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15 Dead Giveaways That You’re “Nonsense” Person

At times, a singular action has the power to unveil a person’s true character. Witnessing someone engage in behavior that you find repulsive can make it challenging to maintain respect for them thereafter.

A netizen recently asked, “What’s a dead giveaway that someone is a piece of nonsense?”. Below are the top responses!

Anybody Who Corrects Them Is A Hater

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Labeling anyone correcting them as a “hater” is nonsensical for several reasons. First, it ignores the possibility of genuine error or misunderstanding. Second, it inhibits personal growth by rejecting constructive feedback and closing off avenues for learning and improvement. Finally, it fosters a negative and defensive mindset, hindering healthy interpersonal relationships and potentially isolating the individual.

A user says, “When they say ‘screw all my haters’ when people are just giving them suggestions on how to be a decent human being.”

Make Invalid Points During Arguments

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Invalid points in arguments disrupt the flow of logic and understanding, creating frustration and resentment. This disrupts the peace of others by hindering progress, eroding trust, and fostering negativity, making it difficult to have a productive conversation.

A user says,  “When you’re having an argument with someone, and they start saying things just to hurt you because they don’t have a valid argument.

Yeah, this one’s personal.”

Everyone Needs To Follow The Rules Except Them

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Demanding rule-following from others while breaking them yourself is nonsensical. It weakens authority, breeds hypocrisy, and erodes trust. Ultimately, it undermines the very rules designed for order and fairness.

“When the rules apply to everyone except them.”, said one.

“They find a way to make themselves the victim ‘because of the rules’.”, said another.

They’re Proud Of Being A Cheater

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Taking pride in cheating reveals a profound lack of empathy and respect for others. It prioritizes personal gain over emotional well-being and demonstrates a disregard for the trust and commitment inherent in a partnership. Such behavior is nonsensical, as it ultimately undermines the very foundation of meaningful relationships.

“They talk about cheating on their partner in a bragging way like it’s something that makes them cooler.”, said one.

“And because they told you, *you* are now in on the cheating.  *You* are now privy to their nonsense and carry that deceit with you. They just made you guilty as well. Screw these people.”, another added.

They Mock You For Working Towards Self-Improvement

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Mocking someone’s self-improvement journey reeks of insecurity and reveals a disdain for growth. It discourages personal evolution and fosters negativity, ultimately hindering both individual and collective progress. Such behavior is nonsensical, as it contradicts the very essence of self-improvement, which aims to elevate ourselves and the world around us.

“When they mock you for trying to lose weight or trying to improve yourself in general.”, said one.

“Crabs in a bucket mentality. People hate it when you want to improve yourself, as it makes them reflect on themselves and their own insecurities. So if you try to climb out of the bucket, they’ll just try to pull you back down with them.

Next time you get someone like that, just picture them as a giant crab. If nothing else but for your own personal amusement.”, another added.

Keep Gossiping About Everyone

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Gossiping harms others by damaging their reputations, spreading misinformation, and eroding trust. It can cause emotional distress, damage relationships, and create a climate of negativity. People who gossip are often perceived as untrustworthy, disrespectful, and lacking self-esteem, making their words and actions seem meaningless and nonsensical.

“Saying horrible things about people all the time.”, said one.

“If they talk ill about other people to you, it’s a solid bet that they talk bad about you to others.”, another added.

They Litter Their Surroundings

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Littering is a bad habit because it pollutes our environment, harms wildlife, and makes our surroundings unpleasant. It can clog drains, leading to flooding, and contaminate waterways, harming aquatic life. Litter also poses a threat to animals, who can get entangled in it or ingest it, causing serious injury or death.

“They litter.”, said one.

“It shows the world that they aren’t even willing to go to the tiniest amount of trouble that is keeping their trash in their pockets until they see a trash can, and it’s worth making work for someone else, trashing the environment that we all have to live in, and making things look disgusting. It’s pure sociopathy.”, another added.

They’re Just Simply Selfish

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Selfishness fosters isolation and mistrust, hindering genuine connections and opportunities for personal growth. It makes you oblivious to the needs and feelings of others, creating an image of indifference and lack of empathy. Ultimately, this inward focus backfires, leaving you with a shallow understanding of yourself and the world around you, diminishing your attractiveness and appeal.

