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12 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Not everyone has the opportunity to earn a degree, but many people without degrees are still able to find good-paying jobs and support themselves.

Air Traffic Controller

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Air traffic controllers are responsible for managing the flow of air traffic in and around airports. They coordinate aircraft movement, issue landing and takeoff instructions, and monitor aircraft using radar and other equipment. You do not require a degree to become one, and can expect to get paid $129000 a year.

Commercial Pilot

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Commercial pilots fly aircraft for airlines, corporations, or charter companies. They ensure the safety of passengers and cargo, navigate flights, and adhere to aviation regulations. You do not need a degree to fly, but you will need to obtain a license. 

You can expect to get approximately $103,910 per year in salary. 

Real Estate Broker

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Real estate brokers help clients buy, sell, or rent properties. They negotiate deals, oversee property transactions, and guide pricing and market trends. You do not need a degree but fulfill the license requirements to become a broker. 

You can expect to get paid $60,000 or up. 



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Plumbers install, repair, and maintain piping systems that carry water, gas, and sewage. They work in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to ensure proper plumbing functionality.

There is no degree required. Workers can start by completing an apprenticeship program or vocational training. The median annual wage was $56,330.


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Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in buildings and other structures. They ensure electrical wiring is up to code, troubleshoot electrical problems, and perform safety inspections. Similar to plumbing, you need vocational training.

Web Developer

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Web developers design, create, and maintain websites. They use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build user-friendly and visually appealing websites. No degree is required, but proficiency in programming languages is essential. They can start by learning web development skills through online courses, boot camps, or self-study.

You can earn as much as $77000 or up a year.

HVAC Technician

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HVAC technicians install, repair, and maintain heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They diagnose HVAC problems, upgrade systems, and ensure indoor comfort and air quality. The median annual wage was $50,590

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)


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Licensed practical nurses provide basic nursing care under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians. They monitor patients’ vital signs, administer medications, and assist with personal care activities. You need to complete an LPN training program and pass a licensing test to become one. 


Bagels Muffins Bakery Baking

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Baking can be a lucrative career path without needing a degree due to its skill-based nature. Skilled bakers can command high salaries by producing quality baked goods in high demand, especially in upscale establishments.

Additionally, entrepreneurial opportunities abound for those who start baking businesses and leverage their talent, creativity, and industry knowledge.

Video Editor

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The rise of remote work has expanded opportunities for freelance and remote video editors, while social media and influencer culture have fueled the need for engaging video content. As a result, talented video editors with a strong portfolio of work can command high salaries and lucrative freelance opportunities in this growing industry.

Software Engineer

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Software engineering is a high-paying job that often doesn’t require a formal degree due to the industry’s emphasis on skills and experience. Many successful software engineers are self-taught or have completed coding boot camps, gaining practical knowledge and building portfolios through projects and internships.

The demand for skilled software engineers continues to rise with the expansion of technology companies and digital transformation across industries.

With the right skills in programming languages, problem-solving abilities, and familiarity with software development practices, individuals can secure lucrative positions in software engineering without a traditional degree.

Dog Grooming

dog groomer

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The increasing pet ownership and the growing demand for grooming services contribute to the industry’s profitability. Additionally, groomers can enhance their earning potential by specializing in specific breeds, offering additional services like nail trimming or dental care, or establishing their own grooming businesses.