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The Pandemic Was a Weird Time, But These 13 Things Were the Weirdest. We Won’t Forget It Ever!

The pandemic was an unsettling and unforgettable chapter in our lives, one that brought with it an array of challenges and emotions.

A user asks, what was the weirdest part of the pandemic? and here is what we agree with:

1. Don’t Remember An ENTIRE Year

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“I don’t remember 2021 at all.”

“My sense of time was skewed. 2020 blended into early 2022. I still have to think twice about when certain events happened.”

2. Silence, Silence, and Silence

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“I live a block away from a bustling highway. While I never really noticed the sound of the highway, when it was gone, the silence was amazing!”

“We live under a flight path. I like watching the planes, and you get used to it. It took me a few months to realize how quiet it was because it’s not something I actively noticed.”

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3. High-End Restaurants Selling Groceries

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“I remember some restaurants near me started selling groceries during the lockdown. Walking past a high-end restaurant known for its oysters was so weird, only to see stacks of toilet paper, six packs of beer, nonperishable foods, etc. in its windows.”

4. Party on Zoom

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“Any type of “party” on Zoom.”

“And drive-by birthday parties and graduation parties.”

5. Toiler Paper Hoarding

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6. Wait In A Lineup Everywhere

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“Waiting in a lineup outside of the grocery store. Everyone had to stand on a sticker to stay distanced adequately from one another, and security would wait until someone left before letting another person inside. No such thing as a ‘quick shop’ during those times.”

7. Essential People vs Non-Essential People

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“How people considered essential (healthcare, retail workers, farmers) had to keep working without any pay increases, while everyone else stayed home and got paid. The rich just got richer too.”

8. Weird Looks For Sneezing

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“I was so afraid of sneezing and coughing in public spaces ’cause people normally started to give you some weird looks.”

9. People Thinking Covid Was Fake

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“Working in Covid ICU and everyone around me telling me Covid was fake, meanwhile I was having nightmares every night and couldn’t eat. We lived very different realities.”

10. Vanity 

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“Celebrities busting their asses to stay in the front of people’s minds like the level of vanity was insane.”

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11. Isolation

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“Isolation. It hurt me.”

“Same here. It was a horrible existence, and it led to lost friends.”

“The utter helplessness I felt having to watch my mother die from Covid through a window in the hospital hallway, listening to her last breath on a speakerphone.

She died on 12/15/2020; the day after the first public vaccine was given. She was ready to wait for the vaccine like it was a TV on Black Friday.”

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12. Selfishness of People

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“There were many people who ditched their family members and friends to “save” them from the disease.”

13. Insanity of People

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“Realising how many seemingly normal people around me were so susceptible to panic, paranoia, conspiracy theories, irrationality, and downright reality-denying insanity. I worked retail through some of it, and 25% of people weren’t just ignoring masks and protocols, etc.; they became overtly belligerent and started ranting when asked to follow them.”

Vaccines are basic, guys. You had them as kids, so a good percentage of you are still alive. When did the lizard people invade so many human brains?”

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