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Amazon Direct Ship Freebies 2023 – Detailed Guide 101

Amazon Direct Ship – Get FREEBIES at doorstep.

So you heard about Amazon Direct Ship freebies and want to know all about it?

… Because, this post will not only answer all of your questions, but it will also help you sign up for legit Amazon Direct Ship freebies.

In this post, we will talk about –

  • What is Amazon Direct Shipping
  • Why sellers send you free products using Amazon direct ship?
  • How do I get random free stuff from Amazon sellers using Amazon Direct Ship?
  • How do I sign up for Amazon direct ship?
  • How to get started with Amazon Direct ship freebies?
  • How to avoid Amazon direct ship scam and much more.

Note – This post may contain affiliate links and sponsored listings. Please read disclosure policy.

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What is Amazon Direct Shipping?

Amazon direct shipping is an easy way to get tonnes of free products shipped from an Amazon seller directly.

That doesn’t mean you are getting these freebies from Amazon (even though Amazon is the one who ships it). That means, you are NOT getting anything which is Amazon manufactured like echo, kindle etc.


Let me clarify it – It is NOT amazon who is sending you the free products. It is the seller who is sending you the freebies from their inventory. You’re directly dealing with the seller outside of the Amazon setting.

For example, you cannot hop onto Amazon and find the amazon direct ship freebie forms or contact the sellers directly for freebies. You have to make use of other platforms like websites, facebook group etc.

You will receive products that are manufactured or sold by various Amazon sellers. It could be toys, books, jewellery, clothing etc.

If you are still confused, read why do sellers ship free products using Amazon direct ship. It will give you tonnes of clarity.

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Why do sellers ship free products using amazon direct ship?

Ok, this was my second question after I understood what Amazon direct ship is.

Let me try and explain this –

There are tonnes of overseas sellers on Amazon who aim to sell their products in the US or UK market.

In fact, according to Jungle Scout, of Amazon’s 2.4 million third-party sellers worldwide, 83% sell in the U.S. marketplace — and 51% aren’t even located in the U.S. These are overseas seller.

Now, they have two options.

  • Store at a warehouse in their own country
  • Ship it to Amazon and Amazon stores all the inventory in their warehouse (on behalf of the seller)

If they store the inventory in their local warehouse, they have to ship it everytime there is an order. The cost of shipping internationally is quite high.

That means, the seller faces two problems:

  • The business costs increases because you will ship internationally

  • Your buyers may not buy from you because your product cost ultimately increases because of the shipping cost.

To make it easier for such overseas seller, Amazon found a way out.

So… instead of holding the inventory at their local warehouse, they send it to the US and ask Amazon to store the inventory for them.

Amazon charges a fee to hold the inventory.

This is popularly known as FBA – Fulfilled by Amazon.

What is fulfilled by Amazon or Amazon FBA?

According to Amazon, with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. When an order is place via Amazon portal, they pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. FBA can help overseas sellers scale your business and reach more customers.

Did you know that

– 73% of Amazon sellers in the United States use FBA?

– China’s share of the Amazon marketplace is around 25%. 66% of the top 10,000 sellers use FBA

– In 2020, nearly half of all Amazon sales came from third-party sellers and not Amazon directly. 2/3 of those sellers are using the FBA platform.

Amazon FBA is NOT a free service. They charge a considerable amount of fee for providing this option to the sellers.

When a seller opts for Amazon FBA, they have to pay several kinds of fees including

  • Inventory storage fee – The fee is based on cubic feet and charged per inventory item

  • Long term storage fee (if storage exceeds 365 days)

  • Fulfilment fees – Charged per unit for picking and packing your orders, shipping and handling, customer service, and product returns

  • Removal Order fees – You can have Amazon return or dispose of your inventory in a fulfilment center for a per-item fee.

  • Unplanned services fee – Charged when inventory arrives at a fulfilment center without proper preparation or labeling, making unplanned services required.

  • Return procession fee – Charged on orders when Amazon provides a customer with free return shipping.
amazon long term storage fee

You can now understand that the amount of fee levied is really huge.

Sometimes the products are not being sold for a long time (over 365 days) and the sellers have to incur higher storage costs.

