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When Cosmetics Cause Conflict: Couple Engages in Heated Argument Over Friend’s Choice to Go Makeup-Free. Bride Decides To Live With The Friend For Now.

Makeup is a personal choice because it allows individuals to express themselves creatively, boost their confidence, and enhance their natural features. Some people wear makeup daily, while others prefer a more natural look.

What Is The Question

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But what if someone pushes you to it and judges you for it? A user took to the forum and asked, “Am I for not wearing makeup to my best friend’s wedding?”



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The Original Poster (OP) is a 27-year-old female picked to be the maid of honor at her 28-year-old best friend Jo’s wedding. OP was excited.

They had been friends since they were kids and had already agreed to be each other’s maid of honor. OP helped Jo to pick out OP’s dress, shoes, and everything except for OP’s makeup.


What Does OP Like

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OP disagrees with wearing makeup because she thinks that the beauty industry is misogynistic and it makes her face break out. OP doesn’t shame anyone else for wearing it, but she doesn’t wear it herself.

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Did Jo Know

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Yes, Jo knew that and told OP that it was okay to go makeup free, which OP was super grateful for. OP thought it wouldn’t be a big deal because Jo was fine with no makeup. Most of the other bridesmaids and Jo went very heavily on the makeup, so OP stood out.

OP was not self-conscious even though she didn’t wear it, and the other bridesmaids didn’t mind that she wasn’t wearing it, so OP didn’t care. The wedding was beautiful and went perfectly until about halfway through the reception.

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What Happened Next?

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Jo’s 35-year-old groom, Henry, pulled OP aside and told her how inappropriate it was for OP not to be wearing makeup. He said that OP was upstaging the bride at her wedding and that a woman shouldn’t go to a public event without makeup anyway.


What Did OP Feel


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OP felt so terrible. OP waited until after the wedding to text Jo and said that she was sorry for not wearing the makeup and that OP had heard her message loud and clear. Jo was super confused and said she hadn’t had a problem with it.

They talked on the phone, and OP told her what Henry had said to OP.

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How Did Jo React?

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Jo got furious and said Henry hadn’t been put up to that and had been unequivocal that she was okay with OP’s choices. She and Henry got into a huge fight, and she had been staying at OP’s apartment for the past few days while she tried to figure out what to do.

Henry and his friends had been texting OP nonstop about how OP ruined his wedding and his marriage, and even some of OP and Jo’s friends were saying that she should have just worn the makeup and that a wedding wasn’t the right place to make a political statement.

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What Happened Next

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Jo insisted that OP wasn’t in the wrong and that the bridesmaids and Jo’s mom were on OP’s side.

Everyone in OP’s life who knew about the situation had been biased, so OP wanted to see if she was actually in the wrong. OP hadn’t intended to make a political statement or anything at the wedding, and OP would have worn the makeup if Jo had asked her to.

OP felt terrible for hurting Jo’s marriage and tainting her memory of her wedding, even if she still doesn’t think she did anything wrong.


You Are Not A Jerk

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“This groom’s controlling and entitled attitude about make-up (a woman shouldn’t be going to a public event without makeup anyway) is a huge Red Flag. Not wrong”


Not Wrong

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“Not wrong, even the slightest. I’m glad that especially OP’s friend sees this.

I’ve worn make-up like a handful of times, but never after I was 18 or something like that. It’s not a political statement for me; I’m partly too lazy but main reason is all the allergic reaction I’ve had all my life – and on my face. Just don’t want to risk that”


You Saved Her

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“Not Wrong. OP, you just saved Jo from a horrible marriage, he’s managed to hide himself all this time but he couldn’t resist trying to “put you in your place”. She should be trying to get an annulment .”


What OP Wants To Know

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Did OP make the right decision by attending her friend’s wedding without makeup? Was it inappropriate for Henry to make a scene when Jo was okay? What do you think? What would you do in this situation?


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