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Where To Sell Baseball Cards? – 10 Best Places To Start With (Latest Edition)

Where To Sell Baseball Cards? 

It’s 2023, and baseball cards are more than just a childhood hobby—your passion for baseball cards can turn into a profitable venture.

Want to make money quickly? Here are a few platforms to earn up to $25 – $50 in a few minutes!

Are Baseball Cards Still Worth Money? 

The sports trading market has become an industry with very high financial returns. In 2019, the market value was USD 14 billion, estimated to increase and have a market value of $98 billion by 2027. 

Online marketplaces are a hub of rare, valuable new and old baseball cards, with buyers ready to pay a fortune to purchase these collectibles. So if you have a collection of cards in a dusty cupboard, it’s time to sell them to someone who values them more. 

The bright side? You can earn some extra cash with the transaction. 

Besides that, the popularity of baseball cards in the US is too huge to overlook. The value of certain cards ranges from a few dollars to a thousand dollars or more. So, finding the right buyer at the right place is vital to get the right price. 

You can sell your baseball cards for cash on an online marketplace or an offline brick-and-mortar store. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned sports collector or an amateur starting; with the correct information and guidance, you can identify the demand for your collectible and find a good home.

So without much ado, let’s dive into the pros and cons of auction houses and marketplaces and help you make some easy money. 

Types Of Baseball Cards 

There are three types of baseball cards, pre-war, vintage, and modern. 

Pre-war Baseball Cards

Baseball cards were a beloved pastime in an era with simple entertainment mediums. Modern cars are often mass-produced and need more rarity. 

But vintage baseball cards, especially the ones printed before or during World War II, remain highly sought-after by collectors. They feature colorful artwork, monochrome photos of star players, and advertisements for tobacco or candy brands. 

Some unique cards include legends like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Joe Jackson. While the value of modern cards tends to fluctuate over time, the ones from the bygone era have stood the test of time and hold great significance for avid collectors. 

Vintage Baseball Cards

Vintage baseball cards originated between 1946 and 1979 with 2.5/3.5 inches dimensions. 

Topps baseball cards dominated this era. The statistics were on the back, and the front featured colorful artwork and colored or black-and-white photos. 

Vintage cards are also rare and have the potential to fetch high payouts, even for players who could have been more popular. Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Mickey Mantle will surely get you a good value. 

Modern Baseball Cards

Baseball cards produced after 1980 feature good quality, glossy photography that is more visually appealing. However, they are less than vintage or pre-war cards owing to their availability and mass production by card companies. 

So how can you make a profit? You must have the eye to identify a scarce rookie card or one with a misprint. 

Signed rookie cards are precious, but minor defects can also raise their worth. 

Best Places To Sell Baseball Cards Near You

1. eBay

eBay is a great platform when it comes to selling rare things. eBay’s vast audience makes it easier for sellers to reach potential buyers in the locality or even in another corner of the world.

However, while it’s free to list up to 50 items on eBay per day, there are fees involved in using the platform. Tap here if you want to know more about selling on eBay.

It may take time to stand out in a competitive marketplace like eBay, so you must research before listing as a seller. 

How do you go about the research? Log in to eBay and look for sellers who have already listed baseball cards on the platform; see buyer reviews and the price point. This will help you understand your cards’ value and set the right price.

Apart from this, ensure your descriptions are accurate to your product and optimize the listing for search engines. With these skills and patience, you can make money selling baseball cards on eBay as a hobby and a part-time opportunity. 

Selling fee: Most categories have a final value fee of 13.25% or less, plus $0.30 per order.

2. Beckett

Beckett is one of the best options to consider to find niche buyers. It is a platform built for buying and selling collectibles that specialize in sports cards.

More than 128 million cards are listed for sale here, and it boasts 70 professional card dealers to assist you in finding potential hobbyists. 

There are two ways to sell on Beckett: list them on the marketplace and wait for buyers to come across you or sell them to Beckett. The website has excellent price guides to help you understand the value of your cards.

Beckett also has a grading service that provides professional grading and valuation for rare baseball cards.

As the audience is a community of sports card enthusiasts, it is easier for sellers to find buyers. 

Selling fee: You must pay a 5% fee on the Total Asking Price.

3. Dave and Adam’s

You must be aware of Dave and Adam’s if you are an avid collector or seller of baseball cards. The platform specializes in trading cards, card boxes, hobby boxes, and rare cards. 

You must meet specific requirements before being a designated seller on the platform.

For instance, modern baseball cards must be valued at $50 or professionally graded. They also accept raw, vintage baseball cards from 1970 or earlier. 

The first step to selling cards on Dave and Adam’s is submitting them for a quote. If the selection matches your expectations, you can ship your collection to the company for free shipping if it’s a large order, and for a smaller order, you might have to bear the shipping fee.

After a thorough inspection, they will pay you with PayPal money. Start here.

Selling fee: Nil

4. Dean’s Cards

Dean’s Cards is a viable option for selling your vintage baseball cards. The online platform sells vintage sports cards, including baseball cards from 1978 or earlier.

