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14 Things You Should Buy ONLY From Thrift Stores. It is STUPID NOT To.

Thrift stores are great to save money on many things. But, often, we see people asking what thrift store items you often get.

Well, here are the top things you can buy:



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“Books !! Always great deals on books.”

“Right!! I am not very picky about what I read.. I just have to have a book to read.. If I am looking for a certain one, I will go to Amazon. But I buy most of my books second-hand. Read them, take them back, and donate them. Win-Win!! I was spending upwards of 100$ a month at the bookstore.

Crazy!!! Now I spend no more than 10$ a month and always have an excellent book to read.”

“Workout DVDs, blue ray, and books are usually 10 cents each, but I can get 33-50% off on top of that.”


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“Jeans. Already worn in.”



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“Picture frames. Frames can easily be painted to make it nicer.”



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“Just got out of a 6-year relationship & have been dressing the same since I was 17 (loose fit clothes & I never changed it because whenever I tried, my ex-gf would say she didn’t like it). So now I’m visiting between 2 Savers, 5 Goodwills, and 4 Burlington Coat Factory almost weekly trying to find more slim clothes & styles to add to my wardrobe.

So yeah within the last couple months, I’ve gotten a lot of parkas, slim pants, overcoats, sneakers, boots, bomber jackets, athletic fit shirts, and cardigans.”

“T-shirt’s for $1. I go through them quickly and often find great designs like Star Wars or superheroes.”



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“Holiday decorations. Vintage kitsch I can resell. Dress shoes. I live near a small university with a pharmacy school. Often I can find nice stuff that I am sure is from a professor’s closet cleanout.

I have also bought lovely vintage fabric and other crafting items. I have been thrifting for over forty years, even in my working years when we were making a very good income. It is silly not to. Same for tag sales.




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“Furniture! It’s often still in good shape as people donate before a big move or if they’re redecorating their houses, so the pieces are “worn in” but still good.

The only furniture I have that was bought new was my futon and a simplistic bed frame (controversial, but I got my mattress at the thrift store too, and I’m not sorry).”




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“Dishes. My best cups, plates, bowls, mugs, and glasses come from thrift stores for a buck or two a piece.”

“The nice stuff I got from C&B or Sur La Table? Pretty but super fragile. I barely used them, and they started falling apart. I once stopped a glass in the sink (a 6-inch fall at most), and it shattered. Thrift store glasses? Fallen many times a foot or more and does nothing because it’s old thick glass.”




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“Lamps (scored a nice new desk lamp for $2.50, another gorgeous one that was marked as 20 for $6), power strips. I test those in-store first.  

Often if I’m browsing on Etsy or eBay and thinking I like something, I usually find it myself in the store, even if it’s from the 50s lol. That’s the best high.”




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“Glassware, fussy kitchen stuff (like a pricey whisk that was only 1€, tapas ramequins for 0,50€ each, and a cocktail shaker for 3€), nice clothes, antiques, porcelain, etc.”

“Measuring spoons. I keep a measuring spoon in every jar of sugar, flour, and other baking supplies.”



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“Board games and dresses are the things I consistently get amazing deals on. New dresses that would cost $70 and up and they sell them used for $4.99 on average. Board games are $1.99 used instead of $35 new.”



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“I get shoes because I have large lady feet, and if I see thrift Clarks or other good brands in great shape, I won’t pass them up.

Make leather conditioner with 1-1 olive oil and white vinegar in a sealer jar, so you can shake it to emulsify the mixture. It stores well for further use. Lysol the insides of the shoes – remove the insoles and either wash them to your satisfaction or replace them. Let dry. Condition the leather with the aforementioned conditioner and a soft cloth – vinegar is also a good antibacterial cleaning product.

Let dry, then apply leather protector and/or polish of your choice.”



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“Hot Wheels track. And LEGO tho’ I don’t see them very often. NEVER shoes.”



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“Cheap candles yesss. Some of them are even unopened.”



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“Vintage house decor /religious items, artwork. I landed three boxes of colored votives that I used to decorate for various social functions. Picked up a few mugs to hold pens and such.”


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