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12 Quirky Frugal Habits Passed Down From Our Folks

Let’s dive into some quirky money-saving habits that our families have passed down to us. These habits might seem a bit unusual, but they’ve been around for ages and help us make the most of what we have.

From finding creative ways to save money to be resourceful with what we already have, these habits teach us valuable lessons about managing our finances wisely.

So, let’s explore 16 quirky frugal habits that have been part of our families for generations.

Shutting Lights Off Compulsively 

Asian child girl resting on the bed,turning off the light switch before bedtime to sleep in the bedroom at night,turn off lights when not in use,hand turning off lamp,energy power saving , save money

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Many of us have learned from our parents to turn off lights whenever we’re not using them, even though modern LED bulbs don’t use much electricity. This habit was more important when older light bulbs were used because they used a lot more electricity.

But even with LED bulbs, turning off lights when we don’t need them helps save energy and reduces our environmental impact. So, while it might seem unnecessary with modern technology, it’s still a good habit to have.

Saving Plastic Bags And Ziplocks

Frozen food, frozen salad. Storing food in a bag in the freezer. Ready meal

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Many of us learned from our parents to save plastic and ziplock bags, even though better alternatives are available today. For example, reusable cloth bags are more environmentally friendly and durable than single-use plastic bags.

Similarly, reusable silicone or glass containers are better options for storing food than disposable ziplock bags. Despite these alternatives, the habit of saving plastic bags and ziplock persists because it was ingrained in us from a young age.

3. Reusing Tinfoil 

Raw mackerel and vegetables on aluminum foil

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Many of us learned from our parents to reuse foil paper as a way to save money and reduce waste. Instead of throwing away aluminum foil after just one use, our parents would carefully fold and store it for future use. This frugal habit was ingrained in us from a young age, as we watched our parents find ways to make the most of every resource.

While reusing foil paper can help save money and reduce environmental impact, it’s important to be mindful of potential health risks associated with repeated use, such as the transfer of harmful chemicals into food. 

Putting Water To Get Last Bit Of The Sauce

squeezing sauce to save money

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Many of us learned from our parents to use clever tricks to get the last bits of ketchup or other condiments out of the bottle. One common trick is to add a little water to the bottle and shake it, helping to loosen the remaining sauce so it pours out more quickly. Another method is to store the bottle upside down, allowing gravity to help coax the last drops out.

These frugal habits were passed down to us as simple yet effective ways to minimize waste and make the most of what we have

Collecting Buttons From Old Clothes

Multicolored buttons and spools of thread on light blue background - sewing concept

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This frugal habit was passed down to us as a way to make use of every part of our clothing and avoid wasting materials. By carefully removing buttons from old or worn-out garments before discarding them, we can build up a collection of spare buttons that may come in handy for repairing or customizing other clothing items.

While it may seem like a small habit, it reflects a mindset of resourcefulness and practicality that has been passed down through generations. 

Saving Wood Scrap

close up of a pile of wood chips, shallow dof

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By salvaging wood scraps from old furniture, construction sites, or even discarded items, our parents built a collection of materials for DIY projects or repairs around the home. It is one of the frugal habits we learned from our parents and cannot seem to let go off.

Saving All Nuts And Screws

screws in a jar

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Many of us learned from our parents to collect all nuts and screws from various sources, such as old furniture, appliances, or even packaging, for future repairs and projects. These collected nuts and screws often come in handy for repairing furniture, fixing household items, or undertaking DIY projects around the home.

Additionally, they can be used creatively in craft projects, as embellishments for artwork or jewelry, or even in educational activities for children to learn about construction and engineering concepts.

Cutting Sponge

Pretty red-haired woman posing while cleaning a cutting board in the kitchen in her appartment

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We learned from watching our parents that cutting a sponge in half and using it for cleaning can save money. Even though we may not need to do it now because we have more resources available, we still do it out of habit. It’s a simple way of being thrifty that we picked up from them

Outside Clothes vs. Home Clothes

Beautiful girl thinking what to dress in walk-in closet

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We adopted this habit of sorting our clothes into home clothes and outside clothes. The outside clothes are usually the newer, fancier ones we wear when we’re out and about. On the other hand, the ones that have become worn out or less stylish over time become our home clothes.

This habit helps us keep our best clothes for special occasions while still making use of the ones that are no longer suitable for going out

Save Napkins From Everywhere Else

Tissue paper rolls and green leaves on white background.

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We picked up the habit of collecting napkins from every food place we visited by watching our parents do the same. We saw them do it, and now we do it too. While it is unnecessary, and we might not even use it, we still keep collecting them.

Saving Bows From Presents

reusing bows from presents to be frugal

Man with worn out socks relaxing in kitchen

Many of us picked up the habit of collecting bows and good packing paper from presents we receive, just like we saw our parents do. Even if the bows are a little torn or the paper isn’t perfect, we still keep them because we might be able to use them later for someone else’s gift. It’s a simple way to reuse things and save money on wrapping supplies. Plus, it’s a reminder of the thoughtfulness and resourcefulness we learned from our parents

Squeezing Toothpaste

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We often find ourselves wanting to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube and even folding it to make sure we get every bit out. This frugal habit is something we learned from our parents. Plus, it saves money by not needing to buy toothpaste as often.