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15 Things You Should Always Spend Money On (No Matter What!)

A user asked the forum, What’s a thing that’s always worth spending more for higher quality?



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pose for art class for desperate money

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“Paint (for interior and exterior walls).”



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“Electric toothbrush & use it regularly.”



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“Vacuum cleaner. I bought a refurbished Electrolux for $300 forty years ago that I still use.”



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“Bras, from my experience. Good quality ones that are more expensive usually pay themselves back in terms of comfort and longevity.”



wow girl

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“To a certain degree, knives. They need to have a deep enough edge to be able to sharpen them for many years.

But given the subject of the thread, I feel we should acknowledge that at a certain price point, you are inherently paying for status and not quality.

An $80 knife? Very well may be worth it, and even may be a good deal!

A $1500 knife? Honey, what are you doing.”



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“Shoes and mattresses. As the old saying goes, if you’re not in one, you’re likely in the other.”



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“All dental work, but especially restorative work – crowns, implants, bridges, dentures. My mom spent thousands on crowns that were poorly done because she didn’t want to pay too much and didn’t go with a dentist specializing in restoration.

She went to the same guy, got those teeth pulled and replaced with a bridge, and the bridge messed up the surrounding teeth. Half of her upper teeth had to be replaced as a result. The specialist she thought charged too much only cost $200 more than her reg guy.. and the specialist did free adjustments, etc.

Seeing the specialist probably would have saved her teeth and the 13k she paid for implants. Thank the stars for kick-ass dental insurance.”




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“Tupperware. I prefer glass containers and get the sets from IKEA; they last much longer and help keep my food fresh/frozen well.”



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“Toilet paper. I have to use double of the cheap two-ply stuff, so I might as well make my bottom happy with the good stuff, which takes less to get the job done.”



brew coffee

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“For me, beer and coffee. Two staples in my home I enjoy too much to skimp on.”




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“To some extent: a laptop. I’ve seen loads of people get super cheap laptops like Chromebook, only to consistently struggle with their very limited capabilities. The average person doesn’t need like a $1,000 laptop, but they do need one that can actually do what they need where they actually need to use it.”



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“Homes. Never cheap out and live in the ghetto. Always worth it for nice, clean, respectful neighbors and a good school system.”



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“Bedding and towels. Red Land Cotton has a lifetime warranty on them, and they make us sleep so much better. Also, wool pillows and comforters. Dishes, flatware, etc.”



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“Clothing. Good, well-made clothing will last far longer than the “fast fashion” that’s so common now. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s actually a frugal choice on many levels. It’s also not an ethical choice, but that’s a whole different discussion. Alternatively, the same goes for designer labels – just because it’s got a designer label does not mean it’s well-made or will last more than a single season.

Thrift shop when you can for good used clothing that is well-made by known brands that have stood the test of time. If you have to buy new, the same thing goes – buy well-known brands that are known for quality.”




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“Winter gear. $200 waterproof boots are a world away from $60 fashion boots that will soak right through. A $300 coat is a world away from a $60 coat, and if you want to really buy it for life, you buy Canada Goose.”



old veteran car

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“A new car battery. If yours is near the expected lifespan, get it checked regularly. Sure, you might get a few more months out of it, but when it dies in a dark parking lot on a rainy night, the $30 will seem worth it. Most auto parts stores will check for free and change the battery for you if you buy a new one from them.”



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“Car tires. The cheap ones will keep your wallet slightly fatter I’m the short term, but the good ones will keep you safe in inclement weather. This goes x10 or more if we’re talking about winter tires; the difference between the store brand and the good stuff might literally be the difference maker in saving your life.”


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