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One Strike, You’re Out: 10 Jobs That Won’t Tolerate ANY Mistakes

In certain professions, the cost of a mistake can be dire. Someone asked on a popular forumwhat job allows NO screw-ups? and you will be surprised at this

1. Anesthesiologist

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If they go wrong, the cost is a life taken.  “They’re some of the most highly paid medical professionals because making a mistake means killing you with too much or waking up in surgery with too little. No matter who you are or what you did, never lie to the Anesthesiologist when they’re asking questions.” said one.

“I read about some dude who was awake for his hernia surgery. They had given him a paralyzing agent and put a towel over his face. Still, they had forgotten to turn on the general anesthesia. So, he couldn’t communicate and felt how they cut into him.” a user shared.


2. Parachute Rigger


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A parachute rigger cannot be spared for negligence unless the parachute is faulty. 

“My parachute opened with massive unrecoverable twists; I fell pretty fast and decided to pull my reserve. Broke my tibia. They investigated all parachute riggers and found many people cutting corners and improper rigging.” said one.


3. Bungee Jump Safety Inspector

bunjee jump

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Adventures are fun but not when safety inspector is making mistakes. 

 “There is a video of a girl doing a bungee jump on holiday; the guy says “No Jump,” but because of his accent, she mistakes it for “Now Jump,” and she jumps to her death as she isn’t tied off.” said one. 

“I was doing a bungee jump, and you could go in different ways or positions. The first was fine; I took the tricycle. The second went upside down. But the people had to set everything up, and there was an issue with one of the ropes. So for TEN MINUTES, I was hanging over a canyon UPSIDE DOWN while the two guys had to fumble around and fix everything.” a user said.


4. Industrial Engineer

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 “My ex made a small miscalculation on an industrial part he was engineering for like a big crane and cost his company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they had to shut down. The part was for a high precision valve where even a fraction of a millimeter is the difference between something perfect and useless.” a user said.


5. Electrician 

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“Electrician here. Last year I had a major electrical accident. If I weren’t in my full PPE, I could have been severely injured or killed, and I walked away with no injuries.” said one.

“I accidentally made contact with both wires while changing an outlet. It was probably the scariest moment of my life because I couldn’t open my fingers to let go. I had to rip my hands away and lost a good bit of feeling in my hands for about a week. I now don’t touch electrical unless I can lock and tag the breaker.” another said.


6. Air Traffic Controller 

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They definitely don’t have a scope of making mistakes ever. 

“My buddy was in the Air Force. He eventually got a job as an Air Traffic Controller. I remember him telling me he only worked a few hours a day – maybe 4 or 6 hours? I forgot he wasn’t allowed to work them consecutively; you had to take breaks after a few hours.

I think he made something like $130k or $150k a year. I remember thinking that it was insane how much he made for working such few hours. Still, he told me he didn’t think he’d be sticking around doing the job for much longer because it was the most stressful thing he had to do and that he couldn’t imagine doing it long term. He ended up quitting after a few years and took on a huge pay cut, but he was thrilled that the consequences of any mistakes he’d make at his new job were so minor that he didn’t have any stress.” said one.


7. Blood Bank Technician

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 “Clerical errors or the lack of enough checking is the main cause behind the infection of up to 30,000 people in the UK with contaminated blood from prisoners in the US. Many died earlier in life than if they had been given a clean blood.” said one.

 “My wife’s friend got tainted blood back in the 90s/early 00s and got aids. Luckily they do a lot more screening nowadays.” another said.


8. Software Developer

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“I was a software developer for trading tools used on the stock market. You’re writing the code that executed millions of dollars of transactions, and I’ll never do it again.” said one.

 “I wrote code for a company that did billions in transactions on a team of 5 engineers. Millions of dollars settle on the hour every hour, every single night. All in batch files, and it was a little stressful.” another shared.


9. Underwater Welders

Deep sea repair work on a corroded metal pipe

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“Those underwater welders must deal with that delta-p variable while repairing underwater pipes, and they can get sucked into a hole the size of a golf ball.” said one.

“I watched another video on divers being killed by Delta p situations. I was surprised it didn’t require the divers to be at great depths.” another said.


10. Bomb Disposal Expert 

The expert carefully disables a dangerous timed bomb.

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“I can only imagine the stress and pressure of being a bomb disposal expert. One wrong move could have catastrophic consequences, not just for themselves but everyone around them.” said one.

“It’s amazing to think about the level of training and expertise that bomb disposal experts must have. They have to disarm a ticking time bomb in seconds!” another said.

What do you think about the pressure and responsibilities of these roles? Do you want to add to the list of jobs that does not allow screw ups?

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