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20 Jobs That Everyone Loves to Hate – Are You in One of Them?

In society, some professions are seen as inherently good or beneficial, such as doctors or teachers. However, some professions are widely viewed as unethical or even evil.

An internet user asked, what is an undeniably evil profession? Here are some of these professions that they think are undeniably evil.


1. National Debt Relief

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“The people that work for National Debt Relief. They trick vulnerable people who would do anything to get rid of their Credit Card debt into worsening their credit & accumulating even more debt. Absolutely evil.” said one.

“My friend worked at one. I knew this would be at the top. She left her job because she hated what she was a part of. She’s the most excellent person ever, but god did she talk about how vile and evil her company was. I’ve never heard her swear unless she’s talking about the company she worked for.” a user shared.


2. Family Vlogging

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“Family vloggers/influencers that exploit their children for content is an evil profession.” said one.

“There are channels on YouTube kids I won’t let my daughter watch because of this. Two sisters whose dad only cares about the money, and you can just feel the exploitation in every video; I’m seriously concerned for their safety because as they get older, he’s going to have to find new ways to make money off them….if it hasn’t happened already.” another said.


3. Child Beauty Pageant Organizer

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“not sure how/why those are still legal, tbh.” said one.

“I don’t even know why or how they’re allowed to exist. It’s so clearly a way for creeps to be around children, and it’s disgusting.” another said.

“Now Netflix has come up with a “child drag queen” show, so boys aren’t safe from this either. And even if we ignore the inappropriateness of it, I think it’s terrible to teach children that their value is based not their appearance.” shared one.


4. Multilevel Marketing

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“Not one company – the entire industry is predatory. They’re all just pyramid schemes that prey on vulnerable people.” said one.

“Especially when they try and hype their new members up by holding regular seminars, which you need to buy costly tickets for to try and convince every new and existing member how much money they can make. Lecherous.” another said.


5. Payday Loans Provider

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“I used to know a guy that would get payday loans to pay off previous payday loans. It was sad.” a user shared.

“My father in law works for one, just a regular employee, and, sadly, he thinks he is helping these people. I tried to explain why it’s so bad, but all he sees is the people coming in and getting money to buy food for their kids, obviously a lot of recurring customers. He is also terrible with money, so I see why he doesn’t get it. When my wife and I were first married, he told me he had $25,000 saved for retirement, and he thought he could retire in a few years on that.” another shared.


6. Paparazzi

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“It’s always so sad watching videos of different celebrities just trying to have any moment of privacy with a bunch of rude paparazzi hanging around them. They purposely try to get a negative reaction out of celebrities and then retreat to woah, why are you so angry?” it’s sad.” said one.

“Remember when they took candid pictures of Billie Eilish and fawned over how big her breasts were mere days after she turned 18? According to the interview, that’s why she wears baggy clothes: to avoid the paparazzi exploiting her on magazine covers.” another said.


7. Mobile Advertising


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“Instead of a 30-second ad, let’s do a multistage ad containing two 22-second segments that take 5 seconds each to load and require confirmation. That should make people want to buy our stuff.” a user said.

“I don’t know how these developers don’t get punished for false advertising.” another said.


8. Animal Poachers

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“Taking animals and plants out of their native environments to sell them for a high price abroad. The newest one I’ve read about is baby cheetahs being sold as pets to the wealthy.” a user said.


9. Tobacco Industry


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“ I don’t know how anyone can justify working at such a horrible place.” said one.

“I work in a wine/delicatessen shop that sells tobacco and tobacco-related products as well, and there’s this guy who works in a nearby store who often comes to buy tobacco, and I feel kind of bad for indulging him. The last time he came in, he even made a joke about how he is starting to smoke more, and I just gave an awkward laugh because I was somewhat worried about him, but I also don’t know him, so I can’t tell him to stop or something like that.” shared one.


10. Hard Drug Dealer

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“ I don’t care about weed, but if you are selling heroin on the streets to addicts, you are the lowest form of human imaginable.” said one.


11. Unethical Pharma Sales Tactics

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“Pharma reps who get doctors to push drugs people don’t need are evil.” a user said.

