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From Zero to 10K: 10 Ways They’re Making Money Online While Working Full-Time

Are you looking for ways to earn extra income online? This article explores ten lucrative online business ideas that have the potential to help you make $10K or more in 2023. From affiliate marketing and dropshipping to vintage selling and more, there are options for everyone.

A user asked, People who make money online, what is it that you do? Looking for ideas to make at least $10K online on top of my 9-5 in 2023.

Here are top picks:


1. Paid Media Agency

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Paid media agency offers a lucrative opportunity for a part-time business with the potential for six-figure income and expansion to other digital services.

“Plenty of room for others, and there are other digital services you can offer businesses. It’s what I have found to be the closest thing to a guarantee to 6 figure business without any major investment, and it can be done part-time.” said one.


2. Ticket Scalper

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Ticket scalping, although controversial, can be a profitable business with the potential for high earnings. One online broker claims to make $300K per year from it.

“I make $300K/year as an online concert ticket broker (scalper).” shared one.


3. Building Presentations

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Building presentations may be a little glamorous, but it can be a viable business with diverse clients and opportunities for career growth and expansion.

“Maybe not as amazing as some of the other suggestions, but I’ve been working for myself for the past ten years building presentations (yes, like PowerPoint). It’s a weird little niche with many varied clients/needs, but I built a whole career around it, and it opened many other doors as well.” a user said.


4. Tax Defaulted, Property Investor

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Buying tax-defaulted properties, especially land, can be a profitable investment strategy with low risk and ample opportunities for sale.

“Buy tax-defaulted properties. I typically buy land and sell it to developers. It’s not a lot of exposure, and there is a ton of inventory.” shared one.

“We were doing this. It can be pretty lucrative.” another said.


5. B2B Agency Founder

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Starting a B2B agency focusing on a specific problem and using outreach strategies can lead to landing high-paying clients quickly.

“Fastest way to make $10k is by starting a B2B agency focused on solving one problem, such as providing Level 1 tech support to small CPA firms.

Hire a virtual assistant to create a list of CPA firms and scrape decision-makers names and emails. Use a tool like to load the contact information and create a sequence of emails to land a discovery call. Close the deal with a $500-$5000 monthly retainer, depending on the company’s size.” a user said.


6. Payware Mod Creator And Seller

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Creating and selling payware mods for popular video games can be lucrative, with potential earnings ranging from $25 to $300 per download, by learning modeling and marketing skills through online tutorials.

“Payware mods for video games like FiveM or American Truck sim.

Learn how to model and market them. They typically go from $25-300 per download, and people buy them. Watch youtube tutorials. An easy way to get familiar with the programs is to take an existing game asset and make edits.” said one.


7. Dropshipping

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“Dropshipping is the key! It won’t make you rich overnight, but if you do it correctly, it will be a reputable source of reliable income.” said one.

“Start long-term dropshipping store that has high searches in Google and promote it with Google search ads.” another said.


8. Vintage Seller

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Selling vintage items is profitable, earning 5-10k annually from higher-end sales finds on eBay. It can also provide a full-time income opportunity.

“I sell vintage full time but also resell some higher-end finds on eBay that don’t fit my niche. The “random” ebay sales of items outside my niche bring in 5-10k a year. My vintage resale shop is my full time, and I just brought my husband on full-time.” shared one.


9. Affiliate Marketing 

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Affiliate marketing, especially for software as a service (SAAS), can be a low-cost, high-income business model that provides monthly recurring commissions. It can be an excellent starting point for those with no initial capital.

“Start Affiliate Marketing, especially SAAS. With requiring commissions. Promote one product and take commissions every month.” suggested one.

“If you want to start with zero dollars, try out affiliate marketing and freelancing.” another said.


10. Hockey Card Seller

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Buying and selling hockey cards can be profitable, but it requires a steep learning curve and a passion for sports and collectibles.

“Buy and sell hockey cards. I made over 10k doing that this year. It’s not easy, though; big learning curve like most things. A lot of watching and learning. Trying different things, failing, adjusting, etc. I started in 2019, and I’ve been actively doing this since then. It’s a big learning curve; I wouldn’t suggest it unless you are passionate about cards and sports.” a user said.


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