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10 Jobs That Come With Housing

Finding a job that offers both a steady income and housing can significantly impact one’s financial stability and overall convenience. It not only eliminates the stress of searching for separate accommodation but also ensures a comfortable living situation while pursuing employment.

Whether nestled in remote wilderness lodges, bustling ski resorts, or other unique settings, these employment opportunities provide more than a paycheck; they offer a lifestyle where work and living seamlessly blend.

Military Personnel

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As an armed forces member, you have a range of housing choices available. For instance, government-owned military installation residences offer the advantage of not having to pay rent or utilities. Alternatively, single military installation accommodations, like “the barracks,” are provided rent-free.

If you decide not to reside in government-owned housing, you can use your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) to cover your rental and utility expenses. The amount of BAH you receive is determined by your location, service rank, and whether you have dependents.

Remote Research Station Staff

Antarctica. 12.05.05. Almirante Brown Research Station in Paradise Bay on the Antarctic Peninsula in Antarctica. It is one of 13 research bases in Antarctica operated by Argentina.

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Research stations in remote or extreme environments, such as Antarctica or the Arctic, provide accommodation for scientists, support staff, and researchers. The staff must have living quarters to facilitate long-term scientific studies in challenging conditions.


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Companies employing pilots in commercial airlines or private jet sectors typically offer lodging arrangements for their crew members during work-related trips.

Pilots, particularly those employed by commercial airlines, enjoy comprehensive benefits such as healthcare coverage, life insurance, vision, and dental plans. Additionally, they may receive perks like retirement planning benefits. 

Live-in Caregiver


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Live-in caregivers who assist elderly or disabled individuals often receive housing in the client’s home. This arrangement allows caregivers to provide around-the-clock support while residing on-site.

TEFL Teacher 

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) abroad often includes receiving complimentary housing. The type of accommodation provided varies depending on the employer; some offer individual apartments for teachers, while others arrange shared living arrangements. In some instances, employers may cover utility expenses or provide allowances for food, particularly in programs like summer camps or government initiatives.

Hotel Staff and Manager

A hotel worker cleaning sheets

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Many resorts and hotels offer housing to their employees, including roles such as front desk staff, housekeepers, and restaurant servers. Living on-site enables staff to be readily available to serve guests and participate in the hospitality industry.

When it comes to the manager, most hotels provide accommodation to their managers, ensuring their proximity to the property and availability for after-hours tasks. Some benefits may include opportunities for international travel in global hotel chains, complimentary or discounted stays at affiliated hotels, and access to professional development programs.

On-site Property Manager


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Property managers overseeing residential complexes, apartment buildings, or vacation rentals may receive accommodation as part of their compensation package. Living on-site enables managers to address tenant needs promptly and ensure the property’s upkeep.

Cruise Ship Employee 

Luxury cruise ship sailing from port on sunrise.

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Cruise ship employees, including cooks and cabin stewards, are typically provided onboard accommodations at sea. The type of accommodation varies based on the employee’s role and the employer, ranging from shared rooms to private cabins. Basic necessities such as accommodation, water, electricity, and meals are usually covered by the employer.

Nanny or Au Pair

Postpartum Depression Concept. Portrait of tired African American woman sitting with her small black kid on bed at home, feeling headache, touching forehead with hand. Exhaustion And Parenthood

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Au pairs and nannies often receive accommodation, transportation, and meals as part of their compensation package while caring for children in a host family’s home. Responsibilities typically include childcare, light housework, and sometimes tutoring or language instruction.

Some nannies even have the opportunity to travel with families on vacations, allowing them to earn while experiencing new destinations. Nannies with specialized skills, such as cooking or language teaching abilities, may command higher salaries. 

Oil Rig Worker

Oil field worker closing industrial valve by the oil rig controlling production.

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For those comfortable with long hours and demanding environments, working on an oil rig offers an opportunity to earn a good salary while saving money. Workers benefit from free accommodation and meals, often sharing sleeping quarters equipped with essential facilities. 8. Farm Worker

Indoors chicken farm, chicken feeding in factory.

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Seasonal agricultural workers, such as those employed on farms or vineyards, may be provided with housing as part of their employment arrangement. They participate in planting, harvesting, and other farm activities, often living in on-site dormitories or temporary housing.

House Sitter

swimming pool and decking in garden of luxury home

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House sitting offers free accommodation in exchange for overseeing the property and performing necessary tasks while the homeowner is away. Duties may include watering plants, collecting mail, and caring for pets. While many house-sitting opportunities are unpaid, they provide a chance to travel and save money concurrently, with some offering a small stipend. Ideal for animal lovers, house sitting often involves pet care responsibilities. It allows individuals to explore different parts of the world without accommodation expenses, making it an attractive option for those with fewer commitments. Consider supplementing with online freelance or tutoring work for remote income while embracing a nomadic lifestyle.

Ski Resort Staff

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Working at a ski resort typically includes accommodation for employees, allowing them to live conveniently close to the snow and slopes. Roles may range from ski instructors to hospitality staff, providing opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts to work and play in a picturesque setting. However, working and living at a ski resort may become quite lonely and stressful under the given weather conditions. 

Seasonal Workers 

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Numerous seasonal opportunities, ranging from positions in ski resorts to national parks, come with housing and additional benefits. These jobs frequently offer perks like discounts on food, activities, and rental equipment.

You can use platforms like WanderJobs, AnywhereWorks, and Season Workers to find job listings for outdoor adventure positions and seasonal work worldwide.