They guarantee the best price for your valuable collection. Rookie, star, and rare cards are usually their first preferences. 

They sell about 1000 cards daily and are one of the busiest platforms for dealing cards. To get a quote, you must fill out a request form with details about your collection. 

Once you accept the offer, you will have to ship your collection to their office directly, and upon inspection, they will send you the paycheck. 

For a better understanding, you can watch the video here

Selling fee: Nil

5. Just Collect

Just Collect has been in the business for over 60 years and has purchased more than $20 million of collectibles from sellers. 

This New Jersey-based online auction house is known for its easy and hassle-free selling process. 

You have to submit the details of your collection online, and they will give you a quote. If you are satisfied with the offer, you can sell your entire collection without worrying about additional costs. 

Just Collect pays for shipping and insurance, making it as seamless as possible for the seller. 

If you live in New York or New Jersey, you can visit their office for a more trustworthy experience and immediate payment. 

Overall, Just Collect is a reputable and reliable way to sell your baseball memorabilia. Their experience and reputation ensure a fair price and a good transactional experience. 

Seller fee: Nil

6. r/baseballcards

Reddit is the sacred home of communities of people with varied interests. There is a community for almost everything there, so there is one for baseball card enthusiasts. 

r/baseballcards is a community for baseball card lovers. This subreddit has become one of the best places to sell baseball cards, with over 66,000 active participants. 

One of the unique features of this community is the monthly buy/sell/trade thread, which is a platform for members to buy, sell or trade their cards. 

You can also post your card pictures and showcase them to get buyers interested. However, it is essential to remember that you will have to negotiate and coordinate for payment and shipping, as no third-party app will do this on your behalf. 

But if you are looking for a community with like-minded people as enthusiastic about baseball cards as you are, this subreddit is a great option. 

Seller fee: All the expenses are to be taken care of by you

7. COMC (Check out my collectibles) 

Founded in 2007 by Tim Getsch, a former Microsoft employee, COMC is a community well-known for exchanging collectibles. It is a legitimate trading website for buyers and sellers of all experience levels. 

Once you are a member, you can start listings and sell individual cards or packages and boxed sets of cards. 

COMC gives you a store credit that you will receive from your sales to purchase other collectibles or trading cards that you like, or you can exchange them for sealed baseball card collections. Or you can convert your store credit to cash. 

The site is scam-free and hassle-free, but you might take a little time to make a sale. 

Selling fee: Nil

8. SportsCardPro

SportsCardPro, as the name suggests, is an excellent platform for sports enthusiasts, and it hosts severe and casual collectors to list their baseball cards for sale.

The process is pretty simple; you have to create listings of your cards and wait for a buyer to find you. 

It’s important to note that SportsCardPro charges a processing fee of 2.9% and $0.30 for each sale you make. 

You will receive your payments via PayPal, so make sure your account is up and ready before the listing. 

Seller fee: The processing fee is 2.9%, and $0.30 for a sale

9. The Cardboard Connection

The Cardboard Connection is one of the most reputable and reliable platforms to sell your cards. So far, it has facilitated the sale of over $1 million in baseball cards and collectibles. 

They purchase everything from modern to those dated from 1974 and earlier. Needless to mention that they value the vintage ones more than the recent ones. 

To get started, you must go on their website and fill out a form to receive an offer. They respond within 1-2 days, giving you plenty of time to accept or reject before proceeding with the sale. 

Seller fee: Nil

10. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a simple and the most efficient way to connect with buyers, and it is a platform where you can sell anything and everything under the sun. 

Find local buyers and sell your valuables without the hassle of shipping or seller fee. 

Various groups on Facebook cater to different interests and hobbies, including baseball enthusiasts. By joining these groups, you gain access to a community of potential buyers and sellers of baseball cards. 

Though it’s a peer-to-peer transaction, you can still find serious buyers and get valuable insights on grading, valuing, and selling your baseball cards. Enjoy the opportunity to sell your baseball cards and join the baseball card community on Facebook today.

Seller fee: Nil 

Are You Still Wondering Where To Sell Baseball Cards Near You? Here Are A Few Options.

Auction House

Contact a local auction house or card store with a rare, valuable baseball card or collection. 

Auction houses deal with high-end, professionally graded items and are the only place where you can find buyers willing to pay premium prices. 

Remember that selling through an auction house can be a slower process, and they will take a commission of 10-50% if a sale is made. 

Flea Markets 

A booth at a flea market or a local card show might be another way to go. It’s a great hub to meet fellow enthusiasts and a potentially profitable experience for you to sell your cards. 

You can also check in nearest pawn shops that buy baseball cards near me.

Where To Sell Your Baseball Cards?

Various options are available for selling baseball cards online and in person. Collector cards are in high demand and can be a profitable hobby. 

It’s essential to take good care of your collection and to know its value before you plan to sell. Research is critical, and investing time in valuing your collection can benefit you in making successful sales.

Ready to sell your baseball cards and make money?

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Where To Sell Your Baseball Cards?