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15 Things That People Commonly Enjoy But Is Absolutely “Repulsive” To You

Have you ever had an experience where you smelled or tasted something that everyone else seemed to enjoy, but you found it repulsive? It’s a common experience, and there are many reasons why people have different preferences when it comes to taste and smell.

An internet user asked, “What is a smell or taste that other people commonly enjoy but is repulsive to you?”. Below are the top responses!

Fake Sugars 

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“Any fake sugars like aspartame.”, said one. 

“I don’t go anywhere *near* ‘Sugar-free’ drinks because of exactly this. Can’t stand it” another added. 


digusted dislike

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“Cumin….tastes great, but smells like a sweaty man after 8 hours doing construction in 90-degree sun. Why????”, said one. 

“My immediate first thought, came here to post, but you beat me. Cumin smells like severe body odor and tastes as it smells.”, another added. 

Energy Drinks


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“Energy drinks (i.e. Monster, Redbull, etc..). Can’t stand them.”, said one. 

“Tastes like cough syrup to me.  I can’t get any energy drinks down!”, another added. 


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“Mint bothers me so much that I use Children’s Toothpaste. Hello makes good ones.”, said one. 

“Same! It is such a hassle to find non-mint toothpaste that actually makes your teeth feel clean.”, another added. 

Diet Coke

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“Diet Coke. Or any diet beverage for that matter. I can sniff and taste the aspartame almost immediately.”, said one. 

“They’re a migraine trigger for me, so I’m glad I can smell the difference. You wouldn’t believe how often servers bring diet soda when you order non-diet.

And when I send it back they frequently look absolutely caught out, like they planned to give me diet soda in place of my regular order and are surprised at getting caught, which is baffling.”, another added. 

Men’s Cologne

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“Men’s cologne makes me sick on a visceral level.”, said one. 

“I have a sensitivity to most perfumes and let me tell you all it takes for my day to be ruined is to walk by someone that decided to shower themselves in it. Headaches last for hours.”, another added. 


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“Celery. Makes me puke.”, said one. 

“I can taste cooked celery in something instantly. Doesn’t matter how little of it there is. Literally tastes like vomit to me, and I can’t stand so many soups because of it. Bleh.”, another added. 

Bleach Or Other Cleaners

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“The smell of bleach or other cleaners, just makes me gag.”, said one. 

“I’m fine with everything in the “other cleaner” category, but even a tiny hint of bleach burns my throat and nose, and gives me a headache.”, another added. 


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“Soaps, candles, foods, etc… I have an immediate physical reaction of repulsion to lavender. Wish I didn’t, but it’s similar to a gag reflex (just not as strong). And of course, it’s my wife’s favorite scent!”, said one. 

“Same, it burns my nose. I always get ‘relaxing’ gifts (candles, bath bombs, lotions) for the holidays. And of course, they’re lavender a good portion of the time.”, another added. 


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“Green, black, doesn’t matter. They taste metallic to me.”, said one. 

“Black olives are the only food I know of that will make me gag. I don’t really like green or kalamata either, but I can eat them in some things. Black olive? I can smell that from miles away.”, another added. 


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“Anything truffle smells like pure tonsil stone. It makes me retch.”, said one. 

“Anything with truffles in it is an immediate no for me. I can’t stand the smell or the taste.”, another added. 


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“The worst thing is that fish eaters claim it doesn’t have a smell. It does, and it’s disgusting. Incidentally, I tried fish recently, and it tasted exactly like it smelled.”, said one.

“1,000,000% this!! It’s a trifecta of awful. Bad smell, bad taste, bad mouth feel!”, another added 


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“I tried pickled chips without realizing they were pickled, I almost threw up on-the-spot pickles and anything pickled flavor is horrific!”, said one. 

“I genuinely don’t understand how people enjoy pickles. Take a perfectly good cucumber and give it herpes and apparently, that’s a comfort food? Barf.”, another added. 

Hard Boiled Eggs

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“Hard-boiled eggs. The taste and the smell, both. Makes me gag.”, said one. 

“Same. When my fiancée makes them I have to leave because I’ll start feeling nauseous if I don’t.”, another added. 


The woman is afraid of fear

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“Mayonnaise. I will throw it out, whatever it is if it has mayo on it. I’ve cried because my order came out with mayo (ok maybe a tear). It’s so horrifyingly disgusting. The same goes for any mayo-type sauce.” 

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