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15 Hidden Second-Tier Cities In The United States That Are Worth A Visit

These hidden gems may not be as well-known as some other cities, but they offer a wealth of attractions for both visitors and locals to enjoy.  A user asked, What are your favorite “second-tier” cities in the United States? and here are the best answers (and, some hidden gems for travel enthusiasts)

1. Savannah, GA

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“This. Beautiful scenery, great weather, incredible food, close to a beach, rich history, I could go on forever…:” said one. 

 2. Louisville, KY

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“Bourbon, history, Victorian and shotgun homes. Eclectic affordable food, decent theater, and arts scene. Friendly people.” a user said.

3. Providence, RI

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“I am fortunate to live here. It’s manageable and has all the right components: College town, immigrant neighborhoods, a somewhat vibrant downtown, an upper-class section, an “artsy” section, decent food culture, etc. It’s also retained its solid middle-class soul despite gentrification. It’s also safe, for the most part. It’s like a city without the size.” said one.

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 4. Santa Fe, TX

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“Albequerque, hell no! But Santa Fe, that’s another planet, one of the most exciting cities in the country. San Antonio is great for a long or extra-long weekend, as is Austin, Nashville, and Memphis, Quebec City is unique on this side of the Atla if you want to go further afieldntic.” said another.

5. Fort Worth, TX

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“The amenities of having Dallas so close and the shared distance to Arlington bypass many big-city problems. Some of the best museums, recital hall, and a significant culture epi-center for the state (rodeo, TCU, massive country music venues). Plus, on the weekends, a parking garage in the center of downtown’s main square is free to park in, which helps spur a lot of evening visits to the city.” a user said.

6. Tuscon, Az

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“Solid arts scene, the great beer scene, college town, safe, and minutes from fantastic outdoors. From what I’ve heard, very affordable too. I’ve been a few times for work, and twice now, I’ve extended it through the weekend.” said one.

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 7. Cleveland, Ohio

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“Low cost of living, free, world-class Art museum, amazing metro park rings city (Emerald Necklace), major sports teams, the light railway from the international airport to downtown and points east, thriving restaurants/entertainment venues, casino, our idea about traffic jams would be a joke to NYC & CHI, world-class medical system, Amtrak, thriving library system city and countywide.” a user said.

8. Chattanooga, TN

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“Lots of great things to do downtown and on Lookout Mountain. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, it’s awe-inspiring.” said one.

9. Madison, WI

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“Best college town in America. Lakes, beer, and walkable downtown. Summers are amazing.” a Redditor said.

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10. Salt Lake, UT

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“Unbeatable for access to the outdoors, good food scene for the city size, beautiful views, etc. Slight knocks for the overly religious conservative influence on the state outside of the metro and air quality in winter.” shared one.

11. Pittsburgh, PA

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“Affordable, medical marijuana, great food/drink scene, international airport. Close to Canada and has a lot of State parks that are Free.” said one.

12. Cambridge, MA


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“Arts, culture, parks, shopping, the river, public transportation, jobs.” a user said.

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13. Cincinnati, OH

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“The Riverfront is alive and active, and downtown finally has a solid food scene with various styles and delicacies. If you leave the city, there are some great city parks and even better state parks. You get the Bengals, The Reds, FC Cincinnati, Xavier & UC for sports/theater entertainment and one of the world’s best zoos.” said one.

14. Richmond, VA

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 “The fantastic restaurant scene, good music, and decent arts/culture… no more racist loser statues.” a user shared.

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15. Grand Rapids, MI

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“Charming river city is full of art and diverse restaurants. I love my little city. 30 Minutes from Lake Michigan!” said one.

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