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Write for us

Thank you for wanting to guest post on Mrs. Daaku Studio. 

Mrs Daaku Studio is a place to help YOU make money working from home. We provide help to kickstart a profitable business or a side hustle from home, grow your income and be YOUR OWN BOSS!

We love to publish original posts about

  1. Earning from home
  2. Different work from home options
  3. Online side hustles to make money
  4. Productivity tips for freelancers and work at home moms
  5. Saving money
  6. Business and marketing tips
  7. Blogging
  8. Freelance writing
  9. Success stories of you working from home

That said, any blog post that can help making money online is welcome.

But, what is in it for you?

  1. An author bio where you can promote your social media or website
  2. Promotion on our social media channels, email lists and our FB group
  3. Brand new audience to your blog
  4. A live link to add to your portfolio

The blog post needs to be at least 800-1000 words long

Formatting guidelines

  1. Please include subheadings and use H2 for them
  2. Do not place any affiliate links in the content

If you are still reading in and interested in writing, send me a few topics you have in mind with a brief description of what you will cover in it. My email is [email protected]

We will schedule to publish your blog post within 2 weeks from the date of approval. 

Note that NOT all guest posts will be approved. 

Note: You are not allowed to publish the same content anywhere else online and if you do, we have to remove the post from this blog due to duplicate content issues. 

Thank you, 

Daaku and Mrs Daaku