A user says, “If they don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves then that’s usually a pretty good indicator.”

They Find Everyone Else Toxic

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Assuming everyone is toxic indicates a lack of self-awareness and introspection. It avoids personal responsibility for negative experiences and fails to acknowledge the vast spectrum of human personalities. This negativity breeds cynicism and hinders the ability to build healthy relationships, making such individuals seem irrational and unproductive.

“ALL of their exes are supposedly toxic.”, said one.

“What’s that saying: ‘If you run into one a jerk during the day, you run into a jerk. If everyone you run into in a day is a jerk, you’re the jerk.”, another added.

They Treat Animals Poorly

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Treating animals poorly disregards their inherent worth and capacity for suffering. It violates their right to life and well-being, causing pain and distress. Such behavior demonstrates a lack of compassion and empathy, traits essential for building a just and harmonious world. This disregard for life makes these individuals seem devoid of moral sense and ultimately hinders progress toward a kinder future.

“For me, it has to be when they treat animals really poorly.”, said one.

“Man I felt like I have so many issues based on the other answers, but this one I definitely get to be righteous about. I love and am always so kind to animals. They make me so happy.”, another added.

They’re Rude To Service People

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There is no justification for being rude to service people. They deserve respect and courtesy, just like anyone else. Rudeness breeds negativity and creates an unpleasant atmosphere for everyone involved. Additionally, it can backfire, leading to poor service and a lack of understanding from the service workers. Ultimately, such behavior is nonsensical and undermines the very foundation of a positive and productive interaction.

“When they are rude to service people like waiters or cashiers. I think it shows a lack of empathy.”, said one.

“The easiest way to test someone’s character is to give them power over others.

Yeah, in a way, you have ‘power’ over a waiter on a VERY basic level by making an order and having them serve your food.  If they are a jerk to them on just a basic level…imagine if they had more power.”, another added.

Their Adult Children Don’t Talk To Them 

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Frequent conflict with adult children can damage the parent-child bond, causing emotional strain and hindering open communication. It can create feelings of resentment and negativity, impacting the entire family dynamic. Ultimately, it hinders the potential for strong, supportive relationships and a sense of family unity.

“Their adult children don’t talk to them. They don’t know their grandchildren.”, said one.

“Sounds right. I’ve never met my FIL. He cut off my husband and his sister for wanting to still talk to their mom’s side of the family post-divorce. He plays the victim card to people in his small town. He’s never met his last 2 grandkids. He’s a sad little human being.”, another added.

Mistreat Their Pet Dogs

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Mistreating your pet dogs inflicts unnecessary suffering on a loyal companion. It damages their trust and emotional well-being, leading to fear, anxiety, and behavioral problems. Ultimately, it reflects poorly on your character, revealing a lack of empathy and compassion, traits essential for building healthy relationships with both animals and humans.

A user says,  “Dog chained up outside every day all day. Moldy water. Hardly any food. No love and protection. I wish the worst on people that do this.”

They Don’t Respect Simple Boundaries

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Ignoring boundaries erodes trust and fosters resentment, hindering healthy relationships. It disregards others’ comfort and autonomy, creating a power imbalance and fostering a sense of insecurity. Ultimately, such behavior undermines the very foundation of mutual respect and understanding, crucial for building positive connections.

A user says, “They don’t respect simple boundaries. Like they ask you to do something for them or to go somewhere with them. Then instead of accepting a simple ‘no’, they go on and on trying to guilt you into agreeing.

Then if you are around them long enough, you start thinking of increasingly ridiculous excuses as to why you can’t do what they want. Like no means no, stop trying to debate me or guilt trip me or make me give you a reason as to why I said no.”

Not Good Listeners

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Failing to listen effectively prevents you from understanding others’ perspectives and hinders meaningful communication. It demonstrates a lack of respect and empathy, making you appear self-centered and uninterested in others’ thoughts and feelings. This ultimately limits your ability to learn, grow, and build strong relationships, making your interactions seem unproductive and nonsensical.

A user says, “When they wait for you to stop talking instead of listening to what you’re actually saying, and some people don’t even wait, they just try to cut you off constantly.”

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