“I was considering going into medical sales, and the only thing I could find were listings for pharmaceutical sales, which would mainly have you going to many medicare/mental facilities trying to push even more drugs into people who already had an array of them in their systems.

I couldn’t freaking do it, and it’s just too horrible to be a pill pusher. And you have to be a shark for that too, yeah; no, I’m good.” another said.


12. Conversion Therapist

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Conversion therapists are mental health or religious professionals who attempt to change a person’s orientation or gender identity. Widely discredited, it can cause harm and has been banned in many places.

“Completely illegal in Canada now and punishable with jail time! Some things make me proud to be Canadian.” shared one. 

“Being a conversion therapist is an evil job.” another said.


13. City Tow Truck Drivers

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“It takes an absolute vampire to make money off of towing people’s cars and then hold them hostage while making them pay exorbitant fees to get their stuff back.” said one.

“And they drive like they’re emergency vehicles, too. They’ll run red lights and swerve in & out of traffic, hell I’ve even seen one tailgating an ambulance once, only to slam on its brakes when the ambulance made a sharp right turn & almost rear-ended it.

They’re called “vultures” for a reason. One time my mom’s car broke down & she pulled into a vast abandoned mall parking lot. The dude asked if she needed a tow, and she said, “No, my son is coming already.” I heard him say over the phone, “I’ll wait here anyway.” I got there, snapped a picture of him & his license plates & told him to get off, or I’ll call the cops on him for being a creep.


14. Lobbyists

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“Lobbyists who fake science or lie to sway policy, e.g., cigarettes, sugar, environmental, farming. In terms of overall impact to people.” said one.

“If you need a lobbyist for your government organization, then you must be doing something wrong.” another said.


15. Harmful Lawn Care Sales

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“I was a trugrueen lawn care salesperson slinging toxins that kill bees to elderly people who definitely don’t need a two thousand dollar 9 month plan but don’t know any better. I felt pretty reprehensible.” a user shared.

“Truegreen is a scam. One of their salespeople ignored the no soliciting sign on my front door, and I went off on him.” another said.


16. Cruelty In Puppy Mills

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“Puppy mill businesses. They leave their breeding mamas in tiny cages 24/7, breed them every heat cycle, and don’t take care of them when they’re older and have health issues that stem from their poor care.” said one.

“I witnessed a puppy mill in the 90s. My dad was the investigating officer and took me to help with community cleanup. It was the most horrific thing I have ever witnessed in my life. You cannot imagine the smell. It makes my heart hurt 25+ years later to think of it.” another said.


17. Car Warranty Service Telemarketers

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“I’m 15 and don’t have a car, and I have been called about my car’s extended warranty.” a Redditor said.

“Seriously, my mother is legally blind and hasn’t had a driver’s license or car in 15 years. Still, gets the car warranty calls every other day.” another added.


18. Scammers Targeting Elderly People

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“I called a scammer to cancel a subscription they’d tricked my elderly grandfather into. They asked me why I was canceling; I said it was evil to deliberately trick vulnerable people out of their money. They said everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.” said one.

“As someone who used to do cold calls for a living, I can tell you—it’s not just old people we targeted. It’s also dumb people, people from the Midwest, overly nice people, housewives, and young guys.” said another.


19. Televangelist

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Televangelists are religious leaders who use television broadcasting to reach a wider audience and promote their religious beliefs. They often ask viewers for donations to support their ministries and can be controversial in their messaging and tactics.

“Those guys are scammers, and every one of them knows it.” said one.

“I always wonder how these guys don’t see their profession in direct violation of the second commandment. I mean, they use the lord’s name to take in profit.” said another.


20. Patent Troll

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A patent troll is a person or company that acquires patents for the sole purpose of using them to sue other companies for infringement and collect licensing fees, rather than producing or selling the patented products themselves.

“I very much doubt there is any good intent behind it, though. Something having a coincidental benefit doesn’t make it less evil.” said one.

“Silicon Valley has a great episode on this issue. Shows how much you can exploit people without so much of a legitimate argument.” another said.

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