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15 Celebrities Who Had The Worst Parents In The Entire History Of Hollywood

Some parents have been next-level cruel to their kids in Hollywood. 

A netizen recently asked, “Who are the worst stage parents in Hollywood, past and present?”. Below are the top responses!


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“This one lives in my head. So much so that I actually can’t make myself rewatch any iCarly at all because I can’t put aside knowing how miserable she was the whole time.” 


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“Lindsay Lohan’s parents were awful,” said one. 

“I felt so bad for her. Her dad seemed like a slimy jerk, and her mom seemed more interested in being a drinking buddy than a mom,” another added. 


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“I can’t listen to the Jackson Five because all I can think about is how abused those poor kids were. I can’t listen to Michael because of his actions towards young boys. 

That being said, he was a deeply traumatized and emotionally stunted person, so I often wonder if he would’ve abused those kids if he had a normal childhood. He was both abused and an abuser, and ultimately, he is responsible for his actions, but I find it hard not to put some blame on Joe for possibly starting this cycle.” 


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“Drew Barrymore’s mother taking her out to nightclubs and encouraging her to take drugs at nine years old,” said one. 

“She was in such an awful position! Like her parents should have known better. Drew comes from a huge family background of entertainers. I want to say she’s a 4th generation star. Someone in that family should have been more protective and looked out for her, but she’s doing better now. I’m such a huge fan of hers,” another added. 


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“Judy Garland’s mother. Pretty much every single adult in her life failed her.” 


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“River and Joaquin Phoenix’s parents were in the Children of God cult and made their kids sing in the streets for money. Once they realized that River and Joaquin (then Leaf) could act, they left the cult and never looked back. There was no supervision in their childhoods, and if you’ve read anything about that cult, physical abuse of minors was rampant.” 


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“I will not be disgusted while reading about Brooke Shields and her childhood and the awful things her mother made her do. I can’t imagine being under that much pressure and not having a clue of what’s going on and just being forced and pushed over and over.”


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“Amy was an adult, but I feel like Mitch Winehouse deserves a spot on this list,” said one. 

“Even after her death, he continues to exploit her. There was an Amy Winehouse exhibition here in London a few months ago. It was a mix of interesting and intrusive things on display. There were ripped-out pages from her teenage diary that were on display for people to read,” another added. 


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“Jackie Coogan is one of the first child stars. His mother and stepfather squandered almost his whole fortune and said, ‘No promises were ever made to give Jackie anything.’

He sued them, and this led California to create the Child Actor’s Bill, which is known as the Coogan Law.”


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“It’s horrifying. I absolutely cannot comprehend June’s thought process. I used to watch their show and be shocked but still entertained (embarrassing, I know). I never thought Pumpkin would be the most level-headed, responsible one. Good on her for stepping up.” 


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“Wil Wheaton has some horror stories about his parents, and they have been estranged for decades. He has said his life paralleled his character in Stand By Me.” 


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“Dove Cameron. Paying for your kid to get surgeries at 14 or 15 and then writing a stage parent book is so gross.” 


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“Kit Culkin is the most notorious; he was the most powerful.”


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“It breaks my heart that this child was exploited by some dirty old man just so her parents could be famous.” 


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“Rite Hayworth’s father used to abuse her and strictly force her to learn how to dance and was also accused of abusing her.” 

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