is the highest form of love.” another added.

5. What Do Women Really Want to Eat?

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The answer is simple: women want to eat what they’re in the mood for. However, indecisiveness can be common, so offering suggestions and being patient are appreciated.

“Sometimes we really don’t know, just like you. Sometimes we know, but we don’t think you would like it. Sometimes we just want to eat what YOU like. Sometimes we are just not hungry enough to know.” said one.

“Whatever we like but when we don’t know, we want you to decide. Or ask us to guess where we’re going, then take us there.” another added.

6. How To Make You Feel Comfortable Initiating Conversation


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“Eye contact and smiling, when she doesn’t want to she will ignore you, if she likes what she sees she will smile back and maybe even come over to talk to you.” said one.

“Offer your smile, then do not push anything. If she doesn’t seek contact, show your respect by immediately by moving your attention from her.” another said.

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7. Vulnerability In Men: Do Women Admire And Respect It?

vulnerable man

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Many women appreciate and respect men who choose to be vulnerable and share their feelings. It can deepen emotional connections and build trust in a relationship.

“Yes. Personally, I have a hard time opening up and just talking about my feelings in general. Whenever my husband does, it makes me feel like I’m doing something right.” a user added.

“Yes, it’s the ultimate sign of trust and it’s an incredible turn-on for me.” another added.

8. From Abs To Shoes: What Women Check Out On Men?

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Physical appearance, fashion sense, and confidence are some of the things women may check out on men. However, it varies from woman to woman and is not limited to just superficial qualities.

“This is another of those things that vary from woman to woman. It’s the same things men look at: a handsome face, a body shape (varies), hair, and clothes. Personality and trustworthiness.” said one.

“I like to look at hands and imagine them both beating someone up to protect me and touching me gently. Feeling protected is a huge turn-on.” another added.

9. Why Women Don’t Want Chips But End Up Eating Yours?

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Sometimes women may not want to order their own food but will still crave a bite of their partner’s. It could also be a subconscious desire for intimacy and sharing.

“She’s probably trying to be healthy or make healthier choices but then sees the chips and can’t resist.” a user said.

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10. What’s The Women’s Need To Decorate Flat Surfaces?

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“Because we get gifted so many little trinkets we want to display them and it’s nice to have something fun and cute to look at.” said one. “I like anything that glitters or has lights. I’m attracted to bright and shiny objects.” another added.

We hope this answers some of your questions about women. Do you have more? Is there any other question you want to ask?

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