To give you an idea, this is how the monthly storage costs are calculated for warehouse storage

According to Amazon, if the inventory that has been in a fulfillment center for more than 365 days, it will be charged a monthly long-term storage fee (LTSF) of $6.90 per cubic foot or $0.15 per unit, whichever is greater. Long-term storage fees are assessed on the 15th of each month.

Amazon FBA long term storage fees

As you can see, once the products are stored for over 365 days, Amazon starts to charge a long term storage fee over an above the monthly costs.

Instead of paying them and incurring higher business costs for products that aren’t selling anyway, Amazon seller prefers shipping it out to random people with the aim to remove all the inventory from the warehouse and save the cost.

In short, the suppliers ARE NOT sending you Amazon direct ship freebies because of the goodness of the heart. Their aim is to minimise their storage costs and business expenses.

So who ships these direct ship freebies, after all?

Amazon does.

See, if you read how Amazon direct shipping freebies works, you know that this happens with sellers who have opted for FBA i.e Fulfilment by Amazon and have to pay for storing their inventory at an Amazon warehouse.

The sellers intimate Amazon of a free order to several addresses (these are the people who sign up for the freebies).

Amazon then pick, packages and ship the items to the addresses.

So, you will get the mail from Amazon which makes this entire direct shipping freebies more legit.

Is amazon direct ship legit?

Yes, Amazon direct ship is legit and legal ways to get free products at your doorstep.

Like I explained, the aim to send you freebies through Amazon direct ship is to save warehouse costs which can quickly add up and become huge business expenses for overseas Amazon sellers.

Instead of incurring that costs, they send free products to you via Amazon direct ship. Not only does it help them cut down costs, but it also helps more people know about their products.

So, yes, Amazon Direct Ship freebies are legit and legal.

That said, you have to be careful while registering for Amazon direct ship freebies. There are a lot of scams out there who ask for personal details and then misuse it.

At the least,

  • Use a different email ID
  • instead of giving out actual address, use a PO box
  • Give a secondary phone number

We will talk about how to fill up these forms and tips to avoid amazon direct ship scams a little later in the post.

How to find these Amazon Direct Ship requests?

You cannot find these requests on Amazon. It is NOT that simple.

… Because you are directing dealing with the supplier, you will have to try out various methods listed below to get your hands on the Amazon direct ship forms.

So let’s see where you can find these forms

Amazon Direct Ship Facebook Groups

There are a tonne of Facebook groups which deal with Amazon direct ship freebies.

That said, you should get into anything “Free” with caution. They could very well be a scam.

There are two ways of finding Facebook groups

  • Go to Facebook search and look for “Amazon Direct Ship” groups. You should get a list of them. Once you start joining a few, Facebook will recommend you similar groups.

    To list a few, you can check out
    • Amazon Giveaway Freebies 
    • Direct Ship, Freebies, and Fun 
    • Azon CODES & Direct Ship & GIVEAWAYS ONLY
facebook groups for amazon direct ship freebies
  • Go to Google and find “Amazon Direct ship Facebook groups” and you should be able to find something
amazon direct ship freebies

A few Facebook group you can join to find these Amazon direct ship requests are:

  • Direct Ship / Unicorn Gifts / Surprise Freebies
  • K.C.’s Direct Ship Freebies & More
  • Azon CODES & Direct Ship & GIVEAWAYS ONLY
  • Amazon Giveaway Freebies

Amazon Direct Ship Reddit

You can find a lot on Reddit and it is easy to do so as well.

Go on Reddit and use the search section. Find words like Amazon Direct Ship, Amazon freebies, free products from amazon, etc and look for threads.

A few you can join in are r/freebietalks and r/freebies

I searched for Amazon Direct ship and found a few interesting threads. You can check it out here.

Amazon Direct Ship on Google

One of the best ways to find Amazon Direct Ship is to get on Google and read everything there is on Amazon Direct Ship.

As you scroll through the first 50 pages of Google, you should be able to find a lot of amazon direct ship forms.

Amazon Direct Ship Blogs

There are a lot of blogs that are centered about couponing, deals, freebies etc.

Internet Steals and Deals

I found Internet Steals and Deals on YouTube and then I found the blog.

Internet Steals and Deals is owned by Becky, who is otherwise, know as as the Freebie Lady.

She has collated 391+ forms for freebies via Amazon Direct Shipping. You can find the list here.

how can i sign up for Amazon direct ship freebies

Consumer Queen

Consumer Queen is a blog owned by Melissa. Her blog is all about ways to cut costs through couponing, shopping for sales and frugal tips including grabbing free products through Amazon direct shipping.

You can find the list of forms to get freebies via Amazon direct ship.

Guide 2 Free

Guide 2 Free is one of the best websites that deals with free stuff including talking about Amazon direct ship freebies.

You can find the list here and start signing up.


You can find a list of forms for Amazon Direct Ship freebies here.

Amazon Direct Ship YouTube

You can hop onto YouTube and look for Amazon Direct Ship information.

There are lots of channels that deal with coupons, freebies etc that can guide you on finding the forms.

Like this one, where Becky talks everything about Amazon direct shipping

What will you receive with Amazon direct ship freebie?

Frankly, I have no idea and you won’t have it too.

Amazon is a HUGE company which sells millions of products each day.

According to a study by this, Amazon has built an unbelievable catalog of more than 12 million products, books, media, wine, and services.

and.. If you expand this to Amazon Marketplace sellers, as well, the number is closer to more than 350 million products.

It could be any of that.

You just sign up with multiple sellers via a google form and they send out the products at your doorstep.

What they send will depend on what products they want to ship and remove from the Amazon warehouse.

In most cases, they are

  • Baby products
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Beauty products
  • Home Improvement products
  • Kitchen
  • Toys
  • Sports equipment or gear etc.

This is a screenshot of Amazon “shop by department” category. The free products you get via Amazon Direct Ship could be any of that

amazon direct ship freebie product categories

I also went on Reddit to check out and found a thread where someone has shared about what they received in as a direct ship freebie

is amazon direct ship freebie legit

You can see, That Freebie Lady, has received kitchen faucet, double shower head, men’s wedding ring.

They are just so random!

When and how will I receive these freebies?

So, when will you receive your free products and how will you receive it?

The truth is – I have no idea.

Once you have filled up the forms, you will have to wait for the seller to ship the products to you.

You are required to give out your address so you will receive it at your doorstep. There is nothing more you can do about.

It is dependent on a lot of factors like

  • What kind of Amazon Direct Shipping form did you fill out? – There are tonnes of Amazon Direct Shipping forms on the internet. Some of are legit, some are fake and some are by suppliers who probably have no items left to ship out right now. So a lot depends on what form you filled out.

  • How many forms did you fill out? – If you just filled out a few, the chances of you free products shipped to you are narrow. On the other hand, if you fill out too many, you might end up receiving so many products that you can’t handle.

    My recommendation? Ask around in the Facebook group how it works and how many you should ideally fill out. In my guess, it is reasonable to at least fill out 20-30 forms

  • What date is the seller going to be charged the long term storage fee? If the seller for whom you filled the form is going to be charged the fee within a week, you will receive free products quickly. On the other hand, if they have a few months, they will first try to sell the items for profit instead of sending it to you for free via direct ship.

  • How many people have signed up for the form? If the seller has 50 products in the warehouse and there are only two people who signed up for it, they will direct ship 25 items each to your door step. However, if 100 people signed up, you might or might not receive a product because they have only 50 items.

These are just a few of the factors that come to my mind that affect when and how you receive Amazon direct ship freebies.

You can see that you have absolutely no control over the factors and all you can actually do is wait it out.

According to many, it can take upto 5 months for you to receive anything in the mail.

How do I sign up for Amazon direct ship? – Overview

So lets talk about how do I sign up for Amazon direct ship?

Once you get your hands on an Amazon direct ship form, there are a few things you should do.

  • Ask Facebook or Reddit community members. If they are legit, people have signed up and know about it
  • Go to google and look for reviews. You will most likely find whether or not something is legitimate.

Once you have done that, open up the form.

Sellers ask different kind of information and sometimes preferences on what you would like to receive.

This is the first form for direct ship freebies that I checked. Pretty standard.

They listed what you can expect

  • Clothing
  • Baby and kids toys
  • Kitchen items
  • DIY
  • Home Decor

and, asks you for

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Phone number
  • Email Address

This is pretty standard information which is asked by sellers before they direct ship products to you.

amazon direct ship freebie form 3

The second form I checked is this. The two different things in this form are

  • First, they send out freebies to countries other than the US. So they are asking for country you live in
amazon direct ship freebie form 2
  • Second, they are asking you for preference on what item you prefer to get.
    • Door Knob Covers
    • Curling iron
    • Cake Decorating tools
    • Refrigerator Magnets
    • Compression Socks
    • Makeup brush
    • BBQ Grill Brush
    • Fitness sliders
amazon direct ship freebie form 1

So the form differs from seller to seller.

Some sellers do ask additional preferences and information.

CAUTION: If a seller asks you for more personal information like social security, bank information, credit card etc, skip the form. It is most likely a scam

How to fill Amazon direct ship form?

Step 1: Click on the link and open up the form

Step 2: Read the entire form carefully and see if there is anything fishy.

Step 3: Check if the supplier wants you to do something specific. For example, it is normal for them to ask you to follow them on social media for example. Do that.

Step 4: Fill up the form with accurate details

Step 5: Click on submit. You are done!

CAUTION: If a seller asks you for more personal information like social security, bank information, credit card etc, skip the form. It is most likely a scam

Amazon Direct Ship Forms – Tips to protect yourself

You can see what a standard direct ship freebie looks like. The sellers need basic information to ship out the products to you.

Just think logically – they only need what Amazon needs to be able to ship out the freebies.

In short, they need a

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number in case there are problems in delivery

That’s all they need. If you see anything more on the form that is too personal, consider skipping over it.

How to avoid Amazon Direct Ship scams

Everything free comes with a problem.

In a study, a whopping 63 percent of the US population has been a victim of a scam, like falling for a romance request or transferring money to someone they’ve never met.

But, that was not the interesting part of the study.

… About 53 percent were a victim of personal information revealed in a data breach (53 percent), having their money stolen from an online money management tool or bank (52 percent) and having their social security number stolen (52 percent) [NY post data]

You see, you have to be careful and be wary of any red flags that you see on these amazon direct ship forms.

Amazon direct ship freebies are no different.

Here are a few tips to avoid Amazon Direct Ship scams

Check for the legitimacy of the seller form:

Once you get your hands on an Amazon direct ship form, there are a few things you should do.

  • Ask Facebook or Reddit community members. If they are legit, people have signed up and know about it
  • Go to google and look for reviews. You will most likely find whether or not something is legitimate.

Do not provide identification or personal information for direct ship freebies

Like we discussed, the three normal things that most sellers need to send you products via direct shipping are

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

Besides this, do NOT share any information about

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit Card numbers
  • Bank information etc

Use a different phone number

Get a completely different phone number for this purpose. It is easy to get another phone number.

Use a PO address

Sending your address to random sellers and on forms can turn out to be dangerous.

So, consider using a PO address.

Use an alias

It is NOT necessary to use your legit full name. You can use an alias on the forms.

Should you leave reviews for direct ship free products?

No, you do not need to leave any reviews on Amazon for products that you receive via direct ship.

In fact, it is against Amazon’s policy to have received free products and post reviews for them.

So, no. Do not get these direct ship free products and post reviews. It can go against the sellers as well.

If Amazon thinks they are sending free products to get reviews, their account can get banned.

But, that is not it.

If Amazon thinks you leave reviews in exchange of compensation, it can ban your account as well.

You don’t want that right?

If you REALLY want to review these products, do it on your own blog, YouTube videos, social media channel like Instagram or Facebook post.

Amazon direct ship freebies – Pros and cons

Pros for signing up for freebies

1. Free products: You can get free products for different sellers.

2. Gift excess: If you sign up for a lot of these direct ship freebies, you can end up with a lot of unwanted items which you can gift, give away in charity or resell for extra cash.

3. Easy to sign up: All you have to do is fill up a few google forms.

Cons for signing up

1. Privacy concerns: You cannot know with 100 percent surety whether or not a form is legit. There are so many scams out there and you do risk that your phone number, address and name is made public.

2. Lots of scams: Any thing free on the internet is fishy and scammy. Direct ship freebies are no different.

3. You get products which are bad: You cannot rule out the possibility of receiving bad quality products.

4. Get useless products: You have no idea what products you will receive. So again, you cannot rule out the possibility of getting useless products. For example, you can get baby toys when you have no kids.

4. You don’t know what you get: It ties in with the point above. You have no idea what you will eventually get.

Amazon Direct Ship – FAQs

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions about Amazon direct shipping freebies.

Which companies direct ship free products?

According to Oberlo, Amazon has 9.7 million sellers worldwide, of which 1.9 million are actively selling on the marketplace (Marketplace Pulse, 2021)

It could be any of them.

You need to understand the basic premise of direct ship freebies. When a product stays in the Amazon warehouse for over 365 days, they charge a long term fee which is considerable.

So instead of incurring that cost, sellers choose to direct ship the products for free.

That said, this is applicable to sellers who use Amazon FBA only. We have gone over what Amazon FBA is.

Is Amazon Direct Ship same as Drop Shipping?

A lot of people mix Amazon direct ship with drop shipping.

…But, they are completely different concepts.

As a consumer, you are getting products delivered and you don’t bother about various business models.

But, if you are a seller, drop shipping is completely different than Amazon FBA or Amazon Direct Ship.

  • Amazon Direct Ship: Amazon Direct Ship is when the supplier decides to ship you free products to avoid warehousing costs

  • Drop Shipping is where the seller (who is dealing in a product manufactured by someone else) is responsible for marketing the products and dealing with customer returns refunds etc. The packaging and shipping is handed by the manufacturer of the product.

You see, Amazon Direct Ship and Drop Shipping are two completely different concepts.

Is Amazon direct ship really free?

Yes, it is totally FREE.

You don’t have to pay for anything – products, shipping, or any other kind of fee.

What can I do with unwanted direct ship freebies?

Let’s be honest. You have no idea what products you will get.

There have been cases when people got baby clothes when they had no baby or they got baking items when they don’t bake.

This is so common.

So, people have this question. What can I do with unwanted direct ship freebies?

I want you to understand that amazon direct ship freebies is no string attached product.

Meaning, once the seller ships it to you, you have full right over it.

You can do what you want with it. A few ideas would be –

  • Gift it to your friends, family or neighbours who will use it

  • Give it to a charity. If you receive clothing, stationery, books, appliances etc that you don’t use, you can donate it to a charity. It can help a lot of people.

  • Re-sell it. You own the products so you can resell it. You can organise a backyard sale, online yard sale or just resell it to people who may need it.

What if I get an empty box?

There have been cases where people got empty boxes.

There are three reasons because of which that is possible:

  • Sellers are trying to show costs and expenses on the books. They can write this off and helps in saving taxes

  • There is just so much to pack and ship at every Amazon warehouse that this was a genuine mistake.

  • There are times when the delivery person takes out the product from the box. These frauds are common in a few countries and could the reason why your product box is empty or you got some old ragged products.

How many direct ship freebies can I sign up for?

As many as you want. There is absolutely no limit on that.

But, again, remember that you might end up with so many products at your doorstep that you are overwhelmed.

I recommend signing up for a few and see how it goes.

Can I select the direct ship freebies?

No, you cannot select the products in most cases.

However, in some cases, the supplier asks for preferences in the form. We shared an example uptop and doing it again for you to see

amazon direct ship freebie form 1

But, this isn’t always the case. Mostly, you will have no idea what product will be shipped to you

Can I get amazon products through direct ship?

No, you cannot get Amazon products through direct shipping forms.

Like we said, you are directly dealing with the supplier for direct ship freebies. This is not Amazon.

So, you cannot direct ship freebies like kindle, echo etc. You will get what the supplier has in stock.

Amazon Direct Ship – Conclusion

This is all about getting free products with Amazon direct ship.

You can now find the legit direct ship forms and start getting your freebies.

If I missed out on anything or you want to add anything, do comment below and let us know.

Plus, if you have any experience with receiving Amazon direct ship freebies, I would love to hear from you. Comment below and let me know.

Amazon Direct Ship