blogging tools for beginners

20+ blogging tools for beginners and freelance writers

There are so many blogging tools for beginners and freelance writers that you are bound to fill OVERWHELMED. But, don’t be anymore. Learning to professionally blog or freelance is a steep learning curve but it does make one’s life easy if you know the correct tools to get your job

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Setting up a blog on WordPress can be technical and tough! I hear you. In this post, I explain you each and every component of a blog and how to proceed with creating a blog that makes money. How to start a WordPress blog | WordPress blog tutorial | Blogging

Understanding setting up a blog on WordPress – Part I

There are many tutorials out there on setting up a blog but this one is different. Now you must be thinking that every other blogger claims that.  BUT We know many of you are struggling to understand technicalities of a blog (at least I did!) and in this series on

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