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13 Unforgettable Oddities of the Pandemic Era

The pandemic etched an unsettling and memorable chapter in our lives, bringing forth various challenges and emotions. Here are 13 weirdest parts of the pandemic. 

Don’t Remember An Entire Year

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While it was challenging to spend time during the pandemic, it is true that most of us have no clear memory of those years.

“I don’t remember 2021 at all.” says one. 

“My sense of time was skewed. 2020 blended into early 2022. I still have to think twice about when certain events happened.” added another.

Silence, Silence, and Silence

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During the pandemic, we all felt the silence. The busiest roads were quiet, malls were closed, parks were empty, and families lived silently. 

“I live a block away from a bustling highway. While I never really noticed the sound of the highway, when it was gone, the silence was amazing!” shared one.

“We live under a flight path. I like watching the planes, and you get used to it. It took me a few months to realize how quiet it was because it’s not something I actively noticed.” added another.

High-End Restaurants Selling Groceries

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Many businesses adapted during the period to sustain and help the community. One such example was restaurants selling groceries. 

“I remember some restaurants near me started selling groceries during the lockdown. Walking past a high-end restaurant known for its oysters was so weird, only to see stacks of toilet paper, six packs of beer, nonperishable foods, etc. in its windows”, shares one.

Party on Zoom

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The COVID-19 pandemic confined many people to their homes, forcing them to get creative with socializing. Enter Zoom parties! These online gatherings, often fueled by cocktails and costumes, became a lifeline for connection and celebration during a time of isolation.

“Any type of “party” on Zoom,” said one.

“And drive-by birthday parties and graduation parties,” said another.

Toiler Paper Hoarding

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The early days of the pandemic witnessed a bizarre phenomenon: the mass hoarding of toilet paper. Driven by fear and uncertainty, people stockpiled this essential household item in unprecedented quantities, leaving shelves empty and causing widespread frustration.

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Wait In A Lineup Everywhere

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Everyone had to stand on a sticker to stay adequately distanced from one another, and security would wait until someone left before letting another person inside. There was no such thing as a ‘quick shop’ during those times. 

Essential People vs Non-Essential People

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During the pandemic, society became sharply divided between essential workers, deemed crucial for the functioning of society, and non-essential workers, whose jobs could be performed from home or were deemed less vital

“How people considered essential (healthcare, retail workers, farmers) had to keep working without pay increases, while everyone else stayed home and got paid. The rich just got richer too.” says one. 

Getting Looks For Sneezing

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While sneezing is such a common phenomenon, people would freak out if someone sneezed in public during the pandemic.

“I was so afraid of sneezing and coughing in public spaces ’cause people normally started to give you some weird looks” shares one.

People Thinking COVID Was Fake

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Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, some individuals, often fueled by misinformation and conspiracy theories, clung to the belief that COVID-19 was a hoax. This not only hindered efforts to contain it, but it also costed countless lives and prolonged the pandemic.

Working in Covid ICU and everyone around me telling me Covid was fake, meanwhile, I was having nightmares every night and couldn’t eat. We lived very different realities.” shares one.


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As COVID-19 spread across the globe, people were forced to isolate and quarantine themselves in their homes to prevent the spread of the virus. This drastic measure, although necessary to control the pandemic, brought significant challenges, including loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

“The utter helplessness I felt having to watch my mother die from COVID through a window in the hospital hallway, listening to her last breath on a speakerphone. She died on 12/15/2020, the day after the first public vaccine was given. She was ready to wait for the vaccine like it was a TV on Black Friday.” said one.

Selfishness of People

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It was heartbreaking to listen to stories of people who ditched their families and friends to save themselves from the disease. 

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