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10 Weird Gen Z Trends That Millennials Don’t Understand

Generation Z trends can be confusing as they are constantly changing and evolving with the fast pace of technology and social media. It can be challenging to keep up with their interests and preferences, which often shift rapidly and unpredictably.

Other generations get confused with many things that Gen Z does. A Redditor asked on a popular forum, millennials, what confuses you about Gen Z? and here are the top picks:


1. Wearing Shorts And a Hoodie

Even when it is summer, people spot the young generation wearing a hoodie and wonder why. 

“I always see them wearing shorts and a hoodie, and I don’t understand. If I feel cold enough to put on a hoodie, I’m not wearing shorts.” said one.

“I’m insecure about my body, so I cover up at any cost,” said another.


2. Perm Hair On Boys

We knew girls were all over hair trends, but when do men start curling hair to be in trends? That’s Gen Z for you. 

“How do all these young guys get their hair to look that way? That’s super in right now, and are they out getting perms?” a Redditor said.

“A recent haircut visit and chatting with the hairdresser confirmed this. Perms are popular right now, apparently.” said one and confirmed by a Gen Z.

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3. Copying Tiktok Trends

“TikTok trends where they all go out to buy a particular item then toss it and move on to the next thing. All generations had trends, but with social media, the turnover is a lot quicker. It’s almost a herd mentality.” a user added.

Yeah, I had a couple of teenage girls come into my store giggling; They brought a toilet plunger for me to ring up. In my mind, I thought they were giggling because they clogged their toilet. They were dying of embarrassment about it…. but no, they explained to me that it’s a TikTok trend to stick a plunger on someone’s car,” said another. 


4. Posing For Social Media

Gen Z lives on social media, and here is the proof. 

“I saw this yesterday. A bunch of teens came to the beach I was at, and they just posed while their friends took pictures of them. They even brought a football, and instead of tossing it back and forth, they just posed with it. 

They then uploaded it to whatever social media, packed their shit, and left. The whole thing must have taken 10 minutes. I was just confused, and I understand the irony of posting this on social media. Still, these guys totally missed the point of going to the beach and hanging out with friends.” a user shared.

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5. No Urge To Learn

A lot of people seem to agree on this. Definitely something to think of. 

For the past three years, it’s become obvious that many of them do not have basic computer skills. Stuff like directories is a mystery. They’re also super, super afraid to mess up? They’re hesitant to just try stuff out.” said one.

“I’m confused about this as well. I’m a Gen Z, but it seems like most of my friends just don’t know how to do basic stuff on a computer; it’s very weird,” said one.


6. Labelling Everything

“We hated being labeled- now it seems people want their labels on display- whether it’s sexuality or learning differences, etc. I respect it; I just remember not wanting to be boxed into labels.” said one.

I agree. The current ideology on acceptance is, in my opinion, doing exactly the wrong thing. Everyone is labeled and, to a large degree, expected to start true to their label. My wife teaches high school and says that kids get lagged and bullied by the other kids with the same label to conform to it. She said she knew a freshman who was a lesbian, specifically a femme. She wanted to join the hockey team, and the other gay kids told her not to because “that’s butch, you’re femme.” Which is everything the opposite of right.” explained a Redditor.


7. Processed Food

“Processed food has really taken a lot of people down. I’m Gen X with an autoimmune disease, so I have to avoid sugar & gluten and cook all my food now. And the zoomers mostly got corrupted epigenomes from people like me.” said one.

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8. Video Calling

“They are constantly video chatting. If I have a video chat, it needs to be pre-planned at least 72 hours ahead of time. Gen Z wakes up and video chats with their friend before they get the sleep out of their eyes.” a Redditor said.

The fact that they like calling, as long as it’s video calling. As a millennial, I do everything I can to avoid making phone calls or answering them. Gen Z’s literally video call / send video messages instead of texting like a normal introvert 🤷‍♀️” said another. 


9. Aesthetics

“As a Gen Z, it’s a matter of popularity. The popular kids switch between aesthetics at the speed of light. The average person either just wears a standard t-shirt and jeans, or if they have an actual sense of style, they don’t change based on other people.” said one.

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10. Letting Go Privacy

“How they can be so blasé about privacy, agreeing to all sorts of invasive social media apps and broadcasting almost everything they seem to do (or the highlights, at least),” said one.

“Because social media is addictive and designed to be that way so they will sacrifice privacy to get more likes, and I blame generation X because they designed these platforms.” another added.

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