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15 Countries Where You Can Live Your Best Life

If you had the chance to choose where to be born, which country would you choose? It’s a question that many people have pondered, and there are many factors to consider. Some people might choose a country with a high standard of living, while others might prefer a country with a rich culture or history.

A user asked, if there was one country you wish you were born in. What country would it be and why?

1. Netherlands

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“Netherlands is good socially from what I’ve read but geographically I wouldn’t be too happy being that close to sea level as we progress into the 21st century.”

2. Norway

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“Norway due to it’s excellent quality of life and breathtaking natural beauty.”

3. Switzerland

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“Switzerland. Rich. Tons of mountains. As good with personal freedoms as any country is. Expensive but in a “you get what you pay for” sense. No one hates them.”

Edit: I know I’m gonna wake up tomorrow morning with 35 more comments about the “no one hates them”. I was thinking in the sense of their political neutrality and in comparison to, say, the hate America gets on Reddit. I know about WW2. In 10 years no one’s gonna care about the Ukraine stuff, but they’ll still be the country of watches and army knives and cheese and the Alps.”

4. New Zealand

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“I feel blessed to have been born in New Zealand, there is no other country I wish I was born in.”

“New Zealand is the best poised to withstand the social destabilization that will occur globally due to climate change. Remote, lots of land for agriculture and livestock, etc.

New Zealand is the correct answer to this question. There’s a reason billionaires are buying bunkers in New Zealand to hedge for the upcoming climate change-induced apocalypse and the technological singularity.

I hope to purchase New Zealand citizenship one day.”

5. Italy

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“Italy, i like a southern climate and love Italian food.”

“You can apply for Italian citizenship if one of your Grandparents (or even great-grandparents) was born in Italy”

6. Finland

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“Finland. My mother’s heritage. I have family there still and have visited a handful of times. I feel at home there.”

7. Scotland

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“I’m here right now visiting for the first time from the states. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Driving is hazardous because I can’t stop gazing adoringly at the landscape. From here on out I will probably never shut up about how beautiful it is.

And all I’ve seen so far is the drive from Edinburgh to Glasgow.”

8. Australia

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“Maybe Australia purely for the weather and wildlife”

9. Bulgaria


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“I’m from Bulgaria. You probably don’t know this country. I would never wish to be born in another country. This is not some ultra-nationalist Balkan opinion.

This country is just mad underrated: everything is very cheap, average European salary, amazing people, beautiful nature, awesome traditions, great history. And the best part – not a lot of tourists that would lead to high crime rate, higher prices, etc.”

10. Iceland

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“Iceland. It’s Yellowstone, but cold and in the Atlantic, and they are atheist friendly. It’s perfect for me.”

11. Barcelona

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“Barcelona is one of my favorite cities

Big enough to have everything but small enough not to feel enormous. Walkable, relatively cheap for a major city and some of the best public transportation around”

12. France

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“I’ve always loved it despite feeling completely lost and out of place”

13. Denmark

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“Denmark. So I could just cruise the canals and live on a narrow boat”

14. Greece

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“Greece, you guys praise Norway for natural beauty, but I don’t think it can compete to Meteora or Santorini. You don’t want rain when you come to Norway, but believe me Meteora looks magical in clouds and rain. The total opposite.
also envy how the Greeks can walk a few blocks down and get delicious baked snacks such as hortopita, average food don’t seem to exist in Greece. Also love these people’s kindness, the language is cool so is the flag.”

15. Japan

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“Gotta go with Japan. Good economy, decent political status, allies with a large portion of other countries, cheaper food and drinks (including alcohol, though I don’t drink), lovely language, rich history, great ancient traditions, shrines and religions, scenery, ease of traveling (I live in the northeastern united states, so it is difficult to travel), decent crime rate, friendly locals, the food, osaka, shibuya, sapporo, okinawa, sendo, nagisaki, akihabara, and hiroshima are places I’d like to travel, the job market seems better, and their federal laws seem decent.”

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