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11 Surefire Ways To Tell If You Are A Toxic Person

The one thing that is an absolute giveaway of a toxic person is their ability to make you feel bad about yourself.

A netizen recently asked, “What is a plain sight giveaway of a toxic person?”. Below, we’ve curated the top responses. Don’t forget to add more to the comments section!

Yelling At Their Significant Other

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“They yell at their SO in public.”

No Control Over Their Temper

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“They regularly let their temper get the best of them.”

Weird Signs On Their Vehicles

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“Balls on their truck. Don’t tread on me in the window. Confederate flag imagery on the vehicle. Anything referencing the Second Amendment on their vehicle. Any one of these and they’re guaranteed to be a walking, talking jerk.”

Playing Victim Card Always

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“They are ALWAYS a victim in every story they tell and all their exes are ‘crazy’.”

Obsessed With Putting Others Down

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“Always talking about other people’s physical flaws. They will do anything to put someone else down out of earshot.”

Beaming With Self-Pride

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“They have an ‘I’m proud of myself’ shirt on like yeah the concept is cool but these people almost always talk about nothing but themselves or the community they say they are a part of.”

The Self-Pity Narrative Talk


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“It has got to be that self-pity narrative talk. That’s a dead giveaway.”

They Never Tip Well

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“They don’t tip waitstaff well.”

Tattoos, Piercings, And Dyed Red Hair

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“Tattoos, piercings, and dyed red hair. It’s a pity because I think all those things are hot…and I hate to stereotype…and I’m frequently attracted to women with all three body mods…and I keep telling myself ‘She doesn’t seem crazy’…and now my car is getting keyed”

They’re Okay With Cheating

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“Being okay with cheating, for others or in their own relationship.”

Shame Others Under The Garb Of Honesty

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“They say: ‘I’m just an honest person.’

No, you’re just an idiot!”

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