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11 Things That Mean You’re Officially “Old” Now

As we age, it can feel like time speeds up. This is especially true in our 30s, when we are often juggling work, relationships, and other commitments. But it’s important to remember that every moment is precious, and we should savor the time we have.

A netizen recently asked, Older men, what made you realize you were no longer young? And we absolutely feel these responses!

Feels Like Yesterday 


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“Still thinking the 90’s and/or 2000’s “weren’t that long ago”.” Said one. 

“That was like 5 years ago, right? RIGHT??!” Another exclaimed. 

When Coworkers Stopped  Remembering 9/11

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“When I stopped understanding the slang and some of our new coworkers didn’t remember September 11th because they were either not born yet or too young.” 

When Injuries Started Taking Too Long To Heal

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“How much easier it is to injure yourself and then how long it takes to recover from said injury.” Said one. 

“I slept on my shoulder wrong so badly I thought I broke my collarbone. My aha moment.” Another added. 

Being Out Of Touch With Current Popular Culture 

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“I’m mid-30s, so not super old, but I had a realization a while ago that I really am out of touch with current popular culture. People act like people I’ve never heard of at all are the biggest celebrities in the world. Not sure if it’s the loss of monoculture or if I’m just old. 

Also, when sports players I’ve watched their entire career retire, it makes me feel the passage of time.” 

When I Threw My Back Out 

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“When I threw my back out after sneezing.” Said one. 

“Threw my back out, washing my hands at work. I hunched over a little too far, I guess, and out it went.” Another added. 

When Your Favorite Songs Get Translated Into Instrumentals 


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“When your favorite songs have been translated into soft digestible instrumentals used for marketing, dollar stores, and elevator music.” Said one. 

“OK. This is painful. Heard a soft instrumental of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box in a clothing store…” Another added. 

When Coworkers Start To Seem Too Young


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“When I realized I could be a father to some of my coworkers….” Said one. 

“Got you beat. The youngest of the nurses I work with could be my granddaughter.” Another added. 

When People LITERALLY Go From ‘Young Man’ To ‘Old Man’


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“You’ll be called “Young man” for years and years on end. Then, on one random Thursday at 2:43, you become just “Man.” The next day and for the rest of your life, you will be called “Old man.” You don’t even get the full day to enjoy being just a “Man”.” Said one. 

“I started getting sir from teenagers/the early 20s a few years back and boy is it weird every time!” Another added. 

When “When I Was Your Age…” Syndrome Hits


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“The first time I uttered the words, “when I was your age…” (_I was in my mid 30s_).” Said one. 

“That lost the luster pretty quickly when it became “when I was your age, Pluto was a planet”.” Said one. 

When You Get Annoyed At Stupid Things, Young People Do


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“When you get annoyed at the stupid stuff young people do.” Said one. 

“When you see (and remember) all the stupid stuff young people do and more than anything else, hope that they make it out/through *safely* and maybe learn from it, as we did.” Another added. 

When You Become Invisible To Women In Their 20s


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“Things hurt for no reason. Concerts became too loud and too crowded. I became invisible to cute girls in their 20s.”

“The ‘becoming invisible’ part just hit me when I read it. I’ve noticed this as well. The attention has dwindled for sure.” Another added. 

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