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12 Fictional Cities That Are a Dystopian’s Dream

Have you ever watched a fictional movie or read a book and thought, “What if I had to live there?” Well, many of us have. While some fictional places seem like a dream come true, others are more likely to become a living nightmare.

A user recently asked on a popular forum, What would be the worst fictional city to live in? And here are the top responses you shouldn’t miss having a look at: 

San Fransokoyo

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“Villains tear it up on a regular basis and popular areas are constantly under attack, and the police are essentially useless.”

Gary Indiana

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“Gary Indiana, because it certainly can’t be real.”

Gotham City

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“Crime is rampant, people are murdered every day, there’s a guy there that owns the city, spends billions on one-off technology, fights *all* the criminals, but instead of killing literal murderers or doing anything to fix the justice system, he makes sure they’re sent to a *severely* outdated low-security mental asylum that has demonstrated time and time again that they don’t have the resources to deal with these levels of threats, so he can keep fighting them.

A prince inherits a city, and instead of becoming a king, using all his power and wealth to become a zoo keeper. 

Government must pay you to live in Gotham. Maybe people wouldn’t need to take up henching if Wayne invested in the infrastructure instead of a Bat-monster truck.” 

Raccoon City


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“Easily; you either die in the initial outbreak, die when they sterilize the place, or make it out and be traumatized for life…Resident Evil can be absolutely incredible sometimes, that’s for sure.”

Midsomer Murders

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“Not a city but Midsomer, an English village, the setting of a show called Midsomer Murders. Most people would probably die before packing away their lingerie after moving there.”

“Midsomer Murders – that little rural village is positively lethal. Though do love the way they parodied it in Hot Fuzz.”

Derry, Maine

Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA at Portland Head Light.

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“Derry, Maine.  For obvious reasons.” said one.

“Just Maine in general.  They’e got Demon clowns, werewolves, vampires and zombie cats.” replied another. 


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“Commorragh. A vast city made up of interconnected extradimensional spaces inhabited by millions of superhuman sadists who need to painfully and slowly torture other creatures to death to live.”

Mos Eisley


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“Mos Eisley. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Though I would go there to catch the band. Then get the hell out of town quickly.”

NYC In Marvel Universe

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“NYC – Marvel Universe. That place gets wrecked twice a year.” said one. 

“Yeah in Gotham a DA or Mayor may get got, but it isn’t constantly being braised by aliens and giant monsters and beasts on the regular,” another added.

Bikini Bottom


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“Bikini Bottom. Spongebob or Plankton are destroying it like every other day.”

“Bikini Bottom. Everyone is a jerk for no reason, and they only have like three restaurants:  one I can’t afford,  the Krusty Krab and one that’s awful”

Los Santos 

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“Los Santos, at least in Gotham, the cops are genuinely trying to help you. In Los Santos, they will ram their car up your tailpipe then shoot you in the head for it. Then there are the people just flying around in combat aircraft carpet bombing the city.”

Night City 

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“Night City. It’s a beautiful city, but murders are an average daily thing. Drugs, rampant gang activity, and corruption are the norm.”

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