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From Cradle to Click: 10 Ways Your Kids Are Getting Affected With Screen Time. Make Changes Today.

Is it okay to hand digital gadgets like mobile phones/tablets to young kids right after birth? Not. But do parents do that these days? Certainly yes. 

An internet user asked, how will the next generation be affected by having screens/phones/tablets in their daily lives since birth? Here’s how the conversation unfolded: 


Mobile Phones Or “Dopamine Machines”?


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“Dopamine machine. Good luck to their brains.” Said one. 

“Possible increase in ADHD and Mild Autism. It will most likely increase Introverted behavior. Mood issues and emotional control issues. Gonna be a fun time,” another added. 


Wreaked Behavior Patterns 

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“I have a toddler. She got an iPad as a gift from her family a year ago. We quickly noticed a behavior change when she’s been on it watching YouTube kids.

Since then, depending on our schedule, we have limited it and even gone days without it. Behavior noticeably improved.”


Misaligned Neck Postures 

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“Possibly terrible neck posture from looking down constantly,” said one. 

“One of my nieces just bulged a disc in her upper spine from her neck being crunched down at her phone for long periods.” Another added. 


Addiction To Objectionable Stuff 

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“Maybe this is a hot take, but kids should have computers before iPads or phones. They can learn useful skills on a computer instead of becoming addicted to youtube shorts.”

“My take: letting your children have unfettered internet access is literal child abuse. The internet isn’t a library. It’s a repository of *all* human knowledge, including things that will traumatize your kid for life and/or alter the way they view reality and society on a fundamental level.”


Poor Computer Skills & Media Literacy 

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“In somewhat surprising ways. I work in education, and what we’re seeing a lot of is:

  1. Computer skills are down. Things like ctrl alt delete, Word, and a proper Google search. (There’s a rise in kids using ChatGPT as a search engine)
  2. Shorter attention spans
  3. Greater need for instant gratification. This falls into the ChatGPT thing. They want to be *told* the answer instead of figuring it out for themselves.
  4. Media literacy is also down, surprisingly. Because they aren’t thinking critically, they take everything they see on the Internet at face value, especially TikTok.”


Zero Attention Spans 

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“Zero attention span to anything even remotely visually nonstimulating,” said one. 

“My kids can’t seem to listen to a whole song before having the urge to go to the next one.” Another added. 


Screwed Up Patience Levels

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“Many will struggle with patience and the simple ability to absorb peace and quietness.” Said one. 

“I see this as well as being a problem.  The ability to emotionally regulate themselves when presented with a situation like not having something.  Toddlers cry, and if you appease them with an iPad, they don’t learn how to process that emotion and work through it” said another.  


Creativity Ruined 

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“Lack of creativity, increase in antisocial behavior, and delays/deficiencies in reading and math skills.”

Weak Memorizing Power 


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“I think information retention has and will continue to go down significantly. Why memorize the formula for finding area, when WW2 started, or even how many quarts in a gallon when you have a supercomputer in your pocket that can instantly do all that for you? I see it already with my teenager.”


Lack Of Social Skills & Empathy 

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Image Credits: Deposit Photos

Probably a lack of social skills and empathy. I think eventually we will look at screen time the way we look at cigarettes. The best way to combat it is to reduce screen time, and increase positive experiences in real life, bonus points if nature is involved.


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