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She “Quietly”Sneaked Out Of The Restaurant After Her Fiance Told Her To Pay For Him And His Friend’s Meal. We Think She Is Right. What Do You Think?

A Redditor took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for sneaking out of the restaurant after my fiance told me to pay for his and his friend’s meal?”


The Original Poster (OP), a 33-year-old woman, has been engaged to her 37-year-old fiance for five months. The couple kept their finances separate at her fiance’s request.

Recently, OP received a raise and started earning 30% more than her fiance. She had noticed that he had been asking her to pay for him and his friends. When OP refused or questioned the request, he stated that the 30% difference in their earnings justified it. He acted as though the raise was unfair or undeserved on her part.

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On several occasions, OP’s fiance deceived her into paying for his and his friends’ meals by asking her in public. OP admits that she finds it difficult to refuse and avoids confrontation, especially in public places such as restaurants, so she pays with a smile.

One day, OP’s fiance invited her to dinner with him and his friends. OP made it clear from the beginning that she would not pay for their meals and that he should not expect her to. In response, he assured her that he had it covered and that she shouldn’t worry.

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What Happened Next?

At the restaurant, OP met her fiance’s friends, and they ordered their meals. During the dinner, the fiance leaned in and whispered that OP would pay for everything he and his friends had ordered.

OP was furious and whispered back a firm refusal. However, her fiance likely counted on her reluctance to create a scene in public and front of his friends. He said she had enough money to pay for everyone’s food, citing her 30% salary increase.

Despite feeling angry, OP refrained from reacting negatively and losing her temper. Instead, she waited until the bills arrived, which were already split from the beginning of the meal, paid for her portion, and then excused herself to the restroom. From there, she quietly left the restaurant, got into her car, and went home.

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After leaving the restaurant, OP’s fiance began calling and texting her to ask where she was. OP responded to his texts, expressing her displeasure with how he had put her in a problematic situation by tricking her into paying for his and his friends’ meals. She informed him that she had gone home and then stopped replying.

Approximately an hour later, the fiance arrived at her house and began shouting at her, calling her selfish, irrational, a cheapskate, and childish for sneaking out and leaving him with a bill he couldn’t afford to pay. He had to call his brother for assistance. They had a heated argument, and he stormed out of the house.

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OP’s fiance informed her that his friends were disappointed in her behavior, but they did not speak to her directly about that. He claimed they were advising him to take time and “reflect” on the type of woman he would marry.

What is your opinion on the situation described above? How would you handle a similar scenario if it were to happen to you?

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