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YouTuber Crashed A Plane For Views, Supposedly Facing 20 Years In Prison

Imagine being so fickle-minded that you feel okay to risk your and other people’s lives only to get some clout online!

A netizen recently shared a news report of a bizarre incident, where a YouTuber is supposedly facing 20 years in prison after deliberately crashing a plane for views.

Read on to know what exactly happened!

The Deliberate Plane Crash

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A YouTube pilot, Trevor Jacob, pleaded guilty to a criminal charge after crashing a plane intentionally and deliberately destroying its wreckage thereafter.

Not only did the pilot purposefully down the plane in Santa Barbara County on November 24, 2021, but he also detailed the incident in a YouTube video cleverly titled “I Crashed My Airplane.”

When Was The Video Uploaded?

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The video was uploaded in December 2021. It has over three million views but may end up making Jacob spend up to 20 years in federal prison.

How Did Jacob Film The Video?

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Jacob took off from Lompoc City Airport on a solo flight purportedly destined for Mammoth Lakes just to film the video.

As he detailed in his plea agreement, the pilot intended to jump from his aircraft during the flight and he did exactly that.

Plus, he shot himself parachuting to the ground, as well as the airplane as it descended and crashed.

After 35 minutes of taking off, Jacob jumped from the plane while flying above the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Maria.

According To The Plea Agreement

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According to the plea agreement, Jacob lied to the investigators about not knowing where the wreckage was located. Although, he previously hiked to it to retrieve his video footage.

In December, Jacob and his friend flew a helicopter to the crash site, and took the wreckage to Rancho Sisquoc in Santa Barbara County, from where they hauled it to a hangar at Lompoc City Airport. Later, they destroyed the remaining wreckage.

Jacob confirmed he did so because he wanted to obstruct federal authorities. He also admitted that he desired to profit from the video, which featured the promotion of a wallet brand.

Is it justified for him to get 20 years in prison.

He Deserved It

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“FINALLY! I was hoping for this person to get some proper pushback. The last time I heard anything about it it was disappointing as I was hearing stuff like the FAA not having powers to actually prosecute etc beyond just taking his license away. Maybe that was wrong.”

Can’t Even Comprehend The Whole Thing

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“How many deactivated brain cells are required to wake up and think that THIS is a good idea? I am unable to comprehend the train of thought behind this.”

This Infuriates Me To No End

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“As a pilot, this infuriates me to no end. It’s completely irresponsible, dangerous, and wasteful. They need to throw the book at him to discourage future copycats.”

Imagine Being Such An Attention Seeker

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“Imagine having the type of life where you own or at least can fly a plane and have been skydiving enough to do it alone and still feel the desperate need for validation from strangers.”

All Because Of Social Media

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“If social media platforms would not be able to pay for content for idiots, we would stop making stupid people famous.”

It’s Doubly Disgusting!

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“It’s disgusting. But what’s more disgusting is this guy has the money to do this, enabled by his followers.”

Hope He Gets The Full Term

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“I really hope he gets the full term. We need to stop tolerating idiotic behavior from ‘influencers’.”

He’s No Less Than A Terrorist

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“What does this guy have in common with the 911 terrorists? Indifferent to human life, he launched an unguided missile.

It might have been over a remotely populated area but people are still around on the ground and in the air. Even if the crash didn’t harm anyone, a raging forest fire could.”

His Channel Should Be Demonetized

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“Just demonetize the video or channel so he has to take the full cost of the plane with no benefit.”

There Could’ve Been A Wildfire!

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“Of all possible locations to pull off this stupid act, he chose California! In a national forest! That too in the middle of drought season! He should thank his stars that his plane wreckage did not start another wildfire.

Such dumb ‘influencers’ should be banned permanently from social media for the rest of their life.”

Can’t Believe How Selfish People Are!


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“I live near where this happened, and I am in shock. If this had been done in the spring or summer, when everything dried up, that could’ve started a disastrous wildfire. Crazy how selfish people are!”

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