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14 Unexpected Lessons Men Learned from Dating Older Women

Dating a woman older than you is not uncommon. If you’ve dated one, are there any lessons you’d like to share?

A netizen recently asked, “What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from dating an older woman?”. Below, we’ve curated the top responses:

How To Better Please A Woman

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“How to better please a woman. God bless ’em for actually being willing to teach.”

All Women Want Is Love & Emotional Support

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“That women want to be loved and emotionally supported regardless of age. Also, I crave intellectual conversation.”

How Important It Is To Be Truly Mature And Masculine

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“The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is how important it is to be truly mature and masculine. When she’s older than you by a few years, she’s probably got more life experience and as a result generally more mature. She’s not going to come down to your level and coddle you. You have to rise up to meet her.

It’s made me embrace all situations the same way. I never expect mercy and to be given slack, I work so hard to overcome challenges.”

To Be Okay With Being Me

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“To be okay with being me. It’s okay to have demons, to have baggage, to not be entirely in control and on top of every aspect of your life, to be friggin human. Doesn’t mean it’s okay to stay stagnant and not do anything about those things, but it’s okay that they exist. Acting like they don’t exist or lessening their true impact on you to seem like some knight in shining armor is the wrong answer.

Be real. We’re human. Your partner is too.”

There’s No Age Limit For Being Crazy

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“Crazy doesn’t have an age limit.”

To Be Nicer & Politer

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“Believe it or not, older women I had been in relationships with taught me to be nicer, politer, conscientious and forthright.”

The Meaning Of ‘Getting My Stuff Together’

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“That getting my stuff together doesn’t mean that I don’t behave like a raving lunatic. It just means that I have the means to support my own idiotic stuff.”

A Lot Of Positions In Bed

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“If they know you are not experienced in bed or have not tried a lot of positions they are very open to letting you try them out. And if there is a position that they know of that you have not mentioned or tried to do they will show it to you. No mind games. It makes for a very wholesome experience and leaves you wanting MORE.”

Not To Do It Again

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“I learned not to do it again. At first, it seemed cool to me. I was a young naive inexperienced 21-year-old. Then I realized she only chases barely legal guys. Then I realized what a red flag that is. She also always used any opportunity possible, whether it made sense or not, to accuse someone of being someone who can assault the young. Gaslighting much…?”

Women Know Exactly What They Want In Men

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“Women of all ages know more about what they want in men, while men of all ages *only think* they know what they want in a woman. *In the human species, both frequently make the wrong choice*”

Women Live In A Bubble While They’re Young

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“Women live in a bubble until they get older and lose their looks.”

People Mature And Learn At Different Rates

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“That people mature and learn at different rates and it’s important to date someone who is doing so at a similar rate. I dated a 30-year-old when I was 20 for a brief period of time. We were really well aligned in terms of interests and all that, and at some point, it clicked that I was just growing up a lot faster than her and in a few years I would be moving past her.”

They Can Still Act Like Teenagers

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“No matter how much older they can still act like teenagers.”

Women Only Mature When The Male Attention Begins To Drop

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“That women only mature once the attention they receive from men drops a bit. It’s like they start maturing, then boys like them, they stop maturing, then continue maturing once that attention drops later in life. It’s THEN when they learn to communicate directly. It’s THEN when they’re receptive to perceptions other than their own.

I’m talking specifically about beautiful women here.”

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