It is good to have clear boundaries on money as a couple, but what if one takes the other for granted. It is sure to create some tiff

The Original Poster (OP) is the sole breadwinner in the family. According to OP his wife had the more challenging job of being a stay-at-home mom and wrangling their offspring.

OP liked to use his share to work on his hobbies or treat the family to a night out. OP’s wife uses her share to go to a spa or to buy herself pretty things that made her happy

Last November, OP’s wife asked if they could give her brother $500 for him to get his kids a PS5 for Christmas. OP told her they could, but it would be the last time he contributed money .  

In January, one of her friend’s cars had a problem, and she needed to rent a car to run errands and drive her kids around. OP’s wife gave her money from her share of the savings.

What do you think would have happened next. According to OP, she looked really sour. Did he gave her the money? Swipe up to read more.