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Groom Shocked As To-Be-Bride Forgets About His Daughter’s Peanut Allergy. Says, “I Don’t Listen Well”. Thinks She is Right.

How would you respond if your negligence resulted in a child’s hospitalization and a wedding cancellation?

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for crying and causing a wedding to be called off?”. We need to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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The Original Poster, OP is a 31-year-old female, she has a friend named Anna (35F). Anna’s fiance, Alex (33M) has a seven-year-old daughter named Frankie who has a severe peanut allergy. Alex is very protective of Frankie and takes great precautions to ensure her safety.

The Restaurant Blunder

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One day, Anna and OP decided to go to a restaurant, and they informed Alex beforehand. He explicitly told them to make sure that there were no peanuts in the food.

Unfortunately, in the midst of ordering our meals, OP completely forgot about Frankie’s allergy, and she ended up eating something with peanuts in it. This resulted in Frankie having a severe allergic reaction and requiring immediate medical attention.

Alex’s Reaction Upon Learning What Happened

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Upon learning about the incident, Alex understandably became angry and upset. He directed his frustration towards OP and Anna, stating that they should have asked about the presence of peanuts in the food.

The Wedding Got Canceled

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Furthermore, Alex expressed that he no longer wanted OP around Frankie if they couldn’t be more responsible and OP busted out in tears. This argument escalated, leading to a major fight between Anna and Alex and ultimately causing their wedding to be called off.

What Does OP Say?

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“Now, both friends and family are placing the blame on me, stating that Anna and I should have been more cautious and that I ruined the wedding because I’m an idiot who doesn’t listen.”, says OP.

You CAN’T Shake Off Responsibilities Like That

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“I love how you purposely left out that you were the only adult at the table at the time of ordering. You are 31. If you think you can shake off any responsibility with ‘I just forget’ and ‘I’m not good at listening’, you might need to be accompanied by an adult to navigate daily tasks.

You’re the jerk. You could have killed that child.”

This Wasn’t Because ‘You Cried’

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“You’re the jerk for thinking this was because you cried, and not because you both failed to ensure that a KNOWN allergen was not present in food.”

You’re Trying To Make This Situation About Yourself?!

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“You’re the jerk and your misleading title makes you an even bigger one than usual. You almost killed a child. But you choose to make the situation about yourself and your ‘hurt feelings’. Despicable. The parents are right to keep you away from their children. Forever.”

You’re The Jerk For Your Carelessness

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“You’re the jerk. Not for him calling off the wedding but for your carelessness. You could have killed his daughter. Your friend should also not be near that girl.

It’s not your fault the wedding was called off. But, he made the right call. Your friend is not fit to be her stepmother.”

In What World Is That Not A Jerk Move?

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“You almost killed a child and ruined a relationship because you wouldn’t take responsibility for it. In what realm is that not a jerk move?”

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