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15 Europeans Countries That’re The Most Popular

Europe is the dream destination for many people to visit. It has several countries people visit, enjoy, and have beautiful memories. 

A user asked the forum, “What country comes to mind when you hear Europe?” Here are the top responses. 


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“I’m an American, and the first one that comes to mind is England. I’m generally aware of the rest, but I don’t think of them unless they’re explicitly mentioned.”


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“France (probably because I live there).”


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“Belgium, for some reason.”


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“Liechtenstein. It seems to embody all of the Europeness that is Europe.”


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“Poland, as it’s my fatherland.”


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“Greece. The word Europe is Greek. The ideas of the Western world today are heavily influenced by ancient Greece.”



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“Spain. Ironically, I live in a different European country, yet for some reason, my country isn’t what I think of first.”


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“Germany. Know the most about it. I took four years of German in high school. Sadly, I only remember the numbers, words, and colors.”


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“Canadian here. Switzerland, but only because I spent a delightful winter at 20 working (in Gstaad) there as a young man.”


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“Bratislava. The train is coming soon. They are building it now.”


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“Slovenia. An underrated gem and honestly wished I stayed longer when I went.”


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“Denmark has the largest economic surplus for four consecutive years based on population.”


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“Netherlands. Been there, and it’s wonderful.”


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“Ukraine, because of the coverage/sympathy of the war by western media, who often tend to ignore miseries of Asian and African countries, tells a lot about white privilege.”


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“I live in Finland, and Italy comes to my mind. Probably because I like to crosswords, and most of the time, ‘Country in Europe’ is Italy. But of course, in Finnish, so Italia.”

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