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15 Hiding Spots That Are A Thief’s Dream

When it comes to hiding valuables, many people think they’re clever by choosing spots that seem inconspicuous. Unfortunately, these common hiding places are often the first spots a thief will check. Here’s a detailed look at 16 popular hiding places that are far from foolproof, along with tips on how to better secure your valuables.

Under the Mattress

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Hiding valuables under the mattress might seem like a good idea, but it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Thieves know that people think their bed is a safe spot, making it one of the first places they check.

Whether it’s cash, jewelry, or important documents, under the mattress is practically a beacon for burglars. They can easily lift the mattress or feel around the edges, quickly uncovering anything hidden there.

Inside Dresser Drawers

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Dresser drawers are another predictable spot for hiding precious items. Thieves often rummage through these quickly, overturning drawers and scattering contents. Jewelry boxes, watches, and even cash stashed in socks are easily discovered in these locations. Additionally, thieves may pull out entire drawers to search behind or underneath them, leaving no stone unturned.

Kitchen Freezer and Storage Areas

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It might seem like a clever spot, but the freezer has become a notorious hiding place for valuables. Thieves know people use this space, thinking the cold environment will deter them. From wrapping items in foil to placing them in unmarked containers, the freezer is a hotspot for burglars. Even in storage areas like pantries, burglars will move cans and boxes around, looking for hidden treasures.

Behind Cupboards

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Stashing valuables behind cupboards or inside kitchen cabinets might feel secure, but burglars are thorough. They’ll take the time to pull open doors, move around dishes, and check behind stored items. This spot is more obvious than you might think. Additionally, thieves often know to look for false backs or compartments within cabinets, which can be easily accessible.

In Lavatory Cisterns

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The idea of hiding valuables in the toilet tank might seem absurdly clever, but it’s actually a well-known hiding spot. Burglars will lift the lid of the cistern in search of hidden items, as many people believe water would deter a thief. However, this is one of the first places they check in a bathroom. It’s easy to access, and the potential for valuables makes it too tempting for a thief to ignore.

Bedroom Closet

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The bedroom closet is another typical hiding place that offers little security. Thieves know to look in shoeboxes, inside pockets of hanging clothes, and behind rows of garments. Even the highest shelf isn’t safe from a thorough search. They may even feel around the hems of clothing or inside boxes that appear to be storage for other items but could contain valuables.

Portable Safe

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While a safe sounds secure, a portable one is not. Thieves can simply take the entire safe with them and break it open later at their convenience. A portable safe is an obvious target, often making the job easier for the burglar. Investing in a heavy, anchored safe that is securely bolted to the floor or a wall is a much better option.

Medicine Cabinet

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Many believe that the medicine cabinet, with its personal hygiene items and medicines, wouldn’t be of interest to a thief. However, it’s a common spot for hiding small valuables like cash and jewelry, making it a frequent stop during a burglary. Thieves know that people might stash emergency cash or small heirlooms here, assuming it’s safe among mundane items.


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Placing valuables in a vase might seem like a discreet choice, but it’s not as clever as it appears. Burglars are aware that vases can be used to hide items and will often tip them over or look inside, especially if they appear out of place. A thief might also break the vase to ensure nothing is hidden within, making this a risky spot for your valuables.


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Suitcases are commonly used to store valuables, particularly by those who travel frequently. However, this is an obvious spot for thieves. They’ll often check under the bed or in the closet for suitcases, knowing they might contain hidden treasures. Thieves are also aware that some people use luggage as a makeshift safe, storing important documents or cash within.

Laundry Basket

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Using a laundry basket to hide valuables might seem unconventional, but it’s actually quite common. Thieves know that people might hide items beneath dirty clothes or in a pile of laundry, making it a target during a search. They might quickly dig through clothes, expecting to find something hidden underneath, especially at the bottom where people think it’s less likely to be discovered.


Car Garage Home Entrance

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Garages are often overlooked as hiding spots, but they’re not as secure as one might think. Thieves will search through toolboxes, drawers, and even old appliances. Valuable items hidden here can be found quickly by a determined burglar. Garages often contain tools that can be used to break into other areas of the home, making it a dual-purpose target for thieves.

Handbags and Purses

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Handbags and purses left around the house are prime targets. Thieves know these often contain wallets, cash, and other valuables. They’ll search every bag they find, making this an obvious and insecure hiding place. Even if the purse appears to be tucked away or in an unexpected spot, it’s still a likely target for a thief searching for easy-to-grab valuables.

Jewelry Boxes

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It seems logical to store jewelry in a jewelry box, but this is exactly why it’s one of the first places a thief will look. Jewelry boxes are small, portable, and often filled with high-value items, making them a favorite target. Even if the box is hidden within a drawer or closet, it’s easily found during a thorough search.

The Cookie Jar

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Hiding cash or small valuables in a cookie jar is an old trick, but one that thieves are well aware of. They’ll often check the kitchen thoroughly, including inside cookie jars and other containers that might hold more than just treats. A cookie jar on a high shelf or in a prominent spot is especially suspect, making it an obvious choice for a burglar’s search.