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14 ‘Don’t Go Down There’ Streets In Many Tourist Cities

Every city has ‘that’ one place or street that is just known to be a no-go zone for some reason or the other reason. 

An internet user asked, “What is the ‘don’t go down there’ street in your city?”. And there were some very interesting responses!

27th Ave And Indian School in Phoenix

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“27th Ave and Indian School in Phoenix. Place of legends.”, said one. 

“Yo, screw that whole area. I used to live across the street from ASU West which wasn’t as bad, but any time I needed to drive that direction, it was like hell had let it open.”, another added. 


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“Colfax is always an interesting place. They’ve been trying to fix it up here and there for a long time but with little success.” 

Sesame Street

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“Sesame Street – a bunch of muppets live there.”, said one. 

“I heard there was this huge bird too. The stuff of nightmares.”, another added. 

The ‘Steven King’ Street In Bangor 

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“The street in Bangor that Steven King lives on, also we say it more like ‘don’t go down there’.” 

Skid Row In LA

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“I’ve never been there but skid row in LA terrifies me just seeing it on TV. I wouldn’t ‘go down there’.” 

The Small Streets On Euclid Into East Cleveland And Slavic Village

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“You can keep driving on Euclid into East Cleveland but don’t turn down the small streets. The train tunnels and dead ends make it hard to connect to the next big street.

Similarly, if you’re driving into Slavic Village, you can turn the wrong way and end up in a holler in WV. Feral houses and empty lots.” 

East St Louis/Cahokia

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“East St Louis / Cahokia. Definitely blew a couple of red lights there out of fear.” 

Burnside Road In Portland

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“Burnside Road in Portland OR comes to mind, there are stretches of it that are okay but closer to downtown (particularly Chinatown) and closer to Gresham on the Eastside can be dicey.”

East Hastings – Vancouver

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“East Hastings – Vancouver.

Open drug use and fentanyl overdose deaths everywhere.” 

Elizabeth Street In Melbourne 

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“There didn’t use to be one in Melbourne (central area, not counting the suburbs)….but Elizabeth Street is just getting worse and worse, even if it’s not quite at the ‘avoid at all costs stage’ yet.”

Grand Boulevard, North Of Delmar

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“Grand Boulevard, North of Delmar. Most of North City really. The transition on Grand is just extra bizarre because it goes: University, restaurants, famous theater, famous theater… Mad Max desolation.” 


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“Welcome to beautiful Indianapolis, where you may even get shot driving on the interstate!” 

Hell Street

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“Near our suburb in Australia is a street that the town has renamed Hell St, which was even on the local news.

Always crime there, a house burnt down by the neighbours, kids hanging out on the street filthy and half dressed and don’t go to school, mangey dogs and cats, stripped car bodies, if you drive through anyone outside looks at you like ‘who the hell are you’.” 

Kensington Avenue In Philadelphia


Image Credits: Roman Samborskyi, Shutterstock

“Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia. Some people call it Zombie Land because of the shocking amount of drug addicts on the street.” 

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