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16 Best Travel Tips You Did NOT Know About. Revolutionize Your Adventures Now.

Summer is around the corner, and we all are planning to travel. Who doesn’t like to save money during travel and have the best experience?

We compiled the best travel tips that people don’t know about.

1. Search Flights In the Local Language

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“Try searching for flights in the airline’s original language. I once saved $700 booking tickets in Peru by using Spanish rather than English.”


2. Ask the Service Staff

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“If you’re asking for an opinion, don’t ask the opinion of someone who’s being paid to provide it.”

“Want to know where the best meal near your hotel is? The cleaner isn’t getting a kickback from the nearest steakhouse, but the concierge probably is.”

“Want to know the easiest way to get to the airport? The front desk clerk is going to tell you to hire the hotel preferred transfer, but the barman will probably tell you what train to catch for 1/20th of the price.”


3. Bring an orange

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“Bring an orange. If someone you are sitting next to smells bad, you can open the orange up as a natural deodorizer.”


4. Extra Pair of Socks

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“Bring a spare pair of socks and change socks after you are settled on your flight, train, etc. Put the sweaty socks away in a plastic bag. Dry socks after a long day of travel feel luxurious.”


5. Stupid and Cheerful


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Stupid and Cheerful. A cop stops you in a foreign country? Stupid and cheerful. Never be belligerent. A border guard says your papers aren’t in order? Stupid and cheerful.

The airline says you are too late to board. Stupid and cheerful. Being cheerful always works better than being aggressive. And it transcends culture. I knew an elderly couple who drove across Africa, and “stupid and cheerful” was their advice. It’s far harder to punish someone who claims ignorance and is smiling.


6. Roll Everything

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“Roll everything, fold nothing.”

“Packing cubes are your best friends!”

“I had to scroll too far for this one. I am never going back; packing cubes are THE way.”


7. Use Organizers

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“Also, have organizers in your bag. There are super lightweight pouches that will save you rifling through all your clothes to find the one shirt you’re looking for.”


8. Flat Packing

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“Flat packing saves the most space. Lay all shirts flat on each other and fold them as one shirt. Do the same with underwear and shorts. This will maximize the amount of space in your luggage.

However, folding it this way makes getting one thing out difficult. This method is suitable if you plan to take all your stuff out of your suitcase when you arrive. If you want one thing at a time, rolling is the next best option.”


9. Choose Your Company Wisely

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“Who you go with is way more important than where you go.”


10. Download Maps


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“Download the entire city map on google maps for offline use.”


11. Best Room In A Cheaper Hotel

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“The best room in a cheaper hotel is often better than a standard room in a more expensive hotel. When looking for luxury on a budget, don’t overlook the cheaper hotels – they often have fantastic suites for what you’d pay for a standard room somewhere pricier.”


12. Location Beats Luxury

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“Location beats a luxury room.

If I can walk to get midnight munchies, to a few points of interest, and to public transport, I’ll put up with a lot; provided it’s kept clean.”


13. Call Airline

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“When flights get canceled, don’t stand in line to talk to an agent. Call the airline.”

“Or use the app. My sister was able to rebook our connecting flight through the app in like 10 minutes after it was canceled, while other passengers stood on line waiting to talk to an agent.”


14. Trick Hotels

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“If your plans change and you need to cancel your hotel reservation against the hotel’s cancellation policy, don’t call and cancel. I’ve tried to barter with hotels many times, but truthfully unless you have a good relationship with the hotel, they have no reason to refund you.

Instead, call the hotel and move your reservation to next week. Even if it is against the cancellation policy, most hotels will allow you to alter a reservation without issue. Then (usually a few hours later to guarantee you talk to a different hotel rep) call and cancel your “new” reservation.”


15. Eat At a Place Jammed With Locals


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“Never eat where you see other tourists eating. Look for a place jammed with locals.”


16. Universal Adaptor

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“Make sure you have a universal adaptor. And a portable charger.”


17. Keep Mini Soaps With You At All Times

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“Grab one of the mini-sized bar soaps or bath gel from your hotel and bring it when you go sightseeing.

Often bathrooms won’t have hand soap (more likely in international destinations), and you will want to wash your hands with soap. Especially before a meal. I wrap the bar soap in a small plastic bag or a plastic hair cap often provided at hotels.”


18. Never Exchange Money at Airport

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“Not particularly “unknown,” but never use the money exchange at an airport. The rates are abominable.”

“Just google the closest bank or exchange store near you. It normally has much better rates than those at an airport.”


19. Baggage Detection

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“Tie a single colorful sock to your luggage so it’s easier to spot on collection.”



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