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10 Things You’re Doing Everyday That Makes Everyone Lose Interest In You

Certain things can make people lose interest in you instantly. These include being dishonest, lacking ambition, arrogant, poor hygiene, negative, and lacking basic social skills.

These behaviors or traits can be turn-offs for many people and cause them to lose interest in getting to know someone further.  Let’s see what users have to say about this.

1. Constantly Talking Down Others And Self-Promotion

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“Constantly talking bad about others and trying to boost their ego is something that makes me lose interest in them in seconds.” said one.

“Pouring out someone’s cup to fill their own.” another added.

2. Ignoring Boundaries

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“When I tell them I don’t like something, or something makes me uncomfortable, and they continue to do it intentionally as if it’s flirting.” a Redditor said.

“I was talking to a guy, and he asked for nudes, and I said no, and he still hasn’t shut up asking and threatened to block me if I don’t send them.” said another.

3. Insecurity Disguised As Confidence

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“Superiority complex. It’s fine to be confident, but if you need to put others down to feel that way, you’re just insecure, and it’s not cute.” said one.

“If they’re saying they’re better than other people, it’s not a superiority complex; it’s an inferiority complex.” said another.

“I met a guy at a bar whose flirting strategy was insulting my boyfriend (who was right next to me) idk what made him think that was ok.” another added 

4. Endlessly Talking Without Listening

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“We recently met a nice couple, and we’ve been hanging out, but his wife is just too much to handle. She won’t even let you finish your sentence before she jumps in to inject her views or experiences regarding whatever you were just talking about. It’s rude and annoying. Huge turn-off; we’d hand more often if she were not so overbearing.” said one.

“Dated a guy like that for three years. He would talk over me or completely ignore what I was saying as soon as I tried to talk. Every day I try to understand how it took me so long to break up.” another added.

5. The Inability To Admit Being Wrong

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“I had to stop going places with mom for a while for her photo shoots because of that one. Eventually, we sorted it though, and I’ve helped with (been present for) some amazing pictures.” a Redditor said.

“It’s never “yeah, I was wrong” it’s…yeah, I was wrong but….” another added. 

6. Lack Of Effort And Interest

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“The moment I can tell that they aren’t trying. Either they aren’t all that interested in me, or they expect me to do all of the “work,” so to speak. Either reason is good enough to step away.” said one. “Or when they say they are trying, but they aren’t.” said another.

7. Disrespectful Treatment Of Service Industry Workers

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“If they mistreat others, especially those who are in the service industries.” one added.

“Totally! I had a distant relative in her 60s with whom I went out for a few meals. The way she spoke to the waiters and waitresses just made me so uncomfortable – snapping at them grumpily and talking down to them as if they were way below her. I’ve never understood that.” another added. 

8. Constant Phone Checking During The Conversation

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“When they can’t stop checking their mobile phones every few seconds while we are talking. I went out with a woman who would do that. After the 4th date, I stopped going out with her and dated another woman. The former was surprised to know that. I said, “But girl, you’re always on the phone while I talk to you; it makes me feel ignored, you know,” and she was angry/sad.

But I’m not exaggerating when I say she was staring at that screen and sending voice messages and all that to other friends of hers while we were dating.” a user said.

9. Thinking They Know Everything

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“Have a roommate that is the living embodiment of the dunning Kruger effect. Nothing worse than an idiot thinking they know it all.” said one. “My younger brother is like this, and it is extremely annoying.” another added.

10. Inappropriate Discipline Tactics With Kids

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“I don’t have a problem if they have kids, and I have a problem if yelling at their kids is their first disciplinary measure. A 2-year-old doesn’t know that they can get hurt by jumping off the couch. Be nice about it the first time, at least.” said one.

“Advice I’ve given to many people, many times: if you’re dating a single parent, pay attention to how they treat their children because they’re always going to treat them better than they will treat you.” said another.

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