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travelling to india

Hello or Namaste! I am so happy that you stopped by my blog: Mrs. Daaku Studio : Travel India like a pro. 

Before anything else, my actual name is Chhavi (which sounds exactly like chubby, but replace the "b" with "v"). Thanks to complicated actual name I have, I decided to name my blog after my virtual name - Mrs. Daaku. 

Daaku in Hindi means a robber or a bandit. Don't worry, I don't do any of it. My hubby's (Amit) is virtually known as the Daaku (because he is slightly scary, haha!) He will kill me when he reads this. After we were married, all of his friends started to refer me as Mrs. Daaku and I secretly loved it. So, I decided to change my twitter handle to Mrs_Daaku and then followed instagram and pinterest

I always aspired to get a job where I could travel on the go. A job like my what my husband has, work for 12 months but travel to 3 different countries in a year. Isn't that a dream job? Travel & Relax: my two absolutely favourite things to do.

I was born in Modinagar, a very (and absolutely) small town in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was where my maternal grandparents lived. It is a tradition (or a belief) in north India, that one of your children should ideally take birth at your maternal grandparents place. So, there I was. However, I never experienced the life in Modinagar. I was brought up in Vadodara (a city in Gujarat) and Mumbai (the Bollywood city) and lived in a close knit family of 4.  

High school was full of stupid stuff, hanging out with friends, partying secretly, spending a lot of time on con calls and trying to decide what's next. Then I went to college, the best time of my life. It was full of late night fun, partying, bunking classes, travelling and studying hard. In India, college is mostly paid by parents and they give you pocket money for every month. It isn't a lot of money but somewhere around INR 3000-4000 (approx. $44 - 60. Besides this, you can work off small gigs and get some money. I remember saving money (every semester!) in the college so I could travel around India, and mostly Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh (Central India). I did explore around a lot of Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. 


travelling to india

It is then I realised my love for travelling and exploring but not writing about it. That came slightly later. Upon graduating in Law and post graduating in intellectual property rights, I began working as a contract attorney but it wasn't long before I felt under "arrest". I had no time to travel to places which were even one hour away and that frustrated me. So, I chose to free myself of the shackles. Basically, I resigned and went back to Gujarat to spend time with my family. 

On one of my travel adventures to Karnataka, I met my sweetheart Mr. Daaku and we knew we were made for each other. We dated for a few years and finally, got married this year (2016). I always wanted to explore Varanasi (the cultural hub of India) and my hubby works from home. Can there be a better combination? We quickly decided to shift to Varanasi and I have been living here for almost 6 months now. 

I have travelled to a few other countries but my heart longed for exploring India. 

It is not possible for everyone to go a luxurious holiday (how much ever you want to!) all the time, so I am making efforts (and succeeding) to make my travel glamorous on a budget (despite my new found love for Champagne!). Sometimes, I fail miserably at this and end up spending a lot. But, I can tell you what I do or don't do.

Overtime, I have become a pro at balancing my spending. Taking cheaper transportation and staying in a 4 star hotel or taking a flight to the destination and experiencing the culture where the owner cooks local cuisine by staying in a homestay (which is also cheap).  I have also become a pro in bargaining (thanks to my stay in bombay and delhi), finding stays with a pool (thanks to one Utts, a friend of mine) and getting the best souvenirs for friends and family. Sometimes I travel over an entire night on the public transportation like a train berth or a sleeper bus to avoid the costs of accommodation. Take my hand bag, pillow, iPod, climb up the upper berth and sleep like a baby! Such small and insignificant experiences have blessed me with adventurous experiences. 


travelling to india

I want to show you the pretty side of India, the side often ignored or not known. I want to take you on a journey of exploring the diverse culture, life, food in this one single country and convince you to visit once. I want to clear your doubts on safety in India and the list goes on!

The love for the culture has inspired me to work closely to create a partnership between craftsmen/artisan and the developers as a step towards saving traditionally known crafts of India. I called it the Tale of Neglect, here.

I regret not starting out with this blog earlier. I feel I have so much to share and so little time, but I am not a quitter. I am sharing my stories to inspire the people to travel more and to travel to India. You do not have to spend enormous amounts to explore this country, you can travel here with your family, friends, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or solo.

Guys, we are getting older day by day, and one things which you buy and make you richer in return - is travel. We can have 1001 excuses to not travel, but it's a shame to just keep waiting for that perfect holiday.

So, lets travel India like a pro. 

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