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Is Flash Rewards Legit? – Things To Know Before You Try It Out

Is Flash Rewards Legit?

Have you ever encountered ads on the web from Flash Rewards that assure you of $750 PayPal Flash Rewards or $750 Shein gift cards for completing simple tasks? We are sure you have. 

No doubt these ads seem a little too good to be true. Redditors and Quorans are always divided on the internet regarding the site’s authenticity. The confusion persists.

Therefore, It’s normal for you to be confused and be left with nothing but a sea of questions. So here we will answer the most asked question – Is Flash Rewards legit and trustworthy to use?

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What is Flash Rewards?

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You should, of course, be very careful before investing time and money into dubious sites on the internet. Do your research and be careful.

But know that there also exists legitimate companies that reward their users for completing tasks like surveys, watching videos, or subscribing to free trials of apps or games. 

Flash Rewards is just one of many sites that come under this category.

It is a New York-based company operated by Reward Zone USA, with Matthew Conlin as the CEO, best known as the co-founder of Fluent Inc. So, what is Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards, in simple terms, is a cashback rewards website where users can earn gift coupons and PayPal money by completing various tasks. On successfully completing these tasks, the program rewards you, as the name suggests, in a ‘flash.’

A few of the many offers that entice people into signing up are $100 free Amazon gift cards, $750 Shein’s gift cards, PayPal rewards, and CashApp offers. 

Is It Similar to Mr. Rebates?

Yes, it is.

Flash Rewards, along with its sister sites UpLevel Rewards, Rewards Giant, and GetCash22, functions as a third-party marketing tool for businesses that incentivizes customers to either purchase or sign up for free trials of their products or services. 

What Kind of Deals Do Flash Rewards Have?

Some of the popular deals (your tasks) on the site include signing up for an AARP membership, buying five movies from Disney Plus, Hulu, etc., taking surveys from other websites, and creating an account on an insurance portal. 

The number and level of deals depend on the reward level; each deal is equivalent to a level. 

You must complete the right number of deals at the right level to land on the reward. For example:

  • $5 Reward – Level 2
  • $100 Reward – Level 3
  • $250 Reward – Level 4

How Does Flash Rewards Work?

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The platform follows a simple formula: the higher the reward, the more task completions are required. 

Once you have set your mind on a deal, there are three steps to winning them in Flash Rewards: Sign up, Complete sponsored deals, and Claim the prizes.

1. Sign Up

Like any other website, Flash Rewards require you to sign up on their website with basic details like your name and email address, followed by a quick survey. 

The survey determines your interests and helps the site recommend deals that best suit your preferences. 

A few other criteria you would need to match to redeem the rewards include

  • Citizenship of the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada,
  • Age 18 or above, and
  • A valid identity proof. 

2. Complete Sponsored Deals

Once you’re in, you can jump straight to picking out the deals you like the most and start with the activities that can lead you to your desired rewards. 

Different reward tiers come with different requirements like the number or nature of the tasks.

The duration also varies from a few hours to months, and sometimes a small investment might also entail, depending on the reward tier. 

For instance, some deals took people hours or weeks to achieve because that’s how long it took to reach an in-game milestone. Frequent users have revealed spending $20 to $75 to accomplish their goals. 

3. Claim Your Reward

To claim the reward, you must submit all proofs of deal completion through screenshots, emails, or messages within 30 days. 

Once Flash Rewards receives and verifies your submission, a form will ask for your government ID or driver’s license before the site can send the rewards. 

You can choose to accept the reward in the form of a gift card or cash through PayPal.

Usually, it takes around 7 to 10 business days for the gift cards to arrive in your inbox, but if you are unlucky, it can take a lot of emails, nudging, and then some more. Apparently, it has happened to some.

Determined netizens have won much-coveted rewards like a $100 Amazon gift card, a $750 Shein’s gift card, amazing PayPal rewards, and CashApp offers. If these offers sound like music to your ears, you know where to go. 

Is Flash Rewards Legit?

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As mentioned before, there is a myriad of negative opinions on the web regarding the legitimacy of this site. They have been flooded with reviews and complaints on their social media from users who claim to have been scammed and deceived by the portal’s misleading instructions. 

Some say that the site does not have a user-friendly UI, leading them to make mistakes while working on a task, leading to non-payment or disqualification. 

However, despite all the differing comments, Flash Rewards is not a scam site. Why? The primary reason is that its parent company is legally registered in the United States and has won several cases raised in US courts. 

It is not relevant to see the subject matter of the case. What is more important is to understand that it is a good indication that Flash Rewards or Fluent Inc is a legitimate company.

Secondly, for every negative comment, there are positive ones, too, where happy users have received what was offered. The reasons for some non-payment issues could be people leaving tasks mid-way, as reaching the goals are often tedious and complex. 

It is a whopping 4.1 on Trustpilot which is a clear indication of its legitimacy. Here are some reviews for you:

is flash rewards legit - review
is flash rewards legit - review
is flash rewards legit - review

But you need to note here that the platform’s overall reputation is still a tad dicey, and you might lose time and money if you fail to follow every step accurately. 

Flash Rewards’ legitimacy also lies in spending over $12 million since 2016 on gift cards and cashback. So it’s safe to conclude that it’s not a scam, but the site’s complexities and twisted instructions keep it from earning a trustworthy tag. 

How Does Flash Rewards Make Money?

Rewards Programs like this one have become quite popular in recent years. But how they benefit from giving away cash and prizes is still a mystery to some. The answer is simple. Flash Rewards has a whole host of partner sites or businesses. 

As Flash Rewards gets the users to purchase or subscribe to their services for task completion, the partner sites pay a commission for enabling an engagement or a sale. 

So to sum it up, it’s just another marketing gimmick for brands to trick you into buying their products.

Brands like Amazon, Shein, and the like invest in these programs because they hope that users will eventually go beyond the initial deal and become a paying customer once they find their product worth buying.

Now you might ask how it still makes money when people sign up for free trials and cancel right when the trial ends. The catch is that there would still be people who would either forget to withdraw their subscription or end up liking the product. This is what keeps sites like Flash Rewards going.

It Is Not a Giveaway Program

Some angry visitors had mistaken it for a giveaway program which also became a reason for sour feedback.

But Flash Rewards is a site where visitors complete tasks to earn rewards based on their performance, whereas giveaways are promotional campaigns where one or two lucky winners take the cake. 

Rules you should know:

Limit: To restrict people from taking advantage of the site, a limit has been imposed on the number of times a single visitor can participate annually.

What does it mean? It means that the site documents your activities. And if you have recently claimed a $100 reward, you will be blocked from participating for the next 60 days. However, the wait time is subject to an increase for a higher reward amount, like $750 or more. 

Reward Levels: While you get to cherry-pick the deal, the site will determine the number of tasks that will be associated with it. So in case you fail to complete the required number of tasks, you won’t qualify for the reward. However, Flash Rewards usually give you ample time i.e., 60 days, to finish a  task along with other formalities.

Tracking: After signing up for a reward, you can check your progress on the Flash Rewards dashboard with your login credentials.

Proof: Saving proofs is one of the most crucial steps to ensure the smooth inflow of rewards. Keep a record in the form of emails, screenshots, messages, or anything that advocates the completion of a task. These records will come in handy when there are delays in receiving the promised gifts, and you have to send evidence of your hard work to customer support.

You have to keep up: Sometimes, a lot of time, donkey work, and granular instructions make up the process of winning a reward. So the trick is to be patient, comply with the rules, and not give up halfway through. 

Claiming the rewards: You cannot proceed with the reward-claiming process if you are unwilling to share identity proof with the platform. Many people could not get what they deserved as they were uncertain about sharing vital information with the site. 

Pros Of Flash Rewards:

  • The variety of offers Flash Rewards has is what drives people. You ought to find something worth your time, from gift cards to PayPal cash to other lucrative offers. While we dislike that some tasks might require you to make a payment, the array of options available is something to explore. 

  • Platforms like Flash Rewards feed on people motivated by high-value rewards who believe in frugal living. The rewards are always eye-catching from brands that people are already fond of. It makes people think that some work won’t harm their lifestyle or bank balance. 

  • Lastly, it’s a good experience if you can follow minute instructions, keep all sorts of proof and keep up till you make it. After all, we are sure you would not mind a little extra cash at the end of the month.

Cons Of Using Flash Rewards:

  • Working towards more significant rewards takes weeks or sometimes months, so people with a low patience threshold who seek instant gratification should steer clear.

  • Sometimes the more significant rewards come with a small investment, but it’s always wiser to opt for the ones that don’t have such prerequisites. 

  • The ID verification process was another con, as most similar sites do not ask for such sensitive information. You must submit a photo proof and a selfie to prove you’re a natural person. While it might be justified from the site owner’s perspective, it’s imperative to be skeptical, considering the public image of the platform. 

  • The biggest red flag we came across while browsing through the terms and conditions of the site is that they may sell or share your information with other establishments. So if privacy is one of your chief concerns, this might not be an ideal place to indulge in. 

How Much Money Can You Earn via Flash Rewards?

The lowest reward is $5, which increases as you level up. So if you have patience and tenacity, you can see yourself drawing an amount as high as $1000.


What Is The Final Verdict On Flash Rewards?

In conclusion, if you have time to spare and very little to lose, engaging with Flash Rewards can be a viable means to earn a few extra dollars. The most brilliant way to gain value from such sites is to keep your expectations low. 

In addition to this, it is also necessary for you to be diligent in finishing the tasks, following proper instructions, and collecting sufficient proof on the way. While these sites offer easy cash, they are doubtful to replace steady income or a long term solution to financial woes. 

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