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Why You Shouldn’t Judge These 10 Things So Quickly? (You Most Likely Do!)

It’s easy to pass judgement on things that we don’t understand or that make us uncomfortable. We often find ourselves quick to form opinions about something without taking the time to truly understand it.

Someone asked on Reddit, what is something people hate, treat as taboo, and/or looked down upon that is really not that bad? We agree to most of them. 

1. Putting Elbows On The Table

I straight up forgot this was a thing. How did that ever become an issue for some?” shared one. 

Man I forgot that this was something that was wrong” added another.

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2. Talking about pay with coworkers.

Feel like this should be encouraged. Improves employee bargaining power.” shared one. 

I still don’t get why some people view this as a negative. It is one of the only subjects my mom and I don’t agree on and it’s something I’ve only heard people in management argue against with “it can create resentment between coworkers”

My immediate response is always if you’re mad at a coworker for making more and not management for paying them more, you’re getting paid exactly what you’re worth because you lack critical thinking skills.

If we normalized talking openly about wages the only ones who it would cost is the big corporations screwing people over.” shared another. 

Yeah I definitely agree with you if someone doesn’t want to share that info they don’t have to, but I just think it’s gross when companies openly discourage it and try to penalize workers for it. It definitely should be the individuals choice” said one.

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3. Live In Relationships

Living together before marriage. It’s a very good way of finding out if people are truly compatible” shared one. 

4. Prenuptial Agreement

Along the lines of marriage – signing a prenup. Legal advice in general needs to become the norm before marriage.” shared one. 

That too. I don’t get why a prenuptial is so’s literally to protect the couples investments and prevent things from being seized by the courts upon divorce” shared yet another. 

The moral problem here is that a prenup can give the feeling to some people that divorce is presupposed. In which case, why bother getting married at all?” said one. 


5. Bidets

Bidets – they are very effective at cleaning you up and decrease toilet paper usage” shared one. 

Recently installed several Tushys and can agree wholeheartedly.” shared another. 

I’d actually love to get one I’ve heard great things about them” said a user. 

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6. Pineapple on pizza

Protesting pineapple on pizza has become its own weird virtue signal. I get that someone else might not like it. I really don’t get why people who don’t like it insist that anyone who DOES like it is weird. It’s tiring, and it immediately makes me less interested in interacting with that person. What other weird performative stupidity am I going to have to put up with?” shared one. 

7. Using Comic Sans

Comic Sans. It’s apparently good for those who suffer from dyslexia, and the only reason people hate it is that there was a movement of graphic designers decades ago who rallied against it when people kept using it for documents and projects where it wasn’t a good choice but used because it was “fun.””  said one. 

8. Age gaps past a certain age.

People commonly act like a 45 year old and a 35 year old dating is the same as an 18 yo and a 28 year old and it kills me” said one. 


9. Talking About Menstruation

Talking about periods. Like people talk about a few things all the damn time but suddenly the process of involuntarily bleeding out female organs is bad? (Though when I say it that way it kinda makes sense)” shared a user. 


10. Body Hair

Body hair on women” shared a user. 

Also to add to this, not being super weird about guys who want to shave their bodies.” shared another. 

We hope you enjoyed the discussion on what is something people hate, treat as taboo, and/or looked down upon that is really not that bad?.

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