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15 Red Flags That Someone Is Stupid. Are You?

Intelligence is not a binary trait. Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses, and what constitutes “smart” can vary depending on the context. However, some behaviors and attitudes may suggest that someone is not as intelligent as they believe themselves to be.

A netizen recently asked, What’s your red flag that someone’s stupid? The responses below will either make you laugh or count the number of stupid people in your life.

When They Never Say “I Don’t Know”

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“They are the ones who are completely incapable of admitting when they don’t have the answer to something. The stupid will never say “I don’t know”.

The smarter you are, the more aware you are of how much you don’t know.”

When They Keep Honking In Traffic Jams

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“People who honk continuously when stuck in a traffic jam.” Said one.

“Someone honked at me in a drive-thru the other day. What do you expect that to accomplish?! We’re all stuck waiting in the same line!” Another added.

When There’s Very Limited Credibility In Their Opinions

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“People who join bandwagons or form opinions with very limited information. Very frustrating.” Said one.

“Or even worse, when they believe they’re basing their opinion on “facts” that come from dubious sources. And when you show them the correct fact, they claim that the more authoritative source can’t be trusted.” Another added.

When They Say They’re Great At Driving Drunk

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“Seriously, I’m good at driving drunk.”

No, you’re an idiot and ridiculously irresponsible.” Said one.

“I had a friend in elementary school that would brag about how “good” his dad was at driving drunk. That bums me out now.” Another added.

When They’re Horoscope Freaks

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“People who keep asking “What’s your horoscope? I want to know if we’re compatible”.” Said one.

“I’ve always countered that with the idea that if horoscopes ARE a factual representation of a person’s personality then they should be able to reverse it and TELL me what my sign is based on how I behave.

I hate it when they get it right.” Another added.

If They Don’t Have A Political Opinion Of Their Own

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“If they identify with a political party and can’t support any of their views, they’ve probably just picked up what their parents believe and can’t think for themselves. Makes any sort of political discussion with them impossible and frustrating. Might as well be arguing with a brick wall.”

When They Quote “The Onion” To Back Their Views

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“When they use The Onion as factual information in a political or scientific discussion.” Said one.

“What’s worse is one time when I was eating with my mom and sister, something came up and I told a related story and my sister kept going on and on about how it was probably an onion article and that it was from the onion. Last time I ever bothered telling a damn story with them.”

When They Believe In Magical Rocks

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“Anyone who believes that rocks have magical powers. 

I had a lady come into work one day looking for amethyst, so I showed her where it was and before I could even ask she said, “I’m going to put these in my dog’s water bowl.” That confused me and intrigued me so I asked why. Her response was, “If you put amethyst in their water, they’ll develop an immunity to fleas.”

Yeah lady, sure.

Another lady spent hundreds of dollars on “crystals” to make herself a throne for some other spiritual reason… I have a lot of crazies coming into my workplace. Keeps things interesting but I’m pretty sure they’re all just stupid.”

They Keep Calling Themselves A Stoner

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“They call themselves a ‘Stoner’ and all they talk about is getting high, being high, and wanting to get high. Nothing drives me more insane than having to listen to their crap. Sure, getting high is great, but just don’t go on about it 24/7 and expect me to listen to you.”

They’re Proud Of Themselves For Never Reading A Book

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“When they proudly say that they have never read a book.” Said one. 

“I know someone who has never read a novel. She dropped out in Junior High and has never read anything harder than a “chapter book” for kids. For some reason, she *is* proud of this. She claims she always had “better things to do” and thinks reading is for people who have no life.” Another added.

When They Don’t Cross Check Facts

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“Forwarding obviously ridiculous political propaganda without fact-checking. Fail.”

They Think Vaccinations May Cause Their Children To Become Autistic

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“If they mention that they don’t vaccinate their children because they could become autistic. I get legitimately angry over this.” Said one.

“This makes me so mad. And then, it’s like they think you’re the stupid one for supposedly falling for government propaganda.” Another added.

They Don’t Believe In The Theory Of Evolution

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“Believing that evolution isn’t real because they haven’t seen a case of inter-species evolution.”

When They Keep Claiming To Be “Smart”

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“If they claim to be smart. From what I’ve seen, intelligent people don’t care about other people’s opinions of their intelligence.”

When Their Car’s License Plate Is A Display Of Registration Stickers

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“You know those stickers you put on your license plate to show you paid your car registration? The ones that have instructions to place the new sticker on top of the old sticker? When I see someone’s license plate it looks like they’ve turned it into a display of registration stickers in the past, I refuse to believe they have an intelligent bone in their body. The instructions are literally right there! Idiots